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Preface The connection between mind and body


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ABSCESS O EMPYEMA (in general)






ACNE (view: SKIN – ACNE)




ADDISON (illness ...)







ADRENAL (glands ailments)


AEROPHAGIA (see flatulence)



AGING (pains of…)



AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome)




ALLERGY (in general)


















ALZHEIMER (disease…)





AMPHETAMINE (consumption ...) (view: DRUG)




ANCHYLOSIS (state ...)






ANGINA (in general)







ANORGASMIA (view: ORGASM [absence of…])







ANUS – ANAL PAIN (recto - colitis)








APPETITE (loss...)

APPETITE (too...)



ARMS (in general)

ARMS (pains...)


ARTERIES (problems with...)


ARTHRITIS (in general) (See also: JOINTS [in general], INFLAMMATION)









ATAXIA FRIEDREICH (non-coordinated movements)



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BACK (in general)

BACK (pains of…) upper back (7 cervical vertebrae)

BACK (pains of…) back center (12 thoracic vertebrae)

BACK (pains of…) lower back


BACKBONE (in general)

BACKBONE (deviation…) (in general)













BELL (Disease)



BIRTH (how that developed me…)


BLADDER (pains of…)






BLOOD (in general)

BLOOD (pains of…)






BLOOD – CLOTTED (…in the veins or arteries)


BLOOD – GLOBULES (Problems on the…)

























BONES (cancer of the…)

BONES (cancer of the…) sarcoma of EWING

BONES (in general)

BONES (pains of…)









BOWELS (pains of the…)


BOWELS – COLITIS (colon mucus)


BOWELS – CROHN (disease of…)






BOY Accident

BOY OF REPLACEMENT (Yaciente horizontal)


BRAIN (abscess…)

BRAIN (in general)

BRAIN (pains…)
















BREATH (bad…) (view: HALITOSIS)

BREASTS (breast problems)

BREATHING (in general)

BREATHING (pains…)




BRIGHT (disease...)

BRONCHI (in general)




BRUXISM (view: TEETH [squeak of…]


BUERGER (disease...)







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CALCIUM, (Lack of…)

CALCULATIONS (in general)

CALF (problems of the)


CALOTA (Cranial vault)

CANCER (in general)




CANCER OF THE BONES (view: BONES [cancer of the…])





CANCER OF THE LYMPH (…of the lymphatic system)


CANCER OF THE NODE (…of the lymphatic system)






CANKER (in general)

CANKER – MOUTH ULCER (herpes) (view: MOUTH [disease of…])






CARPAL TUNNEL (lock of the)







CEREBRAL CORTEX: sensory post



CHEEK (pains of)


CHEST (in general)

CHEST (pains…) CYST



CHILDBIRTH (in general)







CHRONIC (illness…)



CIRRHOSIS (…of the liver) (view: LIVER – CIRRHOSIS […of the liver])

CLAUDICATION (irregular gait)


CLAVICLE (pains…, fracture…)


COCAINE (consumption of…) (view: DRUG)




COLITIS (colon mucus) (view: INTESTINES – COLITIS)



COLON (problems of…)

COLON (cancer of…) (view: COLON CANCER)






CONGENITAL (disease)

CONGESTION (... The brain / of the liver ... / ... of the nose / ... of the lungs)


CONN (sindrome of…)







CORNEA (ulcer in…)










CROHN (disease…) (view: INTESTINES – CROHN [disease of…])




CUFFLINKS (offspring…)


CUSHING (síndrome of…)





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DALTONIAN (view: EYES – COLOR BLINDNESS [no perception of colors])





DEATH (The…)













DIGESTION (problems of…)












DISEASE OF RAYNAUD (view syndrome)




















DREAM (problems)

DRINKERS MILK (syndrome...)





DUODENUM (ulcer of…)






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EARS (in general)

EARS (problems of the…)

EARS – (pains of…)








ECZEMA at the elbow



ELBOWS (in general)


EJACULATION (impossibility of…) (View: IMPOTENCE)
















EPIPHYSIS (problems of the)

EPISTAXIS (view: NOSE [bleeds from…])


EQUIMOSIS (bruised) (view: SKIN – PURPLE)

ERECTION (problems of) (view: PROBLEMS IN THE PENIS)

ERUPTION (…of grains) (view: SKIN – OUTBREAK […of pimples])







EWING (sarcoma of…) (view: BONES [cancer of the…]) EWING'S SARCOMA)





EYELIDS (pains of…)

EYELIDS (blinking…)

EYES (pains of…)

EYES (diseases in children)

EYES (in general)








EYES – DALTONISM (no color perception)













EYES – SQUINT (in general)



F                           GO TO INDEX






FATIGUE - TIRED (in general)



FEET (in general)

FEET (ailments of…)





FEET – MYCOSIS (…between the toes) or ATHLETE'S FOOT



FEMALE (pains…)

FEMALE (principle…)

FEVER (buttons of…)

FEVER (in general)











FINGERS (in general)








FIRE (fever or labial fever)









FORGETTING (losing things)


FRACTURE (view: BONE – FRACTURE […bone])

FRIEDREICH (disease or ataxia of)





G                                  GO TO INDEX



GANGLION (…lymphatic)



GASES (painst caused by…) or FLATULENCE




GELINEAU (syndrome of...) (view: NARCOLEPSY)

GENETICS (disease)

GENITALS (organs) (in general)

GENITALS (pangs of the organs…)



GLANDS (disease of…)





GLOBULE OCULAR (view: EYES [in general])






GRAIN (…,the whole body) (view: SKIN – GRAINS)


GUMS (pains of…)

GUMS (haemorrhages of the…)


H                                  GO TO INDEX

HAIR (in general)

HAIR (diseases of…)



HALLUCINATIONS Visual and Auditory

HANDS (in general)

HANDS (osteoarthritis of the…) (view: ARTHRITIS – ARTHROSIS)



HEAD (in general)

HEAD (pains...)


HEADACHES (view: HEAD [pains of…])

HEALING (problems)


HEART (in general)



HEART – INFARCT (…of the myocardium)




HEAT (coup ...)



HEEL (painst of…)










HERPES (…in general,… buccal / FIRE)




HIPS (pains…)





HODGKIN (disease of…)







HYGROMA (view: KNEES [pains of…])














I                                    GO TO INDEX







INCONTINENCE (…fecal, … urinary)




INFARCTS (in general)

INFECTIONS (in general)







INTESTINE [diseases in the…]

INTOXICATION (view: POISONING […, by food])



ITIS (diseases…)

J                           GO TO INDEX


JAWS (pains of…)


JEJUNUM (upper small intestine)

JOINTS (in general)


K                           GO TO INDEX




KIDNEYS (problems…)

KIDNEYS (waist pain) (lumbago)(view: BACK (pains of…] – LOWER BACK)




KNEE (in general)

KNEE (pains of…)


L                           GO TO INDEX


LARYNX (cancer of the…) (view: CANCER OF THE LARYNX)





LEGS (in general)

LEGS (pains of the…)


LEGS – TOP PART (thigh)








LIGAMENTS (tear in)







LIVER (abscess of…)

LIVER (crisis of…)

LIVER (pains of…)

LIVER (stones in the…) (view: GALLSTONES)



LOCKS (diseases...)

LOCKS (loss...)









LUNGS (in general)

LUNGS (pains of the…)

LUNGS (cancer of the…) (view: LUNG CANCER)



LYMPH (lymphatic diseases)

LYMPHATIC (problems in system)


LYMPHOMA OF HODGKIN (view: HODGKIN (disease of))

M                                  GO TO INDEX




MALE (principle…)



MARFAN (disease of…)



MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)





MEMORY (…faulty)

MENIERE (syndrome of...)


MENOPAUSE (painst of…)


MENSTRUATION (problems of the)



MENSTRUATION – premenstrual syndrome (PMS)






MOTION SICKNESS (transport disease) (view: TRANSPORT EVIL)



MOUTH (in general)

MOUTH (pain…)

MOUTH – BREATH (bad...)





MUSCLES (in general…)












MYCOSIS (…between the toes) or ATHLETE'S FOOT. (View: FEET – MYCOSIS)

MYCOSIS (…scalp, hair and nails) (view: SCABIES)





N                                  GO TO INDEX

NAILS (in general)

NAILS (biting…)

NAILS soft and fragile

NAILS YELLOW (syndrome of the…)





NECK (in general)


NEPHRITIS (chronic…) (view: KIDNEYS (kidney problems), BRIGHT)

NEPHRITIS (view: KIDNEYS (kidney problems)

NEPHROSIS (view: KIDNEYS (kidney problems)

NERVES (in general)

NERVES (crisis of…)










NECK (…stiff)

NECK (pains of…) (view: NECK [in general])





NOSE (problems…)


NOSE – KILLIAN (polyp of…)






NYSTAGMUS (Parkinson ocular)

O                                  GO TO INDEX





OMOPLATE (pains of…)




ORGASM (absence of…)


OSLER (disease of…)







OVARIES (pains of…)

OVARY (in general)

OVERWEIGHT (view: WEIGHT [excess of…])



P                           GO TO INDEX

PAGET (disease of)

PAGET (bone disease) (osteitis deformans)


PAIN OF BACK (view: BACK [in general…])


PAIN OF GRINDERS (view: TOOTH [pains of…])








PARALYSIS (in general)

PARALYSIS OF BELL (view: BELL [disease of…])




PARINAUD (syndrome of…)

PARKINSON (disease of…) (view: BRAIN – PARKINSON [disease of…])









PENIS (problems on the…)











PINEAL (problems on the gland) (view: EPIPHYSIS [problems in the])


PITUITARY (problems on the gland) (view: PITUITARY GLAND OR HYPOPHYSIS)

PLATELETS (decreased number of…)

PLEURISY (view: LUNGS [diseases of])

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) (view: MENSTRUATION – PREMENSTRUAL)





POLYPS (nose) (view: NOSE – KILLIAN (Polyp of…)


POTT (disease of)

PREGNANCY (pains of…)

PREGNANCY (problema on…)

PREGNANCY (…prolonged)






PROBLEMS BREATHING (view: LUNGS[in general])



PROLAPSE (Fall matrix organ)

PROSTATE (fall of…)

PROSTATE (pains of…)



PSYCHOSIS (in general)








PUBIANO (fleece…)

PUBIS (bone of…)




PYORRHEA (periodontitis) (view: GUMS [pain of…])

R                           GO TO INDEX



RAMP (in general)


RAMP MUSCULAR (in general)



RAYNAUD (disease of…)

REASON (I have…)






RETENTION on the legs





RETT (syndrome of…)








ROGER (disease of) (view: DISEASE OF ROGER)




S                           GO TO INDEX



SALIVARY (in general)




SARCOMA OF EWING (view: BONES [cancer of the…])




SCLERODERMA or syndrome of Renaud (view: SKIN – SCLERODERMA)







SCHÜLLER (disease of) (view: SCHÜLLER DISEASE)

SCIATICA (nerve…)





SEXUAL (harassment…)


SEXUALES (deviations and perversions in general)

SEXUALES (frustrations)

SHOCK (…of the retinal] (view: EYES – RETINA SHOCK)

SHOULDER (in general)



SIDE LEFT (view: FEMALE [beginning])

SIDE RIGHT (view: MALE[beginning])


SINUSES (problems on the…)



SKIN (in general)

SKIN (pains of…)























SKIN – OUTBREAK (…of grains)








SKIN – WARTS (in general)














SPLEEN (problems)




STOMACH (cancer of…) (view: STOMACH CANCER)

STOMACH (in general)

STOMACH (pains of…)








STIFFNESS (…articular, …muscular)









SWELLING (in general)

SWELLING (…del abdomen)









SYPHILIS (view: VENEREAL [diseases...])





T                           GO TO INDEX


TAPEWORM (Teniasis)


TEARS (lack of…)



TESTICLE (cancer of the…) (view: TESTICLE CANCER)

TESTICLE (in general)




THIGHS (in general)

THIGHS (pains of…) (view: LEGS – UPPER PART)




THROAT (pains…)

THROAT (in general)









THYROID (in general)

THYROID (problems of the gland)






TISSUE (fragile…)



TONGUE (cancer of the…) (view: CANCER OF THE TONGUE)


TOOTH (abscess of…)

TOOTH (dental caries)

TOOTH (in general)

TOOTH (pains of… or toothache)

TOOTH (screech of…)





TOURETTE (syndrome of…)





TUBE FALLOPIAN (problems on the…)


TUMMY (pain…) (view: STOMACH [pains])


TUMOR BRAIN (view: BRAIN [tumor in the…])


TYPHOID (fever)

U                                  GO TO INDEX

ULCER (in general)

ULCER GASTRIC or PEPTIC (duodenum or stomach)


UMBILICAL (hernia…)





URINE (urinary infections) or CYSTITIS


UTERUS (in general)

UTERUS (cancer the neck the…) (view: CERVICAL CANCER)

V                           GO TO INDEX

VAGINA (in general)



VAGINAL (losses…) (view: LEUCORRHEA)

VAGINAL (spasms…) (view: ESPASMOS)






VEINS (pains of the…)


VENEREAL (diseases…)










VOICE (losing the…) (view: LARYNGITIS)



W                                  GO TO INDEX

WARTS (in general) (view: SKIN – WARTS [in general])


WEIGHT (excess…) (view: OBESITY)







Y                           GO TO INDEX








Although my muscles and my gait mechanism will not cause me any discomfort, I can only go partially or am incapable of it. Is my system control on the cerebellum may be involved, either by injury, a vascular disorder or a tumor? This sometimes comes great fear associated with my thoughts, which had the effect of in situ petrified me. This fear or guilt is connected with the fact progress in life. It would be nice to find the cause of this insecurity or this guilt and develop more confidence in myself. I can start walking visualize becoming more readily, while broad sense of my faith in me. I also take awareness that life gives me the necessary tools "to my progress."




? The abortion is the expulsion of the fetus before the end of the sixth month, ie before the child is able to survive and develop. After this limit is not considered abortion but premature labor. The abortion can occur in different ways:

      - The spontaneous abortion, which is kind of birth happens by itself and culminates with the expulsion of the fetus, often killed, and placenta. It is what is known as BIRTH FALSE.

      - Induced abortion voluntarily. When performed in a hospital before the second month of pregnancy, the frequency of complications is minimal compared to the consequences resulting from clandestine abortions.

      - The therapeutic abortion caused carried out under medical care in a pregnant woman whose condition prevents the risk of serious accidents, to complete the pregnancy.

D Most of the time, spontaneous abortion or false labor is caused by an unconscious choice between mother and soul of the baby home, whether it has changed my mind or that the mother does not feel ready to have a child then. During the time that a mother carrying a baby within, there is a connection between the two, soul to soul. It is also possible that this same soul returns to this mother when back pregnant. It's just a postponed match.

      When the mother decides voluntarily practiced one is because many fears experienced abortion. If abortion complications ensue will feel very guilty. It is important that this mother to explain the soul of that fetus fears he feels, and that the right to be given limits. Otherwise, his guilt can cause them many other complications if not get pregnant again and is dedicated to think that little being who refused to carry to term.

      After a therapeutic abortion caused, the mother feels the same after single and prefers that the decision comes from the medical staff. Maybe I would feel too guilty if it were not so.

      An abortion or false labor often coincides with a project aborted, ie unsuccessful, which failed. This woman can not or will not complete its creation.

C I have observed several times young women after an abortion have provoked constantly had problems in the genitals. They felt very guilty for interrupting someone's life and should be punished. Some still carry a psychological baby, ie have the swollen belly as if they were pregnant. Still others are created fibroids in the uterus, a sign that do not yet accept the choice they made. If you are among those who have had an abortion, it is important to think, then, consider the idea of having a child was beyond your limits.

      However, if you are considering the idea of abortion, I recommend thinking seriously about it. In my opinion, when a woman becomes pregnant is because that is part of an experience that has to live, and if not let your fears the invading and placed in the hands of the Divine, everything will work out the best way. Many people believe they have reached their limit when they actually have much more strength than believed.

      It is also important that you do not be influenced by anyone. Take time to connect with the soul of that little being that you carry in yourself and make your own decision. If you decide to abort, know that rejection you do feel that being back one day to you, intention motivated you. If you are at peace with yourself will be easy to accept the consequences of your choice.

      Instead of seeing the evil that may be on a certain action, the sensible person admits that all his actions and decisions have consequences. Then, you accept mentally and emotionally, one day or another, you must live in yours turn a form of rejection. Also, give yourself the right to be unsuccessful in everything you undertake, and reach the end of things. Know your limits at all. In abortions unconsciously you do not want to have the baby.

Spontaneous abortion is a stoppage of pregnancy before the 180th day (approximately 6.5 months) of pregnancy. In general, will talk about abortion in the case of abortion (IVE) when abortion is spontaneous, that is to say when it comes to the loss of a fetus, then speak of spontaneous abortion. When I have a spontaneous abortion, I wonder to know who wanted a child, I or my spouse. Unconsciously, I have fear that the child born change my life partner, my job, my habits. I fear not possess the qualities necessary to be a good mother and this can be traced to moments lived in my own childhood. Can also that the soul that was incarnated has changed his mind. So I must stay open heart level and implement the energies needed to resolve the "immature" situation; but future pregnancies at risk of being complex and incomplete. Love, responsibility and mutual respect of spouses (if need be) are the essential feelings that must manifest if I want my child to term.

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ABSCESS O EMPYEMA (in general).

? An abscess is a collection of pus in a particular place. In the hot abscess, purulent accumulation increases rapidly, accompanied by the four signs of inflammation: tumor, redness, heat and pain. The cold abscess is characterized by the accumulation of fluid that slowly forms without showing signs of inflammation.

D An abscess is a sign of long suppressed anger, which generates feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and failure. Sadness and anger make the joy of life is lost. This discomfort is as painful as the guilt that is experienced because of that anger. To find out which area of life this anger is located, you will see where the abscess is. For example, if in one leg, anger live it with respect to the direction in which your life or future, or in relation to a place where you planned to go.

C If you do not clean your thoughts, dirt and infection are installed on them as anywhere else. It is a good time to asearlos. You may have unhealthy thoughts to yourself or another person. When you get angry, do you feel desire to harm someone? Or will you have repressed to the point where you can no longer contain them? Perhaps there is also a sense of shame associated with a hidden fear in you.

An abscess is a type of infection characterized by the formation and accumulation of pus costs normally consist tissues. Usually produces a projection (a package) and find it only on body tissue or an organ. The abscess indicates that demonstrated a response to anger or emotional injury, a feeling of irritation, confrontation, revenge, disability or failure (the pus is connected with the fluids in my body and my emotions). Often, it is an excess of irritation or annoyance that I can not express in relation to me, a person or a situation. Unhealthy thoughts, which can go up revenge and "ferment" produce infection and pus. This frustration contained may occur to finish with a situation, ie burst the abscess. It can produce in me a mental revolution (same as a swelling) causing the gap and exhaustion. This type of infection (abscess) is only a manifestation (or creation) of the mental, of my thoughts. It is time to pass anything, change course if I want to improve my luck ... and my body, before a more generalized infection to manifest. In addition, the abscess corresponds to a deep regret, even to an inner despair that cause a deep sense of helplessness or failure. You can follow the emptiness and exhaustion. It manifests itself in the origin of the sentence, ie the emotion is associated to the function and the body part where the abscess is manifested. For example, if placed on my leg, is connected with the resistance and conflict, which tells me that I must guide my life in certain directions. If placed at eye level, there is a difficulty in seeing who I am, who I am, where I go and what is to come for me. At the level of the feet, I have difficulties, approaches or fears connected with the future or conception. In my ears, is something I hear. In my hips, I have difficulty throw in life, etc. All this is connected with the skill in putting up standing, to express my independence and freedom. I accept the level of the heart to let end my fears, my insecurities, my fears and my abscess also end it. The surface abscess that is accessible to sight and touch corresponds to a rage concerning situations in my life that can be "easily identifiable". It also has a correspondence with the affected body part such as the neck, back, fingers, etc. The deep abscess may be inside my body and corresponds to a setback in relation to deeper feelings of my being. Depending on your location, an abscess can have serious consequences. For example, if placed at the level of the brain is connected to my individuality and the idea that I have of me - same; at the level of the lungs, is connected to life; at the level of the kidneys, with fears; at the level of the liver, with criticism. I can find why this point in my life cholera arrives going to see the amount of the related party meaning. So I can put more love and understanding regarding the situation that led me to live this anger. The abscess as a shirt button designates one or more superficial abscesses that are connected with another deep abscess or deeper tissues. It is therefore invisible to the naked eye. So, my body tells me that my anger is now affecting my outer and inner life. It is as if "such irritation pierce my body" and I expressed the urgent need to heal these wounds through love. Hot abscess usually involves an inflammatory reaction and can be formed quickly. The fact that often the abscess is surrounded by a membrane perfectly indicates that this comes from a non-charitable thought provoking anger. The cold abscess no inflammatory reaction and its progression is rather slow. It may be due to fungi or Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This type of abscess indicates that my anger is manifested in the form of disappointment or resignation to a situation. Accept new thoughts of love and I remain open to heart level, my environment, instead of fixing my attention on my old wounds in my past or certain forms of revenge. Becoming aware of this process of acceptance, then the abscess is ready to disappear forever.

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The absorption can be a wonderful way to stand, take time for me to discover my needs. Also this can be called introspection. However, if this period is prolonged and that instead of being a time of growth or self-knowledge, becomes a chance to lock me into the world, to "remove" negative ideas, sorry for my destiny and play the victim, I run the risk of living a deep discomfort, both psychological and physical.

I remain open against the universe while I respect my kindred need to live in joy and harmony.


? An accident is an unplanned event, which is often considered a product of chance. Very often we hear that chance does not exist. The important thing is to observe an accident which body part is injured, and the severity of the injury. If the accident causes a fracture, see that word, in addition to the present.

D The accident occurs so that the person realizes that he feels guilty, is accused of something on the level of the I AM. For example, a mother is doing her chores and her son called from another room in the house. She pretends not to hear that you think you can expect and, to continue your work, falls and hurts his leg. If you asked the question: "What was I thinking" would realize that he was feeling like a heartless mother. Therefore, the body part that helped out a mother and injured. Having an accident is one of the ways that humans use to neutralize his guilt. They think well pay their fault. Unfortunately, all this happens unconsciously.

      When the effects of an accident are severe enough to prevent the person from working or do anything in particular, this is an unconscious way of giving us a break. This person would feel too guilty if consciously decided to take a break.

C You should check your mental perception of guilt. According to our legal system, a person is convicted when tested, no doubt, who wanted to maliciously damage. I suggest you wonder, every time you accuse me, if you had the intent to cause harm. If not so, stop accusing you, there's no reason for punishment.

      In the example cited above, do you think that the mother wanted to hurt your son? On the other hand, when a person is guilty, the law of cause and effect takes care of it, because it all comes back to us as our intention. A prudent and responsible person is recognized guilty when the case, apologizes to the injured person accepts the idea that one day that will be returned. By being aware, you will live in a harmonious manner, acceptance, and know that everything is in order, according to divine justice.

      If your accident was caused unconsciously to rest, it is important that you realize that you could have let this rest without harm you, using a much simpler means: openly raise prices.

      If your accident is important and will produce great pain, as in the case of a fracture, it indicates you have thoughts of violence toward anyone; not matter that you are aware of them or not. As you can not allow this kind of attitude and this violence can no longer be contained, it turns against you. You must free yourself and express your feelings to the person involved, without forgetting forgive you for these thoughts.

The accident is often synonymous with guilt. It is connected with my guilt, my mindset and my functioning in society. It also denotes a certain reaction was the authority, including several aspects of violence. It may happen that have difficulty affirm against this authority, to talk about my needs, my views, etc. Then "I do violence" to me - same. The accident indicates a direct and immediate need to take action. The unconscious need for change is so great that the thought uses an extreme situation, even dramatic to take consciousness I should probably change the direction I am currently taking. It is a form of self - conscious or unconscious punishment. The part of the body injured during the accident usually is already sick or weakened, either by disease, an ailment, a cut, a burn or any predisposition to accidents. The accident allows me to observe this weakness by making it rise to the surface. The accident is my inability to see me and accept me as I am. Since I am 100% responsible for my actions and my whole life, I can explain more why I have drawn such accident. Tempted, says you.? Yes, because all this comes from my deepest thoughts, my "bosses" (scheme of thought that makes repeated events in my life) or thought patterns of childhood. It is quite possible that attracts me punishment if, today, I have the feeling of doing something and not being correct. Just as in my childhood; I was punished when it was not correct. Is this etched in my mind and its time to change my attitude. The "moral" side of man leads him to be punished if he feels guilty, hence the pain, afflictions and accidents. It is vital to know that I feel guilty in any situation if and only know that I hurt someone else. In all other situations, I'm responsible but not guilty. I must remember that I am my own authority (in the sense of individual). I need to take my place in the universe. I must cease to make me violence. As I wrote earlier, the accident is linked to guilt and this, fear regarding a situation. The fear of not being right is often perceived under the aspect of guilt instead of responsibility. Often the crash forces me to stop or slow down my activities. Follow any period approach. Keeping myself open and objective in relation to me - it quickly discovers the or reasons for the accident. I lost control of the situation? Is it time for me to change orientation? Do I have difficulty hearing the indoor signs or my intuition, so I draw me a radical sign in the physical plane? I watched how the accident occurred? What was my state before and after? It is very important to see the conditions surrounding the accident; analyze the words used and took consciousness that highlight what living at the time of the accident. Observe all signs and symbols in this situation (accident) and I hear my inner voice to find a solution that will prevent me probably worsen this. The predisposition to accidents is a state that occurs during a conflictual relationship with reality, the inability to be fully present and aware of the universe as presented to me. It is as if he wanted to be elsewhere. I'm disconnected from what happens around me, perhaps because I find my unacceptable or difficult to live with reality. I need to be better connected on me - same for my safety and find inner confidence.

Everything happens for a reason, to accidents! Sometimes happen to make us reflect on the course you are taking our lives. If you have an accident, why try to reflect what you had, oddly enough an event that seems pure "bad luck" has a deeper meaning.

John Curtin Note: We've all had that feeling of being "dumber" when we are under stress, right? With Reiki, you relieve stress and at which the possibility of accidents due to carelessness, lack of concentration, etc. is reduced.

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Small but frequent discomfort caused by disease or age.

In the infirmities we should note that part of the body has aches and give it meaning, adding a connotation of lack of contact.


See heel, adding that the person too wants to show their power.

The Achilles tendon connects the calf muscle to the heel bone. It is the strongest tendon in the body: it can support up to 400 kilos (880 pounds). Let my thoughts and desires, both physical and spiritual are made. Also serves to express any locking ankle movement. For example, I can have a great desire for stability but this is difficult to achieve because of a precarious financial situation. I keep putting things in place to realize my dreams and achieve the goals I have set.



The acid is usually connected with gnawing metal and what is bitter ("psychic acidity"). Thus, acidosis indicates that refused to assimilate a situation that now builds on an unconscious level, leading to the body plan a large percentage of acidity in the blood or fluid which bathes the cells. Assimilate means solving, treat, fix any problem, situation or conflict bothers me that rejection, which poisons my existence! For example, I can ask what the situation (often emotional nature) gnawing inside me and it makes me so bitter towards life. You may now live in a situation that brings out in me dissatisfaction regarding the relationship I had with my mother. I can even live a similar dissatisfaction with my children, friends or employees to whom I feel "like a mother". Metabolic acidosis regard to my body in general will reflect me bitter towards life in general. Respiratory acidosis acidosis or gas comes from the fact that not enough carbon dioxide eliminated during my breath. So me bitter in life rather has to do with my relationships and the people around me. In the case of lactic acidosis found an excessive amount of lactic acid in the blood. Since the blood normally carries joy, is the bitter side of life and everything that happens within it affects me greatly. Therefore, I can find this state if I am diabetic (which corresponds to deep sadness), if I live kidney failure (corresponding to great fears towards life), if I have leukemia, a form of cancer of the blood (corresponding to fact that I always have the feeling of having to struggle in life). In the extreme case, rheumatism is a direct result of unavoidable and sometimes excess acidity which is acidosis. I accept and treat at heart level situations in my life, even if I irritate and annoy me. Focusing attention on a conscious process of openness and acceptance, I can avoid physically endure this painful disease (as well as their treatment!). Resolved situations to live joy, liberation and peace.

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This disease comes from disorders related to deficient secretion of adrenal hormones, which affect skin pigmentation. Therefore, it is recommended to check adrenal glands and skin problems. As in this disease there is usually a tendency to present hypoglycemia, it is suggested to consult this term as well.

Comes from this disease related to poor secretion disorders adrenal hormones, which affect the skin pigmentation. Therefore, you should consult adrenal glands and skin problems. As this disease is often a tendency to hypoglycaemia, it is suggested also consult this term.

Addison's disease is characterized by failure of the adrenal glands. It is a form of deception in relation to me - same. It is an extreme state of emotional and spiritual malnutrition. Having this disease may mean that lived long subjected to either of my parents in my childhood. I might have felt attacked psychically living trauma or intense irritation which could feel that my life was in danger. This state led me to live a great insecurity about the future and doubt much of my abilities. This disease is characterized by a very defeatist attitude, a lack of purpose or interest in me or around me. Vivo lot of anxiety and antipathy. It is time to take my place, I go forward and expressing the energy to make certain personal goals without waiting for approval and agreement of my surroundings, no matter the importance of my management (my goal). I try to find a method that will help me connect more with my inner self that has unlimited resources and high esteem.

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When I have a swollen lymph node system, it is because I live in insecurity linked to fear the emotional level. The body part that is affected gives me an indication referred aspect of my life. Attempt to know the source of my pain to help me become aware of the fear that dwells in me and develop my confidence to overcome this emotion.


? This disease mainly affects children. It is vegetations hypertrophy, become inflamed and cause nasal obstruction that forces the child to breathe through the mouth.

D Usually, the child who suffers from a sensitivity that allows you to feel intensely the events before they occur. Very often, in a conscious or not, feels these events before people interested or involved. For example, you may feel much earlier than their parents that something is wrong between them. Your feedback is blocking their perception to not suffer. It also refrains from talking about it, so live your fears in isolation. Nasal obstruction represents the ideas or emotions that the child is saved for fear of being misunderstood.

C This child believes that hurts, or is not welcome. You may even think that is the cause of the problems perceived around. Would benefit those around asking if you think of yourself is accurate. Also expressed more accepting than the fact that others do not understand it does not mean they do not want.

In general, an adenoma is a benign tumor found in a gland. Like any tumor, this comes from an emotional punch that has solidified in the body part that is connected to the emotional blow, whether the pancreas, liver, breast, kidney, prostate and even the endocrine glands. I accept past events, to allow me to go forward with full confidence.

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The disease adenoids, commonly called vegetations is affecting more particularly children infection. This translates by hypertrophy of the tonsils of the pharynx situated behind the nostrils causing an obstruction at the level of the nose, and forcing the child to breathe through the mouth. Having a great and gifted / highly developed sensitivity to an intuition, blocking my nose to avoid smelling things that hurt me. It can be a very common and innocuous detail which I give proportions and elefantesca amplitude. Sometimes it happens I feel that I have my place in this family; live rage and I feel rejected. Family tensions or conflicts are conducive to the emergence of vegetations. I agree to take my place in the harmony, participated my feelings and recognize the benefits of intuition.


Adenopathy is characterized by an increased volume of lymph nodes and may proceed from inflammation, a tumor or an infection. Since lymph lymphatic system act as small kidneys lymphatic system, this means that I live stress or emotional shock linked to fears on the emotional level. So I feel blocked, caught in that plane. The affected region more accurately tells me the way my life is touched, whether the chest, abdomen, neck, armpit, groin. I lead in developing my self and my confidence to take my life in hand!


Drug addiction is characterized by the abuse of various toxic products governed by law or not, among which are the snuff, drugs, alcohol and drugs in all its forms. And developing a psychic or physical dependence. This proves irresistible urge to consume a great fear of me as I am. Prefer flight, unconsciousness. Not knowing how to love, I can not conceive that the people around me loves me and appreciates me. I hide in a "fantastic" world in which I think nothing can reach me, ever. I sleep lightly rejecting my wounds in the depths of myself. It hurts even I, I do not see it. Giving you the opportunity to be - the same, I can discover the wonderful being who I am and make my love.

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? Adhesions are the result of an inflammation which uses the body to resist aggression. This creates a formation that binds organs that are normally separated. Can be formed between various organs. Is produced from fibrous tissues that accumulate and harden to adhere to certain organs. The place where adhesions form gives a more accurate indication of the cause of evil.

D This disease often suffer a person who was hardened, which strongly attached to their ideas to better address some aggression. The ideas that clings occupy too much space and keep you feeling.

C To be able to create unnecessary tissues in your body, the beliefs that you hold so are there a long time since any protuberance that manufactures body is an indication that you're holding on to it for long. Can afford to release these old beliefs that hurt you. You have no need to believe that you should harden to accept you and you want.

If "I concur" excessive cancellation or "stay attached" to negative, unhealthy or inadequate ideas, resentment, and hatred, anger against someone, guilt, illusory dreams, a life too focused on the environment family or home (eg incubator or protective mother), I run the risk of developing adhesions at the level of the viscera (general term for each of the organs contained within the skull, rib cage or abdomen). Some are pathological, ie occurring after inflammation linked to a tumor either rabies or coming from emotions inhibited. Such adhesions are characterized by a form of welding two body organ connective tissue. I choose to release the past, the old ideas and negative thoughts that stop my happiness. Live in the present moment and savor every moment of my life.

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ADRENAL (glands ailments)(See also: CUSHING [syndrome…], FEAR, STRESS)

? The two adrenal glands are located above the upper pole of each kidney. They have many functions; in emergencies, secrete adrenaline necessary to alert the brain, accelerate the heart rate and mobilizing carbohydrate reserves to provide the required energy. Secrete cortisol, another hormone that plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and anti-inflammatory action, as well as necessary to maintain electrolyte balance hormones. The various problems presented are due to its hypofunction or hyperfunction.

D These glands are the link between the physical body and the basic chakra. This chakra gives us the energy to keep faith with our Mother Earth and its ability to meet our basic needs, ie everything related to BE in life.

      Every problem in the adrenal glands indicates that the person concerned has many unrealistic fears, especially regarding your material life. Afraid of being wrong direction. Not enough self-confidence to believe in their ability to meet their material needs. Your imagination is too fertile. It feels devalued and not be more vigorous and dynamic.

      Your hyperfunctioning indicates that the person always on alert to your adrenal glands like I had to deal with some urgency when, in fact, this happens mostly in imagination, experiencing a loss of proportion, an inconsistency. The hypofunctioning indicates that the person has failed to comply with its limits and its glands are exhausted. Actually, I say let your mind rest, to relax and to trust more in the universe always has addressed all those who allow it.

C Your body tells you to stop believing that you are alone to meet your needs and stop believing that only your mind, that is, what you've learned so far, can take care of you. You must accept that there is also an inner strength, your inner God, who knows what you need better than your mind. Thus, your basic needs are respected and satisfied. Instead of worrying endlessly, take time to give thanks for everything you have right now. Resets touch with your inner power, which will give the dynamism needed to go in the right direction again.

The first function of the adrenal glands is to produce a hormone called adrenaline. They are linked to the first Chakra (energy center) called center of the coccyx. These glands have the function regularize the pulse and blood pressure and allow the body to experience dangerous situations. When I feel in danger, or if I'm really in danger, my perception may be different, but my body soon to answer any stress and tension that feels dangerous, manifesting the situation or not. Thus, it can be seen that the body seriously respond to warnings that stress can cause. I can relate this danger with a situation in my life in which I have fear of losing either time, money, prize, spouse, etc., because I made a "bad decision" or a "bad address" in my life. So I want to go very fast and very far in one or more fields in my life but this involves a determination, judicious choices and do not grant the right to error, which is in fact only a lifetime experience. Hence a level of intense stress. The adrenals are located above the kidneys that are considered as the seat of fear and grief. Adrenaline is released when I'm excited state shall encourage me and make me creative effect or, conversely, may cause me injury, even destroy. Excessive accumulation of stress involves a total exhaustion. Syndrome "that happens or breaks" can then manifest regularly. I am interested in getting rid of my pessimistic attitude and decide noticing a goal in life. Adopted a simple lifestyle and open myself more, recover my balance.

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Why most diseases befall a certain age, when he says he comes from a belief that influences us from our childhood?

The disease occurs when the person reaches its physical limit. Each person is limited to physical, emotional and mental different energy. We are born with these different limits.

Depending on the number of times the person has experienced the same pain (interior) and by energy reserve, the moment that will reach its limits be determined. The higher your energy reserve, the longer it takes to reach its physical limit, which is reached before reaching the emotional and mental limits.

Take for example the child to live an experience of injustice. Each new experience unjust revive and will add to the pain experienced before. The disease appears on where that child become adult, live a similar experience and can no longer bear it.


? This discomfort is caused by voluntary or involuntary swallowing too much air. Consequently, repeated belching occur in an attempt to remove excess air from the body. Among the various disorders resulting excel dilation of the esophagus and stomach, and vomiting.

D The person with this discomfort often suffers from anxiety. It tries too hard to suck the life. Want to go beyond their limits. There is herself.

C As air is the symbol of life, may well think you should give life to others. Which means you use to give life to others? Your body tells you it's time that you decide to suck just enough air for you, which will allow you to suck the life in a more natural way.

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Aggression is an amount of energy derived inhibited, most times, of a lived experience frustration or situation. Often, it is unconscious and this frustration can poison my life and existence lame aggression as a means of expression (aggression is a means of expression) and valve all this pressure within me. It is a means to defend myself because I feel attacked, not respected, abused, tension, misunderstood. I want you to understand me! Can be mine hard to stay open and let the energy flow. Obviously a person in a state of aggression is cut temporarily, and more particularly, of spiritual energy and openness of heart. It is an innate, instant and thoughtless state of defense and protection. If I'm aggressive, I often have the feeling of being the strongest because I decided to attack first. I put myself in a state of domination - submission and I am torn in front of me - same. The person in front of me acting like a mirror. Project a part of me that I have not yet accepted and this press my command (expression that means you can activate an item that triggers a reaction or emotion). Is it an avatar? It amplifies the excitement, tension rises and now is the manifestation of muscle contraction! I’m stiff and tense, on guard, ready to pounce attacks! I'm on the defensive and fought my troubles. What to do? Staying open, working with them first, listen to my intuition and my inner voice that protect me and guide my steps.


As we age, it happens that my body loses its flexibility. Ando harder, my skill deteriorates. Do you say my body? You may feel regret for the elements of my past that I no longer believe that my place in this world, it's time for me to stand. I also believe that life was better before. I refuse to see the beautiful things today. My thoughts are directed toward the critical yesterday and today. This stiffness in my mindset is transmitted to all my being. Open myself to accept the changes and I think I still have to learn and give. So, my condition is improving every day.



Agitation is a state that reach me if I am a very nervous person but nevertheless getting channel their energies as best you can! It is next to a state of emergency, a process of externalization of emotions, usually a cry of alarm to reveal to others how I feel inside: caught, suspicious, fearful in certain situations, enterprising but generally unskilled and mostly very annoying for the people around me! If I am physically and internally very hectic, I can live a disequilibrium because I have difficulty stay "focused" (stable and anchored) on me - same; use because this state unconsciously because I need to increase my confidence in me prove that I can be successful, attracting attention: "Look at me, look!" I keep calm, verbally communicate my feelings and my needs and all will be for the best.



? This phobia is a morbid fear of open spaces and public places. It is the most common phobias. Women are twice as sensitive than men, although many of them conceal alcohol. They prefer to become alcoholics than admit his uncontrollable panic. The person with agoraphobia suffers from anxiety and distress to the extreme of panic. This distressing situation produces physiological responses (heart palpitations, dizziness, tension, muscle weakness, sweating, trouble breathing, nausea, incontinence, etc.), which can cause panic; cognitive reactions (feelings of alienation, fear of losing control, going crazy, being humiliated in public, fainting or dying, etc.) and behavioral responses (avoidance to anxiety provoking situations and, of course, from anywhere that seems out of place or person that gives security).

      Like most agoraphobia sufferers suffer hypoglycemia, I suggest you also consult this term.

D Fear and sensations experienced by the person with agoraphobia are so strong that reach him avoid situations which can not escape. Therefore, need to find someone to become safe person with whom to go out and you also need a safe place to take refuge. Some even do not go at all. They always find a good reason for it, even if they anticipate disaster will never occur. Most of these patients were very dependent on his mother during his childhood, and responsible for their happiness or help her in her role as mother felt. One way to help is to solve their native situation emotionally.

C The two greatest fears of those who suffer agoraphobia are the fear of death and fear of insanity. These fears arose in childhood and the patient's lived in a state of isolation. A situation conducive to develop agoraphobia is death or insanity of a family. It is also possible that the sufferer has been close to death as a child, or that its family atmosphere convey fear to madness or death.

      This fear of dying as the patient lives at all levels, but are not aware of it. It is not believed capable of dealing with a change in the terrain that is because it would represent a symbolic death. That is why any changes made will live moments of great distress that accentuate your state. These changes may be the transition from childhood to adolescence, adolescence to adulthood, from singleness to marriage, moving, changing jobs, pregnancy, accident, separation, death or birth of someone, etc.

      These anxieties and fears may be unconscious and stay hidden for many years until, one day, the patient comes to mental and emotional limits, and no longer able to control them, become aware of and manifested externally.

      The person with agoraphobia also has an overflow and uncontrolled imagination. Unrealistic situations imagine and create unable to cope with these changes. This enormous mental activity makes him fear madness and dare not talk about it with others. It is urgent to realize that it is not crazy, but a too large and poorly managed sensitivity.

      If you have these symptoms, you should know that what you feel is not insane and that will not cause death. Simply, you were a child too open to the emotions of others, also believing you were responsible for your happiness or misery. As a result, you become very sensitive to power lurking and prevent the misfortunes of those around you. So when you're in a public place, you capture the emotions and fears of others. The most important thing is to learn what the real responsibility. What until now have believed it was your responsibility, it is not, and it's very bad for you. This authentic concept of responsibility is part of the teachings contained in my book Listen to your body.

Agoraphobia comes from the Greek words AGORA (meaning public square) and phobus (fear). It is the panic of the crowd and also to be afraid. It is strongly linked to an unconscious fear of death. If I am concerned agoraphobia, I'm probably a very sensitive, receptive to various levels (especially psychic [the level of my thoughts, the mental level]) and equipped with a very fertile imagination. I am very dependent on the emotional level and truly I have not cut (the) loop (s) mother (s). I have difficulty in discerning the real me what I am creating on the psychic plane, ie forms- thoughts, which feeds my troubles. I am like a sponge: I absorb others' emotions (especially those fears) without discerning, filtered or protect what belongs to me from the rest, and increased both my fears as those of others. Therefore, I have a tendency to replegarme about me - it, to feel responsible for everything, to communicate very little, except with the person in whom I have greatly trust, with whom I am in safety: I isolate myself because of fear to depart from this form of security. I can even think of madness be affected and must cease believing this ASAP. I can easily control all this in a place where I am in complete safety. However, as soon as he left, everything collapses! I straitened for everything, as if my fears invade me to the point of having the feeling of losing control! As soon as an experience stimulates me too strong (birth, accident, death, disaster), I run the risk of ahondarme further in my anguish (noise, people, etc.) without ever finding any lasting situation where the expansion of the agoraphobia. And my level of criticism is high because I live very insecure, unreliable and I think things and situations not going as well as I wanted: therefore, critical. Agoraphobia understood sometimes conflict with my mother, who constantly critical. I must change my attitude now. I accept my fears one by one, such as they are, because I know that poison my life, but can also make me progress! Learn to accept and love me, to love my mother and protector side (mother), to build me a physical and inner universe full of happiness, without criticism or dependence. I also have the advantage of expressing my verbal communication and my creativity. I have overcome the fear of "losing my place" and be in harmony with myself! I remain responsible for my happiness, even if I tend to believe that determine both happiness and misery of others. I agree to take risks and anticipate my fears that stop my creative power. This will help me better manage my life and my inner impulses. A balanced and active sexuality have the advantage of me releasing this emotional attachment linked to the mental plane.

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AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome)

? AIDS, or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, has symptoms of 25 different diseases. There are many books written by American and European scientists on this disease, which appears to be the subject of much controversy. In fact, if a patient is not positive, but suffers eg cancer, rheumatic fever, sarcoma, pneumonia, diarrhea, dementia, fungal infections, tuberculosis, fever, herpes, all kinds of neurological symptoms or deficiencies, there is no reason to lose this head, as they are common, normal conditions, according to current concepts so far. However, it is sufficient that the same person is HIV-positive for all these symptoms suddenly become "AIDS patients".

      It is important to know that SEROPOSITIVITY is not AIDS. An HIV-positive person is one whose blood test indicates the presence of HIV antibody (human immunodeficiency virus). It is said that 99% of HIV-positive do not show any symptoms of AIDS.

D AIDS is directly related to love himself. This disease is manifested in the person who does not love and, above all, does not accept his ('d rather be born with the opposite sex) sex. This disease occurs in heterosexual and homosexual. In some parts of the world such as Africa, Asia and America, the heterosexual population is the most affected because of prostitution and unprotected sex. More and more children are born with AIDS.

      Many believe it is a sexually transmitted disease, but in reality is a disease affects those who, unable to love themselves, are given to compensate for the lack of love in the sexual level so the illusion that they are loved, to feel accepted by others. They become very dependent. These people are devalued to feel guilty and disappointed in themselves. Often become disillusioned. The disease becomes a way of punishing, so expect neutralize his guilt. Punishable being locked in their sexual relationships, the resource most used to feel loved.

C If you want to stop believing that you do not deserve to live, this disease is not fatal. Accepts the idea that lived every disappointment, and unjust think, is caused by excessive expectations of being loved by others. You want to be loved because they do not believe in your value in the extraordinary being who you ARE.

      Your body sends the urgent message that you begin to love you how you are, with your big heart filled with love. Indeed, it is remarkable to note that people with AIDS often have such a big heart that can love everyone without problems. Just to re-establish contact with that big heart that dwells in you and use it to love you as you are, with sex you chose before birth. In the depths of your soul, an important and higher reason did you choose that sex for this incarnation. Even if your choice is not made them grace to some people (eg your parents), they have no choice but to accept that they also have a lesson to learn, the experience of living in love with your choice. The important thing for you is to watch your own evolution and grow in love, the only reason for being of all human beings on this earth.

If I carry the AIDS virus (HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and I am in good health, will simply say that I am HIV positive and may never develop the disease. If my immune system is weakened by HIV virus, then I can say I have AIDS is the disease. If I am infected with AIDS person, I see it as my immune system becomes deficient cells - T cells (lymphocytes or varieties of white cells in the blood and lymph), thus becoming unable to protect against certain infections such as pneumonia and cancer. The AIDS virus is transmitted by blood (contaminated blood during a blood transfusion, infected syringe wound contact with infected blood, etc.) or sexual fluid. The thymus gland (located in front of the windpipe), being there where T cells are formed, and is thus affected by the same fact, the heart energy is too. The thymus gland (located in front of the windpipe) still there where cells are formed - T, is thus affected and, by the same fact, the energy of the heart is also. The liquid system of the body, which is the seat of viral transfer corresponds to the emotional energy, ie the blood. The blood linked to heart symbolizes love and sorrows, creativity. So, I can say that my emotional system is unbalanced and unable to express themselves freely. Live a great guilt before the love, I feel not keep up. My system becomes weak and increasingly vulnerable to all forms of invasion. Would be interested in becoming aware that repress emotions like fear and anger, which I deny the being that I am to the point of wishing my total destruction. My inability to love me and accept me as I am, I get it no longer protect me. My inner strength that is usually supported by love, acceptance and an intense desire to live, weakens and breaks down slowly. Even unconsciously, death can apparate as the solution to my despair. Living a sexual experience may show very revealing emotionally. Even spiritually, this can take to live charitable events as soon as sexual energy flows from the base chakra (one of the seven major energy centers of the body at the coccyx at the base of the spine) which is the source of my spiritual impulse. But if this power is misused, ie as self - gratification and indulgence, can be turned against me. Without a sincere expression of purity, you can become sick or angry energy. Therefore, learn to recognize the energies that are in me and use them to the best of my evolution. I accept who I am, a divine and magnificent being.

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The abuse of alcoholic beverages causes a set of disorders: Physically, the body changes and twitches, skills and brain function decline, nervous and muscular systems become excessively tight and tense. Similar to all other forms of dependency, alcoholism is mainly manifested in the time that I need to fill an emotional void or deep interior, an aspect of me - same as "poisons" really my existence! I can drink abusively for several reasons: escape from my reality, whatever the situation (conflict or other) because it does not suit me; resist my fears, authority (especially paternal) and the people who love you because I am afraid to reveal as I am, daylight fairly; give me courage to go on, talking, face people (notice that if I'm a little drunk / a, soil be more open because I'm less attached to my inhibitions... [Phenomenon break, blocking a psychological process]) Give me a feeling power and strength; give me power to a relationship because my state certainly annoy the other. I do not see the situations that can be dangerous for me. Live certain loneliness, isolation, guilt, inner anguish, incomprehension and some form of neglect (family or other) and have the feeling of being a useless person, worthless, inept, inferior and incapable of being and acting for myself and others. So I have need "for a small tonic". Often, I would flee once conflictual situation or hurts me "drowning my sorrow" or any other emotion with which I have difficulty to cope. Alcoholism can be linked to several situations that create stress me. When I take a drink of alcohol, this voltage decreases at a first time and then recorded the relationship seems to be: tension - Spirit - being. Which means that when a voltage alive, the information recorded in my mind is to have a glass of alcohol to feel better. Then, you may develop an automation and increasingly live a tension, the information recorded in my brain it's a drink alcohol to feel better. One of the origins of alcoholism is the difficulty I knew as a child dealing with a family where one member (often the father or mother) is an alcoholic. Generally, no more discord, sometimes physical and psychological violence or abuse of any kind. I can even want to try to dissociate myself from the family where I am and that does not suit me. So my low moral sense: the shows frequent cause discord in me a devaluation of the parental images and non - integration of ethical structures. In some families too, the habit of alcohol is favored by education, adults having used the child was drinking a game or doing the usual and regular absorption of drink as normal thing. Neurotic disorders and personality disorders are powerful factors derived alcohol in me that I have become adult. Even nutritional deficiencies can lead to finding a complementary food provided by the alcohol. Alcoholism can also come from my state who is hypoglycemic, especially alcohol molecules can quickly become blood sugar (temporarily). It is what explains that if I am an alcoholic but I stopped eating, drinking can find an impressive amount of coffee, source of stimulant caffeine and sugar, pastries or desserts (source of sugar). Sometimes I'll get to smoke considerably because the cigarette gives me the source of stimulant (rapid heartbeat I need to feel in shape. It is important for me to discover what causes this sadness linked to hypoglycemia in my life, since I do not have solved the case. Another cause of alcoholism may be allergies. This can only be alcoholic cognac, gin, rye whiskey or scotch. It seems that only this type of drink can satisfy me. Then you are probably allergic to one or other ingredients that were used to manufacture this particular drink it in a case wheat, barley, rye, etc. can I then ask what or who I'm allergic to? Alcoholism can also come from a person or situation that I declined when I was young. If I was a victim of unwanted sexual contact, or which I feel guilty, coming from an alcoholic when he was young, maybe thinking about this situation, this leads me to drink. If I did not accept the wrath of my alcoholic father may very well that, by a phenomenon of association, have anger as my father and me becoming an alcoholic. This is how I can drink to forget my worries, my past and the future but especially the present. Huyo endlessly and I think an illusory and fantasy universe, a form of artificial exaltation to escape the physical world and thus dissociate an often difficult reality of a continuously unfulfilled dream. Then lose contact for some time, my feelings of loneliness, misunderstanding, helplessness, of not being like the others, reject me. I can leave my responsibilities. And I "liberated" for a while. Only worsens this situation as it revealed a dependence on alcohol (or drugs) because I am increasingly dissatisfied with my life. I want to separate from reality bringing me into a world of illusion, but when "I am calm", reality shows me even harder to live and then depression occurs. I have all my mental clarity, especially when I become dependent, the same kind of emotional dependence perhaps I would have liked and I feel that my father or my mother ever gave me. To be loved unconditionally ... It's time to look at my beautiful physical and spiritual qualities, even if the past was painful for me and, in a way, my bottle was my best friend. From now on, I accept my life in order, start loving my qualities and what I am. I am now on the road to success. I'll be able to respect me more and more easily find the solution to my problems (experiences) instead of being in a temporary or semi-permanent state of escape and despair.

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ALEXIA CONGENITAL (blindness of words) (view: EYES – CONGENITAL ALEXIA).


? This newspaper catarrh, whose outer irritating cause is pollen of plants, occurs in mid-May and ceases after seven or eight weeks.

D This catarrh, presented at the same time every year, usually indicates the revival of an old wound received in the year in which they said the first time. Then a difficult incident that the person refused to take it happened. Although he has repressed in the depths of himself, each year, when plants release their pollen, turns to revive this old wound.

C Your body tells you it's time you perform a procedure for forgiveness. The fact that present the same physical symptoms each year indicates that you continue nursing a grudge against the person who you feel responsible for your suffering. Realize that your reaction to what happened is responsible for your pain, not that other person. Only forgiveness can achieve transform how you feel. (See the stages of true forgiveness.)

This allergy is based primarily a reaction to pollen grain plant forming the male element of the flower. This masculine element carries the symbol of reproduction and fertilization. This allergy usually affects the eyes, nose, and breasts. The allergy is the basis of resistance to a situation in my life, a past memory. It is possible, therefore, often unconsciously resist a form of sexuality or certain aspects of it, especially if you feel regarding sexuality does not "smell good". It is true that I can lure an allergy for several reasons but one thing is certain: I drown or I feel smothered by a situation. I rebel, something does not suit me at all but I do it against my will to please, and I drown. Change your mind under the influence of someone, I'm ready for anything, and I drown. He could feel drowned in things to say or do, especially if I have trouble taking my place to say no. I tend to live too much guilt. I manipulate to get what I want ... Do you see. Programming? It can be both mentally (way to mourn) as "stations" for the summer season is ideal for the manifestation of this allergy, especially if I have need for an excuse to work less and less during this beautiful time of year! Some people have hay fever (cold - allergic rhinitis) during periods reaching up to seven years! Time to change this immediately or at least to become aware of it. Tomo aware that cold hay (allergic rhinitis) can become a medium that allows me to avoid certain situations because it would be unable anyway to refuse to do a task or go to a particular place. So now I have a good reason! Taking my living space, my "bubble" of light (I can imagine and visualize in a bubble of light, which increases my protection around me and gives me more confidence), I am in a position to open up to others under my real appearance without architects. The first manifestation of cold hay may have been unconsciously connected to a signal event and which probably lived thrill. When returning the same period last year, I remember or rather, my body remembers, and cold hay appears. It is therefore important to become aware of this event so you can break the "pattern" of the disease (scheme of thought that makes events recur in my life): in the future, I will not need because I've done the taking of consciousness I should do. Colds Hay was just a sign to help me stop and find the root cause of my discomfort. I will feel freer, more master of my life. I accept what is good for me, even if it means some form of new and unknown sexuality. I know that everything is possible, in love and harmony.

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ALLERGY (in general) (See also: ALCOHOLISM, ASTHMA).

? The allergy is defined as an increase in the body's ability to react to a foreign substance -usually after a previous contact with said substance- which produces the appearance of more or less violent reaction generated various manifestations during the first contact. It is hypersensitivity in immune phenomena involved.

D In general, the allergic person feels aversion to someone and can not tolerate it. He struggles to adapt to someone or a situation. He is a person who is unimpressed too by others, especially by those who want to impress. Often it is also susceptible. Do not want to displease.

      The allergic person lives an internal contradiction. Part of her wants something and another part is prohibited. And the same happens with people. Someone loves and depends on it; a part of him that wants the presence of someone and elsewhere tells him he should do without it, rejecting this dependency. Thus, ends up finding defects in the beloved. Allergy sufferers often have parents whose ideas are, in many respects opposite. Another element of allergy is that it becomes a means to attract attention; especially if its manifestation is the type in which the person is drowning and requires the intervention of others.

C If you suffer from allergies, finds the situation or person to which feel hostility and whose approval you seek the same time; is usually a close. Think if you act according to the expectations of that person will be truly loved. Recognize that you have become dependent on approval or recognition. Do not think you have to be submissive to be loved.

      It is interesting to note that the person often becomes allergic to something you like. For example, you love dairy products and are allergic to them. If you are allergic to a food, you might find it difficult to grant you the right to experience pleasure in the good things in life.

      It would be much easier and more enjoyable for you to realize that to get attention for your loved ones need not get sick. The fact that in the past achieved it enfermándote attention does not mean it is the only way to get it.

      If you are allergic to dust or animal, it may be that you feel attacked by others. Why do you think they want? I suggest that you review your own thoughts of aggression. In general, the fears we feel about others are a reflection of what happens inside us.

      Instead of believing that your allergy comes from some external factor, I suggest that you review what happened in the twenty-four hours before appeared allergic reaction. Try to see which person you find it intolerable or unbearable. Since you can not change others, you have no choice to learn to see with the eyes of the heart is.

Allergy is the state of a subject, by previous contact with an appropriate antigen, has acquired the property of reacting when a second attack by the same antigen, in a different way, most violent and uncontrollable frequently occurs. An allergy is a response on - activated immune system to a foreign antigen. The allergen substance carries no reaction in most people but is identified to me as dangerous by the immune system. This response, the result of an internal cause, it is often the means by which the body tells me to live a state of aggression and hostility in relation to a person or a situation either, depending on the mental interpretation of what live as so special. Allergies (including hay fever) are similar to asthma, but the reaction is placed over the level of the eyes, nose and throat, instead of the lungs or chest. What I have allergies? What I on - activates both? What is really causing irritation and strong emotional response in my body (feeling blow my, watery eyes, wanting to mourn)? Are all responses emotional system, releasing emotions suppressed by a reaction of my body. It reacts to something, a mental symbol, because it tries to reject, hide (erase from my memory or my conscious sensitivity) or ignore what bothers you. Rejection as a part of me that attacks me. It is the means used to express my emotions, to cast out the evil! Nothing can stop this rejection reaction at the moment, and this is not rational because this is part of the field of instinct and unconscious. It is as if something is out of context here, an enemy that bothers my guardrails. This enemy gets power, my power to be and to do, and this impresses me. I am impressed by the power of others to the detriment of mine. I feel threatened by some unconscious fear that I refuse to live. Allergies therefore tend to indicate a deeper level of intolerance, perhaps the fear of having to participate fully in life, free from all emotional crutches that support me and allow me to live self-sufficiency. You may have difficulty in discerning, choose, take the place that touches me. The distinguishing characteristic of the allergic person is often the feeling of not being quite right! I want to attract and keep the attention, sympathy and support of others. Do I use allergy to have love? It is possible. In any case, one thing is certain: I have an allergy because I refuse a part of me-myself and my unconscious struggle is great. He is my strength, my way of saying no. I have the power to decide what is right for me in my own universe. Individuals can be allergic to all kinds of things; food, objects, shapes, smells. Everything, from near or far, involves the five senses (particularly smell is the strongest sense from the standpoint of memory). My mental record a multitude of good feelings or bad for me. It is very possible that if I am allergic to something, is that my mind has associated a certain good or bad memory and my instinct rejects at this time. The allergy often appears after an event where I felt separated from a thing, an animal, a person. When I relive a situation that reminds me of this sad event and heartbreaking for me, I have this allergy because, somewhere, my body (my senses) they remember everything and everything is recorded on my cell. If the situation experienced accompanied by marked distress, are the breasts that will be affected (hay cold, sneezing). If fear prevails, my allergy is expressed more by coughing (difficulty breathing) and if it is rather the separation itself I lived hard, the allergen reactions are more find themselves in the skin (eczema, urticaria, dermatitis, etc.) the food allergy (eg sugar, alcohol in the alcohol) is linked to an experience in which I being placed in a situation where I had to say no to what I liked most, followed by frustration and I become allergic to it. It is often a fear of the new and adventure, a lack of trust towards life. I am now forced to deprive me of such joy, thinking that life is something ordinary, without challenge. What I want to avoid facing? What is it that makes me react much? What frightens both internally? Is there something that I distrust the point of keeping it away from me? I think that in some cases, my mind makes an association of certain situations with substances by the bias of homonyms. So if I had to leave the apple (my neighborhood) to go to work in another city, I have become allergic to apple (fruit). Some years later, having accepted and integrated this change, allergy has disappeared. Then give another example: a newborn allergic to "pressacs" (peaches in Catalan that is a fruit). Why? Because his mother impatient and about to give birth, a few months before, had told his Catalan spouse: "prey, or the hospital farem tard" Here the word "pressac" is almost eponymous "prey". Thus, on the basis of allergy, there is always a thrill of irritability or frustration associated with a product or a situation for what it represents to remind this discomfort that I must integrate or awareness. Beginning to accept at heart my life and my fears, the integration process will be activated and allergies complicating my life back to the universe. I need peace and above all love. I remain open and all will be for the better.

An allergy is an overreaction of the body to an element considered as an invader. Fighting an enemy of our own creation is an act of aggression, fighting subconscious part of our life that scares us or do not want. Resistance is the opposite of love, because love means accepting.

The substance that triggers the allergy is a command aspect of your life against these struggling or trying to avoid. Examines aspects of your life on what these conflicting.

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The cat is a much more sensitive animal to what is invisible to most people. Can a cat allergy be most concerning aspect of my personality that can "feel" things (side or feminine aspect), without, therefore, have concrete proof. Therefore, I can live certain intolerance because I have no proof (in the rational plane). It is thus clear that the cat (or cat) symbolizes the female sexual side (see feminine principle), and all the feminine qualities such as sweetness, charm and tenderness. I must therefore accept one of these aspects would probably refuse either receive or manifest.

NOTE: This feline sensitivity is explained by the fact that the morphology of the cat has a nervous system mainly located in periphery of the body, contrary to the human nervous system which is more inside the body. This particular morphology makes the cat is more sensitive to vibrations or the particular energies of people and places, or, if you will, of what emanates a person or place.


Have I become allergic to a situation or a person who gives me the feeling of being pinned down and unable to fly to feel freer and happier? So it is very likely to live anger linked to the fact that inside I have the feeling of being caught between any situation and freedom I seek to be happier.


Pan = Familia (Family atmosphere)

Conflict: Family cohesion.

Resent: "I have missed my family" "The baby needs to grow within the family."


Conflict: Latex is the skin on contact. Separation conflict. We have to add the meaning of the body part of the allergy. Pie = mother, hand = father...


Milk represents contact with the mother and in the first moment of my arrival in the world. It is a complete food that gives me all the nutrients I need for my growth during the first weeks of my life. Because originally, I get this milk through contact with my mother, this food is also significant love I receive from my mother. So if within my environment, there is one person I identified, either my mother or someone else, "playing the role of mother" and I feel frustration in relation to it on paper I lent him, this may explain why I have an allergy to milk. Live frustration concerning the form of attention and even criticism of this person is doing, making nasty "Contact" you may have with her. If this allergy develops at birth, I check what the fears and frustrations could live my mother while I was wearing, doing my fears or frustrations that led me to live this allergy are. This attention that I could make me say, "Who do you take? Does he think that is my mother? ". It is important for me to put love into the situation and harmonize my feelings about this special and critical to the survival of the species nexus and is engraved in me, the nexus of a mother with her son.

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Surely, I have the feeling of being constantly "punch" or criticized for my immediate environment. And this works on me like "I constantly picasen". When it itches really something physically, this activates the hatred that I have accumulated in me in all these situations where I felt attacked. Learn to occupy my place and examine the measures to be taken to decrease criticism in my environment and I can let go over what others may think of me.


Strawberry allergy is associated with a frustration that puts contradict the feeling of love and pleasure, this being a fundamental necessity for me, the same way as food or sleep. This allergy can come from an event that I lived or not lived precisely in relation to a person or a situation. A feeling of hatred and guilt ally frustration can give birth in me this allergy. The pleasure is part of my life as a human being, to the point that the strong crises of allergy to strawberries can cause an inability to breathe and can lead to death. The lungs represent life and thus put in evidence, with my crisis, a fundamental need in my life that has not been filled. It is important to become aware of my basic needs knowing that when I take a food, I love toward me. When I enjoy, I have also love towards me. Allergy to strawberries can also come from a feeling that I could feel for a person or a person felt towards me. For example, I could say to myself: "I do not like her strawberry!" With this expression to mean that "his face is not friendly to me," I do not like this person. I accept that each of us has his individuality with their qualities and their fears and in every being, is a shining star.


Conflict: Separation from the father. The sun is father. The skin = Separation.


Animals have an instinct and innate sexuality and each animal represents a facet of love. Therefore, an allergy to an animal, generally corresponds to a certain resistance with respect to instinctive or sexual aspect is the animal for me. I accept all aspects of sexuality. I also accept my wishes, both conscious and unconscious, that form an integral part of my being.

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The antibiotic (anti = against / bio = life) is a body (bacterial or other) specialized in the fight against microbes. But they also represent microbial life. So there is contradiction. Antibiotic taking the role of "killing" a way of life in me, why should I be allergic to antibiotics? Probably because I reject certain forms of life, certain living situations of my life (different and more or less pleasant experiences). I have a conscience decision to do that is to accept these experiences because, although they may be difficult for me, I have a lesson to draw from them. I have faith in my creative potential.


The powder is connected with the dirt and impurity, if I'm allergic to dust, active insecurity about aspects of my life that I can describe as "dirty and impure" and is very likely that this fear manifests in my sexuality. If I am allergic to dust, you may have to work a lot with my self-esteem. Thus, the expression used in religion "You are dust and to dust you will become" translate well the feeling of worthlessness that can live or feel in certain situations. The expression "everything goes powder" also allows you to translate the feeling of worthlessness that I can hold against what I have undertaken or I undertake, either psychological, affective (emotional) or material plane. For over not having physical symptoms linked to an allergy to dust, it may be a "manic cleaning" person. Here, I mean excessive way. Then I can find which part of me can say that my sexuality is dirty or ask me if I'm afraid this is dirty. Valorizarme and learn to value what I do.


I know the expression "be fish" which means I'm a person who easily, "he deceives". So, my allergy perfectly translates my frustration against one or several situations in which I found myself naive or novice. I must take my place and become aware that life is a sequence of learning experiences. The more you increase my confidence in myself and my sense of responsibility, more anger fading and this feeling will fade this allergy.


The horse is associated with the instinctive aspect of sexuality. As instinct is more related to the first chakra (the first chakra is one of the seven major energy centers in the body and is located at the level of the coccyx at the base of the spine.), Fear can be translated by the "having low sexual instincts" and manifested by an allergy to this strong and fiery animal. You may find that sexuality is not very spiritual for me, if I feel deep in me the desire to live these experiences to help me better bring spirituality into the matter. I open it to new experiences that will help me to know myself better and develop myself.



When I take peanut oil or peanut butter, this triggers in me the memory of an event in which young, I did "go very wrong." You may have had the feeling then sent me to do some work without being paid enough (in money, affection, etc.). It was inwardly furious to work for a few cents. Trying to find the event or situations where I could live this feeling, I can change my emotional memory and regularize the situation. Tomo awareness of all aspects of my life that I feel helped and that life is relatively easy for me, and this feeling of being wide to help balance the feelings of difficulty that I could record in my childhood.


It is said that the dog is "man's best friend" (human), then I wonder, when I live this allergy, what is the person or the situation with regard to friendship, he provokes anger within my. If I am allergic to dogs, I can even live aggressiveness and even some violence in relation to sexuality that link with friendship. You may experience a discomfort, without really knowing define for me the place that take sexuality, friendship and love. This discomfort raises in me anger manifested in the form of allergy. Delimit the parameters of friendship, I define to clarify certain situations in my life that perhaps at the moment are in a gray area. I respect my needs and my choices.


? Alopecia is a hair loss which leaves round white plates and smooth scalp. Around these plates hair is abundant and normal. You can also shop alopecia totalis.

D As the hair and hair are additional skin protection, the fact of losing is an indication that the person gets rid of its protection. After an incident or make a decision, this person does not feel protected and has many fears, including that of not being able to cope alone. He finds it hard to ask for the protection of others. You may also try to protect those around them to hide their fear of not being protected.

C If you suffer from alopecia, his message is that back into contact with your being, your I AM, and know that you always have the protection of your inner God. Also, before believing that nobody wants to protect or you should protect others, I recommend checking if those around you really need your protection and to do your demands when you need to. Dare to afford it and recognize that you are afraid.

The peladera (alopecia) is a skin disease characterized by loss of hair in round plates This can come from an emotional shock, anger and a renunciation of my spiritual part or what connects me with my highest values I have advantage in making peace with myself and consider solutions that will allow me to live better in harmony with my highest goals.

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? This disease generally occurs in older people and is characterized by a gradual loss of memory. People with Alzheimer's disease easily remember events in the distant past, but find it difficult to remember recent events it is what is called amnesia of fixation. Here the patient forgets events as they occur, it is unable to retain them.

D This disease is a form of escape from the present reality. Often the person suffering was of a kind that deal with everything. He had an excellent memory, which sometimes did not give good use. He had an answer for everything He could remember nonexistent or unimportant for further details He boasted of his good memory; I was proud of her. However, as felt obliged to others, felt that he did not spend enough attention, at least not in the way you would have liked Now, Alzheimer's disease allows you no longer have responsibility and control others, especially the person who has the duty to care.

C Unfortunately, it is common for those who suffer this disease have no interest in healing. It is rather the people around you who care because he is relieved. The sick person believed to be the only means available for revenge. He suffered in silence a situation and now has a good excuse to achieve their aims.

      If you have this disease and you are reading this book, it is important to know that you can get someone to take care of you without resorting to this medium. Accept the idea that you can be an important person and loved even when no longer want to take charge of everything and remember everything Talk about your current and past experiences Look at these beautiful years ahead if you're really determined to live.

      If you read this description thinking of someone else, I suggest you do read this text.

This disease involves a degeneration of brain cells that results in a progressive loss of intellectual faculties that lead to a state insane (insanity) This disease of modern times, mainly characterized by the unconscious to end his life, to end once and for all, leaving this world or escape from my reality desire, is due to the chronic inability to accept, to face or to cope with this reality, the situations of life because I have fear and it hurts So I become insensitive to my environment, my inner emotions. "I go dormant", "I abstraigo" and so life seems easier. The Alzheimer refers to this form of dementia. This event mainly involves the degradation of memory, mental confusion and inability to express myself clearly, violence, certain forms of unconsciousness the environment even next innocence behavior to the child. Hopelessness, irritability, poor living brings me to replegarme about me and live "inside my bubble." I leave you "dying slowly" This disease tells me that I have to live evil, who fled a situation that scares me, irritates me or hurt me It is a serious situation at first sight, which can stay unconscious long. It looks to me like a "normal" balanced person but I see that doubling back on me from despair, anger or frustration, which makes me numb to the world around me I refuse to feel what is happening around me and within me; I prefer to let me go. I have great difficulty in releasing my old ideas because their quantity is very large in my memory! And as my attention is more focused on the past than the present instant, short-term memory becomes totally deficient and atrophy without providing anything new or creative. Consequence: memory wears old things instead of generating new and fresh ideas. From the medical point of view, emotional and mental factors and their personal correspondences (fluids, blood, tissue and bones) are involved in the manifestation of the disease. When blood is removed from certain areas of the brain, a kind of mental trauma occurs they are very violent reactions to cerebral level it is as if the blood flow to withdraw from these areas. There may be an end of all facets of old age or death alba fear, which leads back was unconscious infantile behavior and concealment of past, present and future to ignore. My body, attacked by the degeneration of brain cells (the fact clear your conscious memory or sensitivity), I unconsciously preparing for this period that I must "go" (used here preferably the term "die") This translates into infantile behavior in which I allow myself to live and "make" all my ghosts and all my fantasies The love and support are needed in such an experience. Live the present moment and accept drop last beginning to take care of me!

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Decrease, loss of visual acuity without significant injury to the eye

Resent: "I want to gather what I see separate"




? Amnesia is a complete or partial loss of memory The person suffering from amnesia is unable to recall events that had retained their memory.

D Amnesia is a kind of alibi that allows you to reject one or more memories too painful for the person.

C If you are in this state of mind that regaining contact with divinity that dwells in you, you can get beat your previous limits. It is your mental body that reached its limit and made you choose this option. It is possible that in the past you could not cope with some memories, but it is very likely that the person you are now I make it. Start devoting time to program your mind so you can achieve, and then seeks appropriate means. If you allow yourself to ask for help, it will be easier to find.

The amnesia is the loss of my memory, partial or total, both the information already acquired in the past and the present. Amnesia is comparable to Alzheimer's disease in different respects The amnesic person suffers terribly from the present moment in your current life My desire to flee and "march" is so great (not matter the situation experienced) than doubling back me about me pain, anger, despair and inability or lock myself turning insensitive to almost everything. I escaped, I make myself go dormant or insensitive to a person or a situation I refuse to live the situations and experiences of every day, no matter its intensity. The inner pain is proportional to the severity of amnesia, whether partial (partial concealment mentally painful images of children) or total (unconscious attempt to have a new life and a new desire to live because I can no longer live with this first life!) Shame and guilt can manifest, whatever the reason I try to ignore several things, including my family and several difficult situations. I'm more or less separated from the present reality. The process of acceptance and integration is very important because the phenomenon of concealment of certain mental experiences can risk my future past experiences. It is possible to live without knowing some understand why I succeed! It is a daily decision-consciousness in relation to what I am and what I have left to fix in my life to get back in touch with my true self superior.

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The total or partial amputation, which is practiced by accidental or medical reasons (gangrene, tumor) is usually linked to a plea against an aspect of my life. If my left foot is amputated, it's as if my fear and my guilt are such that prefer to "die" for the direction I have to take or which took on my emotional life; the right leg is about my fear or guilt before my responsibilities, etc. If I live an amputation, it is important to remember that my body, energy is not amputated. So if I had the amputated right leg, I can put love, understanding and integration for decision-consciousness that I do to go faster forward in my responsibilities as if you continue taking my leg. I go away all guilt, knowing that always act for the best.


Lack protein assimilation in the small intestine Define the identity of every living structure of the genetic code Resent: "I feel useless."


Sleep state usually characterized by the temporary disappearance of the movements of one or more of my joints. The stiffness is set but can be total if I decide to volverme completely inactive; is the first step toward paralysis, both physically and in thought. I must become aware of the responsibility I have to assume if I stay here and do nothing, not wanting to feel or move. What do I fear? Is the unknown, what is waiting for me, new to me what bothers me? I can go to check the body part involved to give me additional information about the source of my ankylosis. For example, if in the arm, I'm in a state in which refuse new life experiences? Do I have the feeling of being mutilated? If there is a shoulder, does it seem to me heavy life, or that a person or situation is "every weight"? Is the loneliness and the need to confront the unknown congest my thoughts? If it is a foot, what is the direction I do not want to take and against which I "go dormant"? If my body, I fall asleep against something or someone, it's a way of escape. I am aware that accumulate energy in this part of the body and unconsciously distressed me. It's time for me to move forward! From now on, I am aware of my mistakes (or rather my responsibilities) and my life experiences and recognize. I agree to redo the movement I stopped temporarily mobilized again my thoughts keeping myself open. Manifest a creative mind.


It is a natural phenomenon consistently decreased sexual function that can occur in men around sixty. See menopausal problems.

Andropause, proper to man, corresponds to menopause in women, although this does not correspond to an equivalent hormonal change.

All uncertainties related to old age, sexual capabilities, feelings of worthlessness and weakness (especially prostate) and one or several aspects of male concept internally and physically manifested by pain in the genitals. As a man, I take my place in the universe in harmony with every aspect of my person, the feminine side as the male side.


? Anemia is usually defined as a decreased number of red blood cells These are necessary for the distribution of oxygen (02) to the different cells and for the evacuation of part of the carbon dioxide (C02) Signs of anemia include pale skin and mucous membranes, rapid breathing and heart rate, and a marked fatigue. You can have headaches, dizziness and ringing in the ears (signs of poor oxygenation in the brain).

D In metaphysics, blood represents the joy of life: this is what has lost the anemic person May even find it difficult to accept this incarnation to the point of not wanting to live. It often leaves invade discouragement and no longer contacts with their desires and their needs. You feel weak.

C If you have anemia at this time, you must reconnect with your ability to create your life without depending on others. It takes more aware of the negative thoughts that stop you find joy in your life Leave out the child in you, that he wants to play and take life less seriously.

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Sickle cell anemia, "falcemia" sickle cell anemia or sickle cell anemia, is a hemoglobinopathy (hemoglobin = protein that forms part of red blood cells and is responsible for transporting oxygen) Genetic and is given by substitution of an amino acid (glutamate acid) for valine at the sixth position of the beta globin chain; this causes a lower pressure of oxygen, and acquires deformed erythrocyte appearance of a sickle; the new form causes difficulty for circulating red blood cells, so the blood vessels become clogged and cause symptoms like pain in the extremities. Red blood cells also have a shorter life of causing anemia not be replaced in time.


? An aneurysm is a dilation of a blood vessel directly connected to an artery; this dilation remains full of blood, surrounded by a membrane sac

      There is a great risk that the blood vessel breaks. He usually detected by the presence of chest pains, coughing and difficulty swallowing If abdominal, is accompanied by pain and digestive disorders, often palpable It is generally considered that a brain aneurysm is a result of congenital malformations that are revealed late.

D This problem can arise after great pain, often associated with family, pain blocking the joy of maintaining relations as before. The person filing an aneurysm live or want to live a break, even if it will shred the heart. Unconsciously, also feels guilty about his decision. He has accumulated too and has reached the limit His decision to break when he could take no more, because this person, instead of acting, reacting too.

C The fact of having an aneurysm is an urgent message for you to stop accumulating internal troubles and make the decision to express your feelings to the people involved rather than save them to your interior. Do not want to show your great sensitivity, but you have no choice: either express or I will kill you I also suggest that you work with your stubbornness, which leads to breaking radical decisions that do not benefit you Otherwise your heart desires Do not be overcome by your negative thoughts come from your pain. If you express it, you'll never find the joy of life with your loved ones.

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The wrath (anger) is the exaltation of affective state and a way of brutal externalization of this, translating by a progressively increasing excitation both physically and verbally, going up screaming, breaking objects, aggressiveness, tremors, etc. Anger is a spontaneous cry of alarm, the manifestation of an inner rebellion, violent aggression accompanied disgust. Before two years, is a simple means to react or externalize an internal ailment (cold, hunger, etc.) but then, is primarily a means of opposition and reaction to prohibitions, may become a means of emotional blackmail and of domination. These emotions I usually manifest at the level of my liver, the appearance of toxins that can engender a crisis liver. Thoughts crazy, jostling, grow so much that I no longer see clearly. Add my pressure and I turn red with anger. What bothers me so much and made me explode? If I'm angry, it is important to seek the reason that causes this condition. I can live a feeling of weakness, injustice, frustration, misunderstanding, impotence, etc. which may be exaggerated or grown by my great emotion and my impulsiveness. When I identify, understand that conflict is repeated unconsciously and may even come from situations that have not solved yet since childhood, and then the integration will be faster. I accept open myself to love that I can say here and now. I remain attentive and I watch all signs indicating a possible anger and revolted me no avail.


Angina is characterized by a tight throat level, due to an acute inflammation of the pharynx. There is something "Fail", a blocked emotion that prevents me tell my environment my real needs. I have the feeling that squeezing the throat (chakra or energy center of creativity or expression), I can not express what I'm living and what percent for others, and still uselessly bringing attention to this belief. Must find what got me thinking about this I can usually find an answer within the last 48 hours before the pain. Would slight irritation (inflamed duct) or a little frustration not drink and stand to change my attitude and my thoughts? "It's not a matter of swallowing this story," even if it "makes me fire to the throat" They can also be black and negative thoughts in relation to someone or a situation There's something I want absolutely "catch"; such as a new job, an outstanding school results would avoid a situation where I'll have to justify, explain or account? No matter the reason, it's time to stay open and reopen the same channel if my deep sensitivity was injured My basic needs must be satisfied and am entitled to as worldwide. I remain open to my needs and focused on me being inside if I want to avoid this type of angina at throat level.

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This problem occurs when there is insufficient oxygen supply to the myocardium, the muscle that makes up most of the heart. This causes suffering to the heart muscle, causing pain. The person suffering from angina complain of heaviness, tightness or suffocation. If the pain is severe, it may radiate to the back, left arm, jaw, even the neck and wrists See heart problems, considering that the person is afraid to live another affliction and curbs his impulses. Want to be free from the worries of life in which the impression of drowning unable to escape.

Angina comes from the Latin word meaning ANGENE tighten It is a very sharp pain associated with the main region of the heart (energy center of love) This temporary lack of oxygen to the level of the muscles surrounding the heart brings all the consequences that I know: impairment of blood flow in this region, surgery, bridge, etc. ... The heart often represents the engine or machine of my system. When I too love (with an attitude of attachment), maybe the heart is tired of all these concerns and you no longer feel joy enough (Since the blood is associated with joy, a decrease of expressing blood flow precisely this decline joy linked to love) in these situations (hence the decreased blood flow) If I am able to angina, possibly taking life too seriously and the things I do and that I like. My concerns (as well as my joys) are grossly enlarged: I am easily irritated and hurt, active dissatisfaction, sadness or irritation relative to a situation which, in the end, is not that serious You may receive a first alarm of my body after these states of being: spasms or pain that pierces the heart. This launches an SOS to become aware of the feelings that inhabit me and the fact that I'm somehow destroying me with my discordant thoughts, jeopardizing my inner harmony, and giving "bad conscience" Great joy can also bring anginal attacks because, at this time, the energy center of love (the heart) is opened further and can activate the memory of great sorrow that are present and thus cause a crisis of angina. I perhaps much out of obligation and not with joy and pleasure. So, let the joy of movement It's like pay attention to others (their happiness and their illnesses) rather than deal with my own welfare first. My ego is so present and active that is separate from the totality of being, which carries a lock on an emotional level It is an unconscious self esteem putting attention almost exclusively on others increase It is the first Judeo - Christian delivery by sacrifice. Giving to others! I become vulnerable and fear manifests open myself to those I love. "Nothing reaches me, but pains begin!" Spasms points in the heart, cold extremities (hands and feet). My body seriously something goes wrong warns me (this notice is generally recognized best in the metaphysical plane - mental than physical) I can subconsciously want to leave the "earthly life" because I have the feeling of being choked by the cares and I know not how to get out, but time has not necessarily come! What I fear, in the background? Life is a continuous exchange I much as receipt, as the contraction and dilation of blood vessels, but alive and my attention imbalance must return to this balance necessary for a healthy life. It is a fundamental process in human existence because I am a divine being to be expressed in this balance. My take of consciousness is this: I leave to take life seriously and I remain open! It's easy because I have no desire to die but I want to live, to open up to love and leave any power struggle. I put my attention on the beautiful aspects of life I learn to love myself as I am: my life energy may well come back to life they are the first steps towards restoring a serious disease. One last point to be emphasized: monitor all expressions linked with heart, "a heart of stone, a hard heart, no heart, is a heartless", etc. Each expression is an indication that something happens that deserves my attention.

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Small malformation formed by tangles of blood capillaries. It can be flat (the vulgar whim or wine stain) or any relief in the skin (looks like a small strawberry).

Conflict: Angst mother for a body part.



Anxiety is a fear no apparent reason or, in case there is a trigger, the stimulus that would not cause any reaction occurs in a normal subject Usually occurs in the person recoils an obstacle that does not fight for lack of confidence in their abilities

After several years I have found that the vast majority of patients who complained of anxiety, agoraphobia actually suffering from varying degrees. Therefore, I suggest that you consult the description of agoraphobia.

Anxiety is characterized by a state of psychic disorientation in which I have the feeling of being limited and restricted in my space and especially drowned in my desires. I feel my limited by borders that actually do not exist space. "I'm caught" or "I feel caught in a trap." I agree with the fact that people invade my psychic space and this is manifested in me a kind of inner predicament. Then leave aside my personal needs to please others first to attract the love I need (although there are other ways to do this) The trouble usually leads me to broaden my emotions and my general emotion at the expense of a proper balance Since I live in the fog, trust me falters, despair and desire to not fight anymore are installed. What may be the situation in which I felt tight when I was young so that even faithfully reproduce this pattern of thinking that causes recurring events in my life today? (Note that anxiety and claustrophobia are synonyms for the word bind.) It is natural for my body to fill my basic psychological needs: the need air to live and breathe, the space between me and other people, freedom to decide and discern what is good for me. If from now on, I answer my waiting face life first, chances are that leave others in place: well, I'm safer to agree with them! And without violating their space because I remember that if I'm drowning, suffocation because I consciously or not to the people around me (meaning here leave to others the freedom of thought or action and respect) Anxiety is manifested also as a wait restless and oppressive, apprehension of "something" might happen, with a diffuse, dreadful and usually nameless tension. It can be linked to a specific threat distressing (such as death, personal catastrophe, penalty) It's more of a fear, usually linked to anything that is immediately noticeable and can be expressed Hence the deep sources of distress are often found in the child I was and is generally linked to the fear of abandonment, losing the love of a loved one and suffering. When I am in a similar situation, anxiety resurfaces Every time one of these fears reappears or an imaginary or realistic situation exists, this is captured by my unconscious as an alarm signal: no danger! Anxiety reappears even stronger. When I am a child, anxiety is often manifested by fear of the dark and a tendency to live a solitary life. From now on, use discernment, courage and confidence in life to respect me and let the others go to his room without regret, my life and erase any remorse. So I see "lighter" and will advance in life with much more clarity.

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ANKLE (See also: JOINTS)

See foot problems, adding the lack of flexibility in how to take action, to change direction to the future. If an accident should also see that word.

The ankle is a part of the very flexible and mobile body. Used to hold the body and its physical position, under considerable pressure. It is a bridge, a link between me and the earth. It is because of her if I'm connected to land on the ground, if the spiritual energy travels from top to low and vice versa, if I am in contact with the earth - mother. It is also the place where I express my ability to advance, to get up and stay upright, stable and anchored. The ankle executes changes of direction and therefore represents my decisions and commitments made based on my beliefs and values. Any wound or sore ankles are tied to my ability to stay flexible while I turning. If I have fear of what drift if I am adamant against a decision to make, if I go too fast without thinking, if I have fear of my responsibilities present or future, if I have the feeling of being unstable, I run the risk of stopping the energy in my ankles. Depending on the intensity of the power lock and close the flow of my life, can be a strain, sprain or fracture. I can hardly stand without my ankles. You may need to lean on new ways of seeing things, new "criteria" that are more open and flexible. They take care of me and my inner being, I bear in life. If an ankle gives way or already have no solid foundation, I need to change direction, I live a mental conflict breaks. My ankle can not stand me and the whole body is physically transferred. In a sense, my life collapses too, but it's the image that there is something wrong instead of an actual collapse of the person. Regarding twist, twisted ankle, is the energy that is "twisted" and my ankle support structure is deformed. There is nothing clear and definite. When I am confronted with something deep, a necessary change for me to be - better, break or fracture occurs. Truly, I must change course. They are my honor, my safety, my goal and my direction in life at stake. No matter the condition, the period of immobility that follows, allowing my body and my inner being properly integrate the aspect of my life that I should change and also allows the wonderful transformation that remains for me to settle! I accept life and all she gets in my way. This will help me embrace life's good side!

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? Anorexia is a decrease in appetite that produces, according to its degree and its cause, a slimming effect on the general state of health. In many cases you can see also pale and lifeless skin. This problem arises primarily in adolescents and young, very rarely in males. Often the anorexic patient while presents bulimia. When he can no longer control their desire to eat, eats food and, when finished, induces vomiting. If this is the case, see also bulimia.

D The anorexic rejects her mother, refusing food the symbol of our Mother Earth. In rejecting her mother, who is his model of the feminine principle, this person rejects their feminine side. The anorexic woman has a great need to relearn how to live and be given the right to be a woman, instead of escaping. In fact, the anorexic easily goes to his imaginary world, and would rather live in the past instead of doing what you came to do to this planet. Unlike you eat because you closed the door to his desire to live and act.

C If you suffer from anorexia you must change sooner perception you have of your mother. She has always done the best he could and is entitled to have their fears and limitations, like any human being. You might be disappointed in a given time when you were little, but what makes you suffer is your perception of events, not the events themselves. You can change this perception. If you accept your mother and emotionally nourish way, learn to accept women in you and recover a taste for life and food.

Anorexia is characterized by a complete rejection of life. It is the total unwillingness to everything alive in me and you can enter to feed my ugly body. This feeling can even turn into hatred. There are several symbols of life: water, food, maternal aspect (mother), love, feminine side. It is the ardent and unconscious desire to escape life, hate and rejected because I live extreme fear of opening up the wonderful life around me. Live discouraged to the point that I wonder what might help. I have the unconscious "disappear" to disturb as little as possible to my surroundings desire. I reject it permanently. Anorexia and obesity come from a dissatisfied deep love and affection, although the two diseases physically take divergent paths. Several eating disorders rest on the mother - child relationship in which a conflict exists or existed. Moreover, it is often a disappointment in terms of my territory I have the feeling of not having, losing or that do not respect me. This territory may be constituted both my physical possessions (clothes, toys, car, house, etc.) and not my physical possessions (my rights, my acquired my needs, etc.) or those around me (my father, my mother, my friends, my husband, etc.) Live a setback that is recent in relation to someone or something that can not help and do not digest. Although anorexia is most frequently finds in adolescence, it also exists in the infant and young child. If I put myself in the place of the baby, if I realize that rejection of food can lead to a disturbed contact between my mother and me: may be deprived of mother's breast and the warm physical environment that should accompany the taking of the milk, artificial feeding mode, dosed and too rigid in their application, over or under - supply imposed by respect to an ideal weight curve with contempt of certain individual food changing rhythms. I can react to this by a progressive rejection of feed, vomiting, weight loss, sleep disturbances, food fads, etc. It is important that I, as a mother, respecting tastes, the rhythms of the child and stop wanting to be perfect and super mom - protective. If I'm a little older and manifest anorexia child, usually more attenuated and is characterized by a "little appetite", being a small dining hates task meals with food fads, with obstinate refusal of certain foods, rarely finishing my plate, often vomiting and endless chewing the same mouthful. At this age, the table and its social imperatives play an important role, because the meals are a family reunion under the authority of parents which can sprout reactions and conflicts. Anorexia is basically my need to fill a void inside of emotional nourishment. I need love and unconditional acceptance of my inner mother. Anorexia, contrary to obesity, is the attempt to starve my emptiness inside to make it so small that disappear and no longer ask anything at all. It's one of the reasons why I keep seeing fat (mental fixation on fat) even if I am slim and slender. In other words, keep seeing my affective and emotional needs very large and I am overcome by them. Anorexia can also approach a feeling of being at odds for life like my mother, maternal symbol that pushes me nevertheless made the desire for independence and individuality. It is the reason why I reject the food while my mother, because I always had the feel of his powerful maternal control only in my youth. Live as the feeling of being out of my own control in relation to events and attempted an exaggerated way to regain control. "I hate the way my mother loves me and hate for this." "I remain a girl and a boy because I want to get as close as possible to a form of" "physical and inner" purity. (It is during puberty that usually manifests anorexia). It is an absolute quest for youth. As a girl or boy, sexual rejection corresponding phases at my age, so any attempted sexual intimacy, discovery and eventual abandonment towards a couple (lack of maturity) are almost useless. If I live all this in a profound way, often this is linked to a deep past sexual trauma, an abuse or an emotional insecurity. This experience has favored the fact that in my physical body install despair and "shut the door" to my physical, spiritual and emotional desires. Gradually accept my femininity and my intuitive and emotional side of the boy is essentially the first thing to do to solve my anorexic state. Use the way I want, but I must do it! I accept certain sexual, female and even mother (because I learn to love my mother!) Intimacy.I learn to love my body and love others! I'm going slowly because it's a delicate situation in which I open myself to the love and beauty of the universe. I ask for help, if needed. And especially I remain open to what life holds for me! Acceptance and unconditional love will be highly appreciated. I do activities (sports or other), if possible. Here's an interesting parenthesis. As anorexic, I have the impression of being inwardly as fuck in a few "rings = small anos" (anus - réxico) as if within several "rings type 'hula-hup'" that isolate me from the rest of world while it intensifies my feeling of limitation towards life. I remain open to any other sign of this type. I visualize freeing of these hoops telling "THANK YOU" for making me aware that helped make but knowing that now are no longer needed. Also visualize this picture: with every breath, more light is entering me to fill my inner emptiness.

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? The anus may be the seat of benign and malignant lesions, bleeding, abscesses, pain or itching.

D As the year is the end of something, also in the metaphysical plane represents the culmination of an idea of a relationship or to any process If you feel pain in this area, this represents your sense of guilt for wanting to finish something, so you sit on it and you ignore The same applies if the pain prevents you sit comfortably.

      Itching is unhappy about ending or the successful completion of an event desires.

      As regards the abscess abscess given query having connection with the termination of something

      Bleeding from the anus has a similar meaning abscess, but leads to a loss of enjoyment of life, linked to feelings of anger and frustration.

C It is essential that retains least the past that let you finish something to move to another new thing, but always with joy, love and harmony. It is also necessary that you realize you do not need to depend on others to make decisions. Take time to talk to the little voice that exists inside your head and makes you doubt yourself Tell him you can already take care of yourself and decide, because you're ready to take the consequences.

The anus is the opening of the rectum, where loose so I no longer need The problems here are connected with the fact "hold and release"; so if I am a child who is constipated or if I mess my diapers often is to get back at parents who I regard as authoritarian, manipulative or abusive. It is place of unloading of the major toxins from the human body. The anus is at the level of the pelvis, near the coccyx and the first chakra or energy center, the seat between "I" and the universe around me it is linked to the energy base of the body. Certain inner fears, stress and emotions are evacuated through this hole I can see the following: "What I try to ignore so much hold? How far can I let go? Am I able to relax and let life lead me? Am I ready to experience new feelings towards life? "I learn to trust me as loose so you no longer need and replacing it with new ideas, new projects and positive attitudes!

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The abscess is a lot of pus, frustration and irritability associated with a situation I do not want to drop or let go (anus). Often, even if I stand, escapes me despite myself this abscess will or will manifest anyway. You may be angry with me - myself because I do not want to "evacuate" yield to certain mental fixations that damage my present life I can even be filled with vengeance regarding a past situation or someone refuse to forgive. This discomfort tells me that I do trust to life and what is beautiful around me I trust someone or something and, above all, forgive the people around me I do abandonment and trust to life.


An anal fistula finds its origin in a situation where I live and in which cholera experiment relative to retain and what I do not get to keep inside me. It is as if to keep old waste from the past (old forms - thoughts, emotions, desires), but can not. I can even keep feelings of revenge in relation to someone or something. The demonstration is the fistula communicating abnormally kind of channel between viscera and skin. I do not get to decide between the physical and the spiritual, between desires and detachment (in the broad sense) I remain open at heart level and agree willing to completely empty these "garbage" black ideas, unhealthy and vindictive here and now.


Anal fissures are slight cracks reaching the anus to bleed, which means some loss of joie de vivre linked to a situation that must change. If I live sadness that can hendirme the "ass", I check what causes this sadness and accept the changes in my life. Especially I stop waiting for others to change. Delete my frustration, my anger against a person or an event "that cleaves my ass" or before which can feel like "sitting between two chairs".


The itching is associated with remorse and guilt regarding my past. Something I "come" or itches and I feel guilty about what I should withhold or release I am interested in listening to my body and achieve satisfaction at all because the guilt only slows my progress, no real benefits.


ANUS – ANAL PAIN (recto - colitis)

Anal pain (called straight colitis) are related to guilt. I'm hurting because I do not think I quite effective to fulfill my desires It is a form of self - punishment, irritation, the desire to condemn in a way that expresses an internal wound, my torn sensitivity after a past event that has not yet accepted Live grief that can reach the blood loss and even, in some cases, bleeding I can accept myself more responsible for my desires, undermine me stop what I am and stop refusing to punish live and let no avail. You could stop being uncomfortable with the "back fire" and start over again accepting more my past, present and to come experience and well run more in life.


? Anxiety is a fear without reason. The person who has lived in the painful wait for an imprecise and unpredictable danger.

D Anxiety has the effect on the person suffering blocking the ability to live the present moment. He worries incessantly. Talk much about his past, what you learned, lived, or what happened to another. This person has a fertile imagination and spends much time imagining things that are not even likely to occur. It stays on the lookout for signs that prove you have reason to worry.

C As soon as you enter you feel an anxiety attack, becomes aware that it's your imagination that takes power, which prevents you from enjoying the present moment. Resolve to not have to prove anything. Be yourself, with your mistakes and qualities, like everyone else. Let go of the unknown, confined to know your intuition guide you if you give him a chance. Resultarte can also benefit rely more on the people around you. Let them help in their own way. This anxiety can also be caused by a crisis of agoraphobia. I suggest you check this term.

Anxiety, the other side of depression. Depression and anxiety, different manifestations of the same disease. Negative thoughts and beliefs. It tends to project the mind in the future, which does not allow us to live the present. Worry and psychological suffering is a direct path to the disease. The fever of haste, increases anxiety.

Anxiety is a fear of the unknown that can approach the state of distress. It is manifested by certain symptoms: headaches, hot flashes, ramps, nervous palpitations, high perspiration, tensions increased flow of voice, crying and even insomnia. If I am anxious, I can live the "thrill of anxiety": this thrill comes from the cold and reminds me that I'm afraid. It is a disease that squeezes my throat, making me lose control of myself - myself and control the events of my life, keeping me from using common sense and discernment. I can also feel or imbalance, or a disconnect between the physical world in which I can have some control and my feelings were on the immaterial world for which I have not always rational explanation or understanding. I have no control: the "sky might fall on me" anytime! I can be anxious in any situation: I am becoming LO ON WHICH TOOK MY ATTENTION. If my attention is constantly focused on fear of this or the other, it is true that live anxiety that may be related, from near or far, which is about the fear of death or what might recordármela. Death, things that do not know or do not see, but that may exist, push up on me this fear. So even if I fear the unknown and if unconsciously deny life and its process, now put my attention on this: I have faith that is happening to me best, for me, in this moment and in the future. The symptoms disappear, and the fear of death.

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Apathy is a form of insensitivity or indolence. Abandonment towards life, I become indifferent and have no motivation to change anything. Apathy can occur after a stroke, trauma or any other negative situation that I removed all my joy of life or my reason for being in this world. I can want out of a situation huyéndola lack of motivation or joy or fear of being disappointed. Resist and reject see or feel what is happening within me and around me, which leads me to a degree of insensitivity to protect me. Apathy can also be linked to the deep shame and guilt. Try me and my inner being insensitive. I agree to open up to new life and enjoyable experiences that I maintain, in order to find a new purpose to my life. I put the necessary attitude.


? Aphasia is a result of brain damage. The affected person loses the ability to use language as a means of communication; can not express intelligibly, either orally or in writing. See brain problems. If aphasia is accompanied by partial paralysis, see also paralysis.

D The aphasic person is usually the type that expresses well what he thinks, but what he feels. He likes to run and care for those around you, but hardly express their feelings of gratitude and anger to the person involved. He hates not being able to express, because he thinks that if he did, would most beloved.

      Aphasia is often accompanied by deafness, as the patient is afraid of not knowing how to handle the feelings expressed by others. So shut prefer not hear anything.

C This disease occurs because you have already reached your limit. Your body tells you to stop believing that must necessarily express what you feel for others to know what happens to you and what you feel for them. They know it by other means.

      Give yourself the right to express how you ARE and not according to your beliefs from the past or as you think others expect of you.


? A person has lost his voice hoarseness, or sounds off. If there is inflammation and pain, it is laryngitis.

D This problem occurs after an emotional shock that shakes the sensitivity of the person, who then is forced to talk too, though not express everything your heart would say. This exertion creates anxiety and leaves a void. Finally, the sounds die out.

C But believe you should turn you off and stop talking, it would be sensible will revise what your heart really mean and allow to speak only to say true words, expressed with love. No need to force yourself to talk to look nice or to be accepted and loved.

The voice is the expression of self, creativity. Too great emotion (distress, restlessness) can take me and not knowing what to say or what direction to take, or how to interpret this direction relative to the emotion. This strong emotion may have been lived in the sexual plane and impact more directly in the throat or vocal cords because, in a way, my second center (sexual) energy is linked more directly to the throat, my fifth center energy. Anyway, my sensitivity (hyper-emotionality) is wound and get not say anything! I have the cut breath! If too dispersed my energies, particularly after a, an "empty" emotional blow is created inside because my inner restlessness and sounds will be "swallowed" by the gap. Therefore, it is very important to me reconnect with my inner breath of communication. It is still possible that this experience will protect me because I'm in a state in which I no longer speak, I can not tell secrets. Do I use a healthy way my voice and vocal cords? Should I stay quiet for a while? Sometimes it is said, the word is silver and silence is golden ... I learn to express my emotions, my creativity and my ideas of how I feel better, in respect of my abilities.

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Conflict: Competing ultimate protection, conflict seal. Solution extreme survival.

Resent: "I am dead to the predator did not eat", "I'm in distress and no longer move me" (conflict seal)

? The apnea is an involuntary breathing stopped. Apnea can not be extended over a period of time, as would result in suffocation from lack of oxygen supply and carbon dioxide retention. At first it is common for the person who has not conscious of it.

D The very common apnea causes anxiety, because the person who has come to fear that the next is too long and die. It is important to check what time it occurs. As usually occurs at rest, indicates that this person blocking the flow of life (oxygen) and too (carbon dioxide) to rest abstains.

C If you suffer from apnea when resting or sleeping, I suggest you check your attitude to your rest. You may think that when you rest not live. Do you find it difficult to relax, sit still? If apnea occurs when you are working, ask yourself the same questions regarding your attitude towards your work.



? This disease is an inflammation of the appendix, which causes pain radiating throughout the abdomen, accompanied by digestive disorders, nausea and vomiting, intestinal transit stop, no evacuations and food intolerance. Appendicitis is left to evolve too can degenerate into peritonitis, a serious complication.

D As with all diseases that end in itis, appendicitis occurs when a person feels repressed anger, being too insecure and dependent on others to express it. It also has much fear of authority of someone who made her angry and dare not express it, to let it out. The impression of having "no exit". This fear is related to succeeded just before the crisis situation appendicitis.

C Since this disease can develop into a serious complication, the message that your body sends you is do not wait to express what you feel. Too long you contain you do, if you follow aguantándote, you can explode.

      Your body does not tell you to flee from the situation that causes this anger and this fear, but they live in love, considering your limits and those of others.

Appendicitis is defined as inflammation of the caecum (Latin: "Blind" at the base of the large intestine. This disease comes from a cholera linked to a voltage or an acute situation that I can not fix and that makes me "boil" internally. Most often, this is a situation where the emotional level that comes to unbalance my feelings and my emotions. My fear may have led to this event because entertained dark thoughts and worried, which made manifest. I feel like in a "dead end" (that is how the appendix) because I have the feeling of being oppressed, which activates in me fear, insecurity, fatigue, abandonment. Most often, this setback is related to money and particularly money pocket. It may also be something or someone I wanted to "add" or "incorporated" into my life but a circumstance prevents it. For example, maybe I want my spouse to come live in my house, but he or she not or do not have enough room to house, etc. There is an "obstruction" to the flow of life and inhibo multitude of emotions. This can go even to the fear of living. I no longer get the new realities effectively filter to protect it. I see no other way out of my life. I need to talk about what I live, I need to "empty my bag" because I have difficulty digesting what happens, I find that this is ugly and disappointing. The usual symptoms are heat, ardor linked to inflammation, and pain associated with tension. I feel intense suffering when appendicitis becomes peritonitis (burst appendix). Let life flow and accept the conditions of my existence as what is best for me. I remain open at heart level and dropped my protection (barriers) smoothly and harmoniously.

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As the food is connected with life, loss of appetite can be attributed to guilt (I do not deserve to live, I am afraid, I protect) or to a loss of joy or motivation against a person or a situation. I refuse to go forward, take new impressions and exciting experiences that make me even happier. I refuse to absorb, digest, eat what they offer me again in life because this does not suit me. Keeping myself open heart level to adventure and life, increased my self-esteem of me and I can accept the "new sensations" (new tastes) and make a step further. Appetite balance again. Just as appetite comes with eating, comes with LIFE LIFE!


The food represents life and is also linked to pleasure, certain joie de vivre. The food fills for my (s) need (s) physics (s) and emotional (s) and an excess can mean what I make to have more life in me, having need to fill an empty interior. It is a deep inner dissatisfaction with love and hunger for love (same as the "thirst for love"), a need to reduce tension or just to entertain myself for not needing to think of me. I avoid look inside myself and find myself in feed this feeling of freedom and satisfaction to fill all my desires, whatever it is the amount absorbed. It may be the case when I'm in a state of hypoglycemia that is linked to a lack of joy in my life, or excessive desire for sweet (linked to love) reveals a clear need for tenderness and affection. In children, it is easy to recognize their emotional needs lacking (missing): Easily manifest the love of all that is sweet. Be an adult or child, is always my child's heart that is wounded and must give more love to my children or more to fill my needs. I must be open to this beautiful energy of love to find a balance, true communication, recognition of self, an exchange between what I am and what I need. The appetite is balanced then when I'm better emotionally overwhelmed.


Apprehension is associated with a doubt, a fear regarding a situation or a person against which I feel "danger". Inwardly, active misunderstanding regarding what happens to me. My mind begins to create ghosts with all kinds of ideas and run the risk of being offset. I place my attention to my inner self from now and accept at heart level experiences life while I protect myself.


The area is an infectious skin disease characterized by a painful rash on the path of a sensory nerve. The area may be in a subject had chickenpox in the past. The pain caused by this skin disease are spontaneous and have the effect of a burn. See skin problems, adding that the affected person actually feels much anger at a situation or a particular person. The impression of having to crawl or not being able to live the life you want. You feel a deep bitterness. What happens burning, but your fears keep you cope.

Your body sends a message of urgency because their nervous system is increasingly affected by their way of living this situation. A good exercise for forgiveness would be appropriate, as suggested at the end of this book.


The arms represent my ability to accommodate new experiences in life. I use them to touch and squeeze, to express my creativity, my action potential and my love. I can get in touch with people close to them and welcome them in my universe. They also teach that love with joy and harmony. Because of them, step by action, I do my job and fulfill my obligations. Communicate and express my arms as my attitudes and my inner feelings. The arms are very close to heart and are linked to them. So, people feel that love and energy emanating from my heart when I am open. Each hand holds an energy center, located in the palm, which represents one of the 21 lower energy centers (or chakras). The two energy centers of the hands are directly connected to the heart; so let my arms extend my heart and love go out physically and energetically. But if I cross my arms instinctively protect myself or I close to certain emotions that do not suit me.

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ARMS (pains...)

? The arms are the most used members since they have multiple functions. In general, we need to perform any action -to drink, hug someone else to play ... A sore arm then affects one or more of these functions.

D This problem is common in the person who does not feel useful in their work and to doubt their abilities. You feel sorry and sad, which leads her to withdraw into herself feeling sorry for their suffering.

      You can also suffer it the person who has it harder to embrace those he loves and feels guilty about it. We would greatly review and find out what is preventing you shake someone.

      A sore arm may also indicate that the person is unable to show his strength to help another. The right arm is related to the act of giving and left arm to receive.

      This pain is usually associated to the person that has everything you need to choose a new situation but let your thoughts or those of others unduly influence it, which prevents him from taking action.

      As the extent of the region of the heart, we must use the arms to express our love and not feel the weight of someone or something, that is, we should not believe we necessarily have to take care of others or protect them. It is no accident that the arms are placed in that part of the body. We must embrace a person or a situation with love and work with love. This is what our heart desires.

      If pain in the right arm, the person may not feel able to be the right arm of someone.

C If you are one of those who doubt yourself, your abilities and your utility, it is because you let it bother you a little voice in your head that tries to convince you that you do not have the capacity to undertake what you want. You may also think you do not have the knowledge to do so.

      If you are afraid of not being able to be someone's right arm means you verified whether these fears are well founded? Whatever your ego messages, you must decide to take action with confidence and you believe you possess what it takes. Your doubts are the only ones who can stop you and make you lose your target. If no action was good for you, no arms would ache. The pain you feel has done this to make you understand that your thinking hurts you. If you looked at someone like you in action, what qualities would find him? The fact admire yourself will give you lots of energy, which does not happen when you doubt yourself.

      If your pain is related to your difficulty to show your affection and love others embracing the message wants to help you live a new experience be daring to do so. This does not mean you should do it forever, but you grant the right to change your mental attitude to your way of showing affection. Do not go thinking you're a cold person. If the pain is located in the elbow, also see elbow pain.

Sore arms are linked to the difficulty of expressing love what I do in my job or my actions every day. It is an energy blockage, inhibition of doing something for myself - self or others. I can then feel muscle stiffness, pain or heat (inflammation). My arms become less mobile and more tense, my joints (shoulders, elbows) more painful. I know the role of my arms is in its ability to catch the new situations and new experiences of my life. Maybe you are in reaction to a new situation; I no longer find my job motivator; I'm frustrated or irritated because I can not express myself properly, or because I have difficulty performing a project. A situation which I call "failure" can be externalized by pain in the arms. Usually the bones of my arms that are affected when I am not able to do as well as they professional or sporting activity which was excellent. I do not get to catch people whom I love in my arms; refusal to recognize that'm tired of a situation that was bad for me (having tired arms). In general, pain in the arms means lame too. Or is something not lame and I refuse to take. I have no desire to communicate with others at the heart level, I doubt my abilities in all work out. Go forward in life seems difficult. The pains are thus unconsciously teaching that suffer. Perhaps must "drop", "let go", a situation or a person I want to "hold" at all costs. One difficulty with authority may manifest in the right arm, while my left arm will that be affected if I live a conflict to express my love and kindness. Men have a natural tendency to want hyper - develop the muscles of his arms which are a symbol of strength and power, denoting its difficulty and its resistance to express the energy of heart and sweetness side. Conversely, thinner and weaker arms indicate me a shyness in expressing my emotions and resistance to flush energy. You brake to sink me in life and take advantage to the fullest. My arms correspond more to my inner expression. My ante - arms instead are connected with the outer expression, "doing". "I rolled up his pace and action! The sweetness represents the inner side of my face - arms, expresses my feelings and I have doubts before physically express things in the universe. Maybe I should change my habits or my way of doing and this is so hard for me, because of my strength, my face - arms also be made rigid. Skin irritation at arm is connected to a frustration or irritation at what I do or do not do, the way to express myself and what may happen after the intervention of others. I must express more love in what I do, investirme, open up confidently to others squeeze in my arms with love and affection to the people I love (the father image clenching her son in witness of love). I remember that someone squeezing action is often therapeutic. I believe my beautiful qualities of communication, tenderness and openness. I put my attention on the interesting activities. I exercise in seeing the good side of any situation. I am realizing that it is wonderful, I'm better than I thought. I exchange ideas because I need it.

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As this disease is an irregular heart rhythm, heart problems see the difference that the attitude of this person is irregular, ie, that joy in your life circulates in an irregular manner. As soon as you are above and below. This person should review what prevents live constantly cheerful. Also, must begin granted the right to be what it is now.


? Arteries are blood vessels that carries blood from the heart to the various tissues of the body. The arteries present problems when some factor prevents proper operation.

D Arteries are the pathways that carry the force of life, both physically and symbolically. The person with problems in the arteries is usually the type who does not let circulate enough joy in your life. Lacks circulation, communication in one or more aspects of your life. Is social movement? Is the movement of thoughts full of joy? This person has trouble letting speak to your heart and dare not create situations that make you joy and happiness.

C It's time you stop worrying about everything and spend some time to wonder why it please. You do not always have to be between the physical pleasures and spiritual, that is, between your desires and spiritual values. Give yourself all these pleasures, though at first they are minimal. You must learn to let you circulate in all forms of joy frequently and not just in a few moments. Life is too important to take it so seriously.

Arteries are the "vessels that carry blood from the heart to the organs." These same blood vessels (as well as all other blood vessels, veins, capillaries, etc.) are the means to express the love of the divine qualities. They are located everywhere in the body and communicate with every part of it. The arteries are also linked to all that is called "life". They spread the joy of life and allow me to communicate, express my emotions, keep in touch with the universe. If the stress goes higher, causing an emotional imbalance that can result from an inner conflict between my "physical world" and "my spiritual world." When I have difficulty or when I stop expressing my emotions, I close (crash) and as a result, various heart related diseases such as arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, angina pectoris, varicose veins can occur. The joy of living longer flows in me. I can undermine me against the actions that I meet. For energy to flow more evenly and prevent the development of certain sclerosis, representing energy blockages, I do test a joy constant opening and movement of this joy being open at heart level, accepting change attitudes and open up the love, this love is routed through my body.

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This disease, also called Atherosclerosis is a condition of the wall of the large and medium arteries. It involves a deposition of cholesterol and a conjunctival altered elastic structures of the artery, resulting in hardening. Atherosclerosis is responsible for angina, which can produce a heart attack. It affects five times more men than women. Is also the leading cause of arterial aneurysms? See arterial problems and heart problems, adding that this disease is caused by a too large accumulation of penalties, reviews and lack of joy in life, causing an internal hardening.

Atherosclerosis is a degenerative disease that results from the formation of lipid deposits (a type of fat) in the walls of arteries. Atherosclerosis is a degenerative disease that results from the destruction of the muscular and elastic fibers that form. Either of these diseases is manifested by a hardening of the arteries and arterioles, primarily involving exhaustion and loss of elasticity of the wall at the level thereof, an increasingly weak swelling capacity and blood circulation, one increased fatty deposits therefore less love expressed at heart level. This progressive condition occurs if I am cured, if I am or I become inflexible or tense in regard to communication and my thoughts. It is the manifestation of a very strong resistance and physical and inner mindedness. The expression and receiving love become limited and restricted. I fixed and ruthless ideas, tend to be uncompromising, hard and without mercy; Also I have a tendency to see only the dark or negative side of life. I can unconsciously inhibit my emotions and say no to love because I'm afraid to express. Where and when and I lived a traumatizing experience that made me hate a part of me - right to the point of denying it, and in which I was rejected? This disease is probably connected with a loving wound or not - recognition of this love in my life. Why do what is right for me? Why express my feelings? My body tells me I should make a change from my behavior towards life. Accepting a more open, tolerant and sweet attitude to me - same as the experiences I live, all the bonding process with the inner self and the universe are best manifested. Manifesto joy, serenity and flexibility and made the people around me and I abandoned the true expression of love. The people around me feel this change. I must also develop more creativity (artery = Art - Earth) on the physical plane and with matter. Life takes care of me.

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ARTHRITIS (in general) (See also: JOINTS [in general], INFLAMMATION)

? It is a rheumatic joint disease, inflammatory in nature, which comes with all the characteristic signs of inflammation (swelling, redness, heat and pain), which are presented in one or more joints. Pain is felt regardless of the movements to be made and made to suffer the ill both day and night. In addition, this disease causes stiffness in the joints, resulting inconvenience to the sufferer.

D From the medical point of view, there are different types of arthritis. The severity of the problem will indicate the severity of existing emotional, mental and spiritual blockage.

      In general, arthritis occurs in people who are hard on themselves, which are not granted the right to stop or do what they like, and also find it difficult to ask for what they need. Others prefer to know them enough to give them what they need. When others do not meet their expectations are disappointed and feel bitterness and rancor. They may even harbor a desire for revenge, even if they feel powerless. This makes them experience a repressed anger very well. They have a very strong inner critic sense.

      The place where arthritis occurs indicate what area of your life is affected. For example, if the joints of the hands, would benefit adopt a different attitude to work with them. If you need help should ask for it and not wait for others to use telepathy or guess they want the help.

      People with arthritis have an aspect of docility, but actually living with a large internal anger and deeply reject this feeling. Like arthritis, also the emotions paralyze us, so these people would benefit if they fail to accumulate.

C If you suffer from arthritis, check why is it so hard to ask for what you need. If you think that doing what you love going to exaggerate and become selfish, I suggest that you check if this is true. We also help check the definition of the word "selfish". Accept the idea that you can afford to say "no" anytime not perform some tasks and if you decide to carry them out, you should do them with pleasure and without criticizing internally.

      If you impose many duties that are looking for recognition, confess and acknowledge that you do yourself and not because someone forces you. Give yourself the right to seek recognition doing things for others. If you perform your tasks with joy instead of criticizing mind, life will seem more pleasant and you will become more flexible and agile.

Arthritis and inflammation of a joint is defined. It can affect each of the parts of the human musculoskeletal system: bones, ligaments, tendons or muscles. It is characterized by inflammation, muscle stiffness and pain that correspond, on the metaphysical plane, to a close, critical, grief, sadness or anger. Symbolically speaking, grace and freedom of movement are the main qualities linked to the joint. When it becomes inflexible, and when it hardens, arthritis is associated with some form of rigidity of my thoughts (crystallized thoughts), my attitude or my behavior, so that all the deep emotions that would normally express what they are the physical manifestation of this disease. Thus, arthritis occurs if I'm too inflexible, too demanding, stubborn, intolerant, very moralistic, judgmental, restricted or too proud relative to me - self, others or situations of my life. A feeling of helplessness usually accompanies the suffering that stops me. Live the particular feeling of being ill loved, of not being loved and appreciated my fair value, which brings me much disappointment and bitterness towards life and moodiness. Then revealed an overly rational spirit. Reviewer often all or nothing because I'm afraid to life and often feel a form of chronic insecurity. I feel exploited: I put actions and gestures rather to please others than for real will and interest, so I say "yes" on duty when, in fact, is "no". Perhaps you have experienced a traumatic childhood and I now inhibo my emotions, without admitting what happened (concealment) because "I suffered a lot in that experience and I would unconsciously censure and complain that others can understand how much I suffered." This event is related to the sacrifice of himself. Arthritis can also come from the way I deal or treat others with respect to criticism. Arthritis also causes a kind of retrograde action; I feel the energy go back up, as if I were indicated to do more in a different direction, instead of going forward. Since my fear, my weak self-assessment and stiffness make my deep emotions relating to why they believe, or how my movement direction in life, I have the feeling of being bound, restricted, detained or imprisoned. So I feel an inability to bend (my attitude), to be mentally flexible or able to abdicate. The arthritic joint tells me what I live and I get more information. At the level of the hands (fingers), the question is: Am I really doing what I want and what I want to do? Do my own affairs are "well in my hands"? Are there people who I have no taste "shake hands"? My freedom and spontaneity "manage" what happens in my universe are limited by my strength and my hardness. At the level of the elbows, "I am inflexible to changing directions to take in my life? I allow others to be free and express its full potential? Knees: Against whom or what I feel and having to kneel in front of who or what I do not want to bend? From now on, I check my true intentions with regard to love. I change my thinking and adopt a new attitude to the situations of my life. Staying open to the love that is omnipresent (everywhere) and expressing more honest, open and spontaneous way, my heart will be radiant and respect others as much as me himself. Friendship, understanding and forgiveness are now available to me.

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The poly arthritis is an inflammation of multiple joints simultaneously carrying. This disease comes to tell me a difficulty in performing the gestures was able to run past with great skill. Now, I have the feeling of being more awkward or clumsy. Therefore, I devalued in relation to this activity which was excellent and I feel lost skill, strength or accuracy. This disease is found in the dressmaker for example, who, after some years, has the feeling of being slower, less skillful. Athletes are often affected polyarthritis, mainly because of the feeling of worthlessness that can live because they are not optimal at 100% or your best achievements have declined. Learn to accept me with my strengths and my weaknesses. Even if I have the feeling of being less good or less effective, I look at all the experience I gained over the years. I admit it was a precious gift that makes me an exceptional person. The polyarthritis may also occur if'm compulsive, stubborn or moralizing. I tend to sacrifice for others, which often results from an inhibited aggression; but to what extent act with love, respect me? Both physical rigidity interior aggravated by this profound obstinacy not want to change.


Rheumatoid arthritis is now considered the most severe articular condition. Usually generalized to the whole body instead of a single joint. The immune system is so sick that begins to self - destroyed, attacking the connective joint tissue (collagen), so you may fear the risk of widespread Crippled with pain and joint swelling. It is directly one ailment of my own self, because the strong emotions of anger and pain does not get expressed. Rheumatoid arthritis is linked to a profound contempt of itself, a hatred or rage inhibited in a while, to a critique of itself so intense that it affects the most fundamental energy of my existence. I lived experiences in which I felt ashamed or guilty. It is the manifestation of a much more important criticism against authority or everything that represents authority for me: individual, government, etc. I refuse to bend to this authority, not matter the consequences! It is as if 'it was ruminating "constantly authority, criticizing. My mobility becomes limited and I can not express myself freely (particularly in the case of certain directions to take and that I communicate with my environment a fluid and graceful way) because my joints are too painful. My body becomes rigid, just as my attitudes. I do not get to express my strong emotions and have a feeling of being constantly oppressed and subjugated. Then I adopt behaviors of meditation, self - sacrifice, and ruminate unable to express my emotions. "I serve sacrificing propitiatory victim to any cause"; They are always on me. "Openness to heart level is essential if I want to release all the emotions that poison my existence. From now on, I regain my full power over my life, starting to love me and accept me as I am. I take my place!


Fluid in the abdomen.

To Hamer is healing phase, for bio is active conflict. Making liquid is a solution to protect the assault.

Resent: "I want to protect my belly"


Nervous fatigue is similar to "burnout", which is a form of energy and nervous exhaustion. However, it is different from fatigue, which is a natural phenomenon comes as no work or effort and do not necessarily disappear with rest. The demonstration is installed at different (physical and interior) levels, different states or feelings become fundamental surface: fear, sadness, amplified emotions, regrets of past experiences and even bitterness. Although asthenia, whether somatic, psychic or reactionary, may derive from various causes, I check what leads me to express this state. I can change this status to find the root because that led me to "lose" all my beautiful determination to be and do and have a passive and flight attitude before the effort.


Intermittent asthma is a disease. It manifests as an access suffocation, presented the expiry making it difficult and painful, while inspiration is fast and easy; This suffocation is accompanied by whistles that are perceived by the ear as much by stethoscope. Among the crisis, the breathing is normal and chest remains silent. As this disease is a form of chronic allergy, see allergies and respiratory problems.

Asthma is a respiratory disorder characterized by difficulty breathing and may even go to suffocation. During an asthma attack, the reaction of the immune system against allergy causing substances (allergens) is so strong that it can lead to a blockage of the body breathing, wheezing breathing and sometimes death. I need to take the life of me (inspiration) and I do not get to (expiration) to the point that I begin to be panicked (inspired with ease but expired with difficulty) so that breathing (ie my ability in breathing, becomes insufficient and very limited because libero minimal air. Am hooked to certain people or certain things that refuse to release? Am I choke with anger or aggression that I refuse to see the point that this me "gets to the throat"? Am I afraid of lacking something, especially of love? So, asthma is fundamentally linked to the action of "choking". I feel caught in the throat, flushing, I drown in relation to a loved one or a situation. I feel limited in my space. I can even live a complaint that leads me to confrontation, confrontation and poisoning my life. Use asthma to attract love, attention or a form of emotional dependence. Asthma being similar to suffocation and allergy, I can have the feeling of being limited and let me invade by others in my living space, to be easily impressed by the power of others to the detriment of mine, wanting to please, to comply actions that do not suit me, even drown going to mean an internal rebellion linked to a situation. It is an excellent way to feel strong, to get everything I want manipulating others ... As anyone if I do not want to see my limitations, trust me suddenly replaced by restlessness and anxiety. I do not know as "dealar" with my emotions and feel great loneliness. I'll have to learn to enjoy life and afford it. Others will do it all for saving me! I have the image of a weak person who requires a lot of love without being ready for the gift of LOVE, like a child crying for their needs without having the maturity to share and open enough to divine gift. Life is a mutual, balanced and constant exchange between giving and receiving. All this, of course, is related to the past, a kind of overwhelming love interpreted as such (usually mother), a sadness inhibited early childhood. It is also a fear remembering the first breath in my birth, that I felt drowned or scared by my mother (unconsciously) or a similar situation. So, breathing symbolizes the independence of life, individuality, the ability to breathe - the same. I do not get to express a sense of independence, live my own life, I feel rejected by the arrival of someone else. Take me feel difficulty in letting go of my hand and ties with my parents (a repressive dependence, especially in front of my mother or spouse).I do not imagine parting with this wonderful picture (my mother) sweet and comforting, marry or see how my parents divorce with no reaction! I'm in a "blue" anger, I am furious with rage and follows the asthma attack. Check if my mental programming and the condition is periodically change presents. Now, I take my life in hand, give generously and quietly without forcing. I humbly acknowledge what I am capable of doing even if it seems little and, above all, accept open myself at heart level and work with the integration process that corresponds to what I really need. Everything will work out for the best, I'll be satisfied, full of love, tenderness and has a normal and balanced breathing. Learn to love and to love life.

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Asthma baby is even more pronounced than the common asthma. The newborn is so afraid to life and living, already evident at this stage rejection to be here. It's good that I speak to you in thought or words with an open to tell how much you are loved, appreciated and how much am attentive to your needs heart.



ATAXIA FRIEDREICH (non-coordinated movements)

Friedreich's ataxia is a disease of the nervous system characterized by degeneration touching the spinal cord and cerebellum (it is located at the base of the skull, is responsible for coordinating the muscles needed to balance and movement). Often arise due to a pattern of thought in me as a mother. This scheme is so powerful that I fathered the fetus (unborn child) gets it and responds to it unconditionally (same as the love of a mother for her child). I'm waiting while my child responds to my or my dreams I finished up feeling completely powerless to fill me. Being this child, I am afraid of not being able to fulfill all that my mother calls me and not being up to the reason for which I am scheduled. I'm afraid of not having the physical vehicle (A - "taxi" -a) appropriate in a timely manner. Then, as a blockage refers to my development is manifested. Whatever the child's age, I, as a mother, I explain that perhaps ideal for him, but that's because I love you and want the best for him. Whatever the difficulties of my son, I love him as he is and must not become a "superman". If the child is at the stage of gestation, I can talk internally because even at this age, understands everything I say. If you are a bit older, I took the time to speak: and he will feel all the love cent for him and the healing process can then be activated. Nothing beats the love and forgiveness to restore harmony between two beings.


The person who manifests authoritarianism is strongly reaction, consciously or not, against authority, in the form it is. I firmly believe that is the only way to make me comprehend and make capture others the "how it works": "This is how it works in this universe!" Unfortunately, especially for people using this power over a mass of individuals), an egocentric character reveal extreme. Anger is located in backdrop, especially when I feel a resistance to what I ask. I also do "deaf ear" to what I can say. As authoritative person, I can also grind their teeth or have bad knees. "No matter who lolls against me either!". Nothing for me or situation or circumstance except perhaps those that directly and profoundly reach my wounded heart. The need for love is big on me as an individual and there is only opening the heart to allow the light that illuminates my sad life. The worst punishment you may suffer as authoritative person is kneeling in front of someone bigger than me; usually it is at this level that physical ailments manifest order. If the heart does not open, responsible life. The need for love is great. The more aware you are, the more I will be able to seek ways to bridge this love and heal my wounded heart.


? This term is used in psychiatry to characterize a pattern of detachment from reality consisting of a withdrawal of the patient about himself, totally turned inward world. Among many other symptoms can be observed: mutism, emotional withdrawal, rejection of food, lack of self in sentences and trouble looking someone in the eye.

D According to research conducted in this regard, it is said that the cause of autism dates back to sometime before 8 months of age. In my opinion, the autistic child has a strong karmic bond, primarily with his mother. The child "chooses" autism (unconsciously) to escape reality. It is likely that in a previous life this child has lived a very difficult experience with your current mother and that this is his way of revenge, refusing all food and affection that comes from it. It is also a rejection of his incarnation.

      If you are the mother of an autistic child and read this, I suggest you read this part of your child; no matter your age, the child's soul can comprehend.

C The autistic child must accept that if re-elected this planet, certainly has experiences to live. Would benefit you think you have everything you need to cope with this life and the only way to overcome and evolve is living experiences throws at you. The parents of an autistic child should not feel guilty and accept that this disease is the child's choice, it is part of the experiences that should live. Only he can decide to leave a day of it. He will decide if you want to experience leakage entire life or take this new incarnation to live many other experiences.

      Parents can have a major stake wanting this child unconditionally and giving the right to say what you want, including whether or not want to leave his autism. It is also important that the family of this child shared with him their life experiences, their difficulties, without making them feel guilty. Each and every one of those affected by the autistic child have something to learn from this experience. To discover it is necessary to observe what is difficult for everyone. The adult who read these lines to an autistic child, may include your name in the text. The child will pick up the vibrations.

Autism is the ultimate rejection of dealing with the physical reality of the external world, which brings a form of withdrawal into my outer world where imagination reigns and ghosts. Huyo a situation or my environment because it hurts too much, or because I see my battered sensitivity. My sorrow, my sorrow and my despair is so great that I "short" of physicality while still having the same physical body. The outside world appears to me as hostile and threatening. The fact that I, as autistic person, I have "locked" voluntarily in my tight "bubble" implies that receives thousands of reports daily that are "stored" and "stored" in my inner world instead of sharing them with others. I am in a black hole, a road that seems no way out. I feel that I should meet the criteria are so high that it is easier to retract within a silence instead of having to constantly beat and having to "accountable" to others (parents, teachers, authority, boss, etc.) it is possible to treat this type of case, but the cures will be much more indoors than outdoors, assuming there. Anyway, my environment must be able to communicate from inside (or the inner world) me to take me to connect again or more with the physical world. So proyectándome in my inner world, you can make better contact me and recognizing my needs and my fears so you can then express trust and openness needed to reconnect with the physical world.

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The arrival of baby blue is associated with malformation of his heart at the embryonic stage, which results in relocating the oxygen-poor (blue blood) in the large artificial circulation in circulation, bypassing the lungs to there receive more oxygen (red blood). If I am a blue child, also called blue baby, I caught in my mother's womb great fear, she wore itself opened to love the outside world. This could be from a large wound and a "doubling back on itself with regard to love" caused by an event that would have broken her heart. I must hold my mother of my state. By the law of affinities, I have come into this family that had similar challenges with regard to accept love. Only specifically manifest in the physical taking of consciousness that I should do, and my mother and I, we can help each other in this. Already, take consciousness that love is the very life and my love increased power of love will be a shield that will protect me during my exchanges with the outside world.


? The back includes numerous muscles, but when it comes to back pain mainly refers to the spine, which is a long, flexible tube that holds bone head and rests on the hip. The spine is a column formed by thirty-three vertebrae that are distributed as follows: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral and coccygeal. The following description of back pain includes the sacral, lumbar and dorsal regions. In case of pain in the coccygeal region, see problems in the coccyx. If this is the cervical region, see neck pain.

D The person who hurts LOW back, that is, the sacral region, is one for whom freedom is sacred, and fear losing their freedom of movement when others need your help. It is often a person who fears for its survival.

      Feeling pain of the fifth lumbar to the eleventh dorsal (lower back waist) is related to the fear of scarcity and material insecurity. In fact, as the back is the mainstay of the human body, any pain it relates to not feel well supported. The lower part is associated with the area of "having". For example: to have material goods, money, a spouse, a house, children, a good job, titles, etc. The pain in this place means that the person need to feel supported, but dares not acknowledge or admit it to others. Takes it all on his back, because he wants to do everything herself.

      He is very active in the physical realm, since their fear of scarcity manifests itself mainly on the material level, which for her is a good support. On the other hand, has trouble asking for help to others, and when he finally decides to ask and do not receive it, it feels even more immobilized and back pain worsens

      The person with pain in the back ALTA, ie the tenth to the cervical spine (from waist to neck), suffers from emotional insecurity. He is a person for whom the "do" is very important because that's what gives security. When someone does something she feels loved. On the other hand, expressed his love for others doing things for them. Similarly, the back may hurt enough to provide an excuse for not doing everything, because he fears that if he does too, no longer help.

      Expect a lot of others, and when their expectations are not met, the impression of carrying a heavy load. As has trouble "doing" their demands, when he does it feel immobilized if the other does not respond to them. Then the pain worsens. This pain may also occur in a person who feels too guarded in what he does.

C If it hurts LOW back, sacral region, instead of believing that you will lose your freedom helping someone takes more aware of your limits; express them to the appropriate person and acts accordingly. Remember if you want to reap need help having sown earlier. It is possible that in the past have had the experience of feeling that took advantage of you, but this fear of reliving that experience keeps you give, which would help you more. If you fear for your survival, realize that it is only dependent on your emotional part that thinks you can not survive alone. Have everything you need to succeed.

      With regard to pain in the lower back and waist, has to do with accepting that you are entitled to want to "have" material goods or someone to feel safe and supported. So you can enjoy it more. Even if deep down you think it is wrong to want too much material you must start by letting the right to have it so that later you can be able to feel sustained without all those "assets".

      Instead of believing that nobody cares about you, I suggest you start making more demands. However, note that not because order something else should give it. Some people with less need to "take" no understand your needs. If you grant the right to have these needs will be easier to explain.

      For pain HIGH back, waist to neck, you need to stop believing that you must do everything to ensure the safety of those around you. You'll always be the kind of person who likes to do things for others, but you must change your motivation. When you want to do something for someone you want, do it with love, for the sake of pleasing. You have no obligation to be the emotional support worldwide.

      Furthermore, accepts the idea that others do not think like you, or that they should do everything to make you happy. They can love you even if they do things for you or not meet your expectations. Therefore, you must learn to ask, telling them what you need to do to feel loved and one day when you wish you enough, you will have no more need for it.

The back depicts the support and the support of life. It is the place that protects me if I feel powerless against a person or a situation (my back) if necessary. If my weight is excessive, if I lack "backup" or if I do not feel quite "supported" (emotionally, moneta-ily, etc.), my back will react accordingly and certain pain (soreness) can appear. I can have a broad back and be able to receive either humble mind-bend, bow of respect or acceptance. No matter the reason, back pain indicates that perhaps save something like placing it behind me, because it's in my back that I forget the experiences that led to confusion or shame. I put everything I do not want to see or reveal to others, thus playing the ostrich. I am deeply hurt, currently unable to express these emotions locked. Rejection see what suits me! I agree to release the energies now held in places that hurt me! A flexible but strong back shows some mental flexibility and high mindedness contrary to the dorsal rigidities mean pride, power and refusal to compromise. Sitting comfortably well, I can have the feeling of being protected, in complete safety. However, even when my back serves to support these undesirable things and play the "ostrich", I agree to see what bothers me and express. In so doing, I release the weight he carried. The position adopted provides information on what I live and my way of compromise with the situations of my life if I am in reaction to the authority, if I want to be right in front of someone or against something, go to "tighten up" by pride. If, however, active submission, if I have fear, if I feel weak, I will "bend back" and how are my biggest concerns, more "hurt my back." Some people make up most of the difficulties of life in writing, dialogue or exchange. Choose the medium that best suits me and let life flow in me to learn to express myself more and assert myself when I need it. I accept that life holds me in every moment and "shrug my shoulders," knowing that I needed to make all my projects strength.

Backaches. The back represents support issues. Back problems indicate that feel too much responsibility but will not admit it. Or maybe you think you do not receive the support you deserve.

Pain in the upper back are a lack of emotional support. It may represent a lack of emotional commitment on your part. PAINS on the center back correspond to feelings of guilt in the past.

In the lower back, represents a lack of material or financial support. A fear of the future related to money. Open your heart to love and support of the universe instead of charging you with all the weight. Provides love and trust others and get back much more than they gave.

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BACK (pains of…) upper back (7 cervical vertebrae)

The upper part of the back corresponds to the region of the heart and cardiac powerhouse. Backaches refer to the early stages of conception, needs basic and most fundamental structure of being. The 7 cervical vertebrae are particularly referred to in this sector. The cervical vertebrae relate to communication and my openness towards life. My naivety can make me vulnerable to this level. If I have the feeling that you want to judge me, criticize me or hurt me, I can be affected at this level and will have a tendency to lock me up like an oyster. The C1, C2, and C3 cervical are particularly affected if I devalued to the level of my intellectual capacities and lower cervical react to injustice that I can have the feeling of living in my life or I see around me and disgusts me. In addition, each vertebra gives me additional information about the source of my discomfort.

C1 = First cervical vertebra is called the ATLAS and bearing the number C1, serves to support the head. It is a pillar that holds the head in balance if I worry too (= I break your head ") with a situation or a person, my head becomes heavier to me headaches and C1 may have difficulty supporting the load. If I clear mindedness, if I refuse to look at all facets of a situation, if I am rigid in my thinking, C1 react leaving its activities, leaving power swing. It will be paralyzed by my fear, my despair towards life, my negativity, my difficulty in expressing my emotions. A poor state of C1 is usually accompanied by pain affecting the head, brain and nervous system, etc. I must learn to listen to my heart, to keep an open mind, to bring more calm in my life to lower my brain activity, thus allowing me to see reality in a new light, with more confidence.

C2 = The second cervical vertebra works closely with C1. It is called AXIS. Is the pivot which allows moving C1. C2 is connected to the main organs, ie the eyes, nose, ears, mouth (tongue). Therefore, they will be affected when C2 has an upset. If I am hard on my way to perceive life, if I refuse to let go of my old ideas to make room for the new, if I always worry about the next day, C2 is a great risk of becoming too rigid. Often, my tears are dry because I suppress my emotions and my pains, my disappointments, my sorrows are sunk within me. The "lubricant" (my tears of sorrow or joy) still lacking, C1 on C2 not so easily articulated. There will be irritation, warming, just as in my daily life. This occurs particularly in the case of depression, excessive emotionality (if for example there is a family conflict), anger, rebellion and all this being usually caused by fear of going forward, to change, to take their responsibilities; prosecution of others and self - same, for non - esteem that can lead to a desire for self - destruction (suicide). I must learn to get in touch with my emotions and you assume, you make my place to express what I live for the flow of energy starts to flow in my body and C2 can return to work in harmony with C1 and that all "bathed in oil"

C3 = C3 cervical vertebra La Tercera is a lonely eternal. Because of its position, I can not count on anyone or working in cooperation with other vertebrae. If my C3 is not well, I can also have the feeling that I despabilarme alone. I can also replegarme about me - it lives "in my bubble" and avoid all forms of communication (both oral and sexual) with my surroundings. "Why waste my time? Anyway, you never listen to me and never my ideas or my moods are understood! "Then the rebellion occurs, discouragement, because my sensitivity is affected in the depths of me. You can even grab me distress. The ravages of time do its job and my dreams and my dearest wish is gradually fade. I become irritable, bitter with a person or a situation that I can not digest. Loneliness can be beneficial both to recover, take stock, see clearly in my life, such as a means to escape my emotions, which actually did live much misunderstanding. The choice belongs to me! I note that a condition in C3 can lead to damage on my face (skin, bones or nerves) and in the ears and teeth.

C4, C5, C6 = The vertebrae fourth, fifth and sixth cervical C4, C5, C6 are located at the level of the thyroid and are closely connected therewith. This plays a major role in language, voice (vocal cords) and any disharmony as far as communication is concerned - both when I express I like when other people communicate me - will react C4, C5 and C6. I may have obfuscated with what you have heard, causing outrage and anger. C4, C5 and C6 react well even stronger if I do not express my opinions, my frustrations. My aggressiveness percentage increased risk, which closes the communication channels at the level of these three cervical vertebrae. Swallow me wrong what is presented to me. I tend to ruminate certain events for a long time. Frequently appear aches and pains that affect my verbal communication system: mouth, tongue, vocal cords, throat, etc. and all parts of my body that are between the level of my mouth and my shoulders can be affected. Have an advantage in accepting that every experience is an opportunity to grow and there is a lesson out of it. I let flow instead of obstinarme and be angry with life. But, my head starts to "boil" and I feel overwhelmed by all tasks to perform and I can not seem to get done. I need to express myself, either by word, writing, music, painting, or any other form of expression that will allow me to "go back to connect" with my creativity, my inner beauty. All my senses then will be stimulated, activated, thereby activating my thyroid and allow C4, C5 and C6 function normally. The pain felt in this region may well disappear.

C7, the last cervical vertebra C7 is highly influenced by my moral side, my beliefs and my spiritual side as well. If I live in harmony with the laws of nature, if I hear the messages my body sends me and life in general, C7 will work better. On the contrary, if I live wrath, if I am closed to the opinions and ways of seeing people with whom I interact, if I rise and am faced with other different ideologies mine without an open mind, C7 react strongly and may affect my hands, elbows and arms that may ignite or have difficulty moving. Thyroid running my be affected. Similarly, remorse of conscience in relation to a word spoken, an act done or thought had sent a person also will affect C7. If I live intense emotions in my life, if I'm disappointed, if I have fear of being rejected if I hide under my shell to avoid being hurt / a "again", C7 may be affected. I must learn to discern what is good for me and what is not. I must respect the views of each person even if they are different from mine. It opened my arms to others is how I learn best and better able to make the choices that will allow me feel freer.

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BACK (pains of…) back center (12 thoracic vertebrae)

The central portion represents the back thoracic region of large body comprised between the heart and the lumbar vertebrae. It is a region of emotional and affective guilt. The 12 thoracic vertebrae (how to identify each D is the letter designating "dorsal" followed by the sequential number of the vertebra. Another way is to use the letter T to denote the thoracic vertebrae, and is the same) relate mainly to the region:

D1 = The first dorsal vertebra D1 may react strongly when I go to my limits either in my work, whether in sport, in short, in all situations I go to the end of my mental, physical or emotional forces. Does not appreciate a "doping" which is in the form of alcohol or drugs, whatever. Its sensitivity then be skin deep. I then built means of self - protection to protect myself from my surroundings and avoid being hurt. This can manifest especially in my gestures or my words: for example, tend to tear others for my coldness or hurtful words. This can even be manifested by making significant weight, this being my natural and physical protection, because I want unconsciously "occupy more space" and leave less to others. This can also hide actual shyness and with which I have difficulty compromise. It will bring even more if fear losing the love of the people. I must monitor and prevent curl up on me - it constantly ruminating negativity, being always fixed on the same ideas and frustrations. A poor state of D1 can bring complaints on any part of my body located between my elbows and my fingertips and breathing difficulties (cough, asthma, etc.)

D2 = D2 The second dorsal vertebra readily react when my emotion is affected. If I cumulus and choking my emotions, then D2 send me a message and the "back pain" will appear. If I have the feeling that I have my place in life and in society, that life is "unfair" and that I am a victim of events, D2 be affected. I can be particularly sensitive to everything it touches my family, and living situations of conflict or disharmony of intense mode. I can be stored old grudges. I can also stir constantly past experiences, memories, wanting to fix my reality in past events rather than looking to the future with confidence and live intensely the present moment. I can see a new situation that brings me a fear of the unknown. Will I have too many responsibilities? Will I be sustained or will I need despabilarme alone? How will they react the people around me? If I doubt myself, my abilities, I can react playing the role of "hard crack" turning very authoritarian; so will I feel in control, knowing full well that I tremble with fear, going even have trouble. I can also volverme irritable against a person or an event and react hopping humor. A shabby D2 is often accompanied by aches and pains in the heart and organs that are linked to them as well as to the lungs. And ask to learn to trust in my ability to accept new challenges. I lost my past and turn towards the future knowing that I am now able to take my place in harmony with my environment. I can also read the section concerning the heart to have other tracks.

D3 = D3 The third dorsal vertebra is essentially related to the lungs and chest. I can go and consult regarding these two issues to see what causes that may affect them and will have a clue to why D3 also sends me messages. In addition, all I can perceive through my senses and does not suit me at all will react D3. Since I am very sensitive to my surroundings, I made a system that I know what is right and what is wrong, what is acceptable or not. I can be fixed and rigid in my thinking or seeing things. I tend to judge any person or situation that is not in my definition of "right". I can react strongly against what I consider to be an "injustice". I can even volverme angry, even violent when not agree with what I see, I see or hear. I can also build me a 'scenario' in my head, disguising reality, often because of my fear of seeing reality in the face and also because the reality around me gets me. So I have less taste for life, I no longer have the feeling of security. You can invade sadness. I no longer have the pleasure of fighting. Depression is gradually taking hold of me, and I will want to cut this world that only brings me sorrow, frustration, anxiety. I must learn to see life in a new light. Accept that you can not live in a perfect world but every situation is perfect because every situation allows me to draw a lesson.

D4 = The fourth dorsal vertebra D4 refers to pleasures, desires, temptations to frequently dissatisfied. Sometimes my waits are excessive, even lack of realism and I become irritable, angry because "my wishlist" are not made. I'm angry with life, my surroundings. In the back of me, I feel such a big gap, usually emotional, I have depressive tendencies and the only way I know to balance this state of being and bring some "hot" in my life is to create a state of excitement, either naturally or artificially. I can thrill sports (skydiving, mountain climbing, etc.) or I can take drugs to get into a state of ecstasy and temporal welfare. I take refuge in an imaginary world and away from everyone. However, I'm not the shelter of emotions I've inhibited and which I tried to escape. Apparently I can be very free, but in reality, I'm imprisoned in my anger, my pain, my frustrations, and my fear of being suffocated by the love of others, because I knew never acknowledge and accept. So I have a tendency to reject others. I object, I remain aloof and feed the gutter with my temper, my depressive attitude. It is important to recognize and accept my emotions to fully integrate and let me live my life. When D4 is affected, you can also follow a difficulty with the gallbladder.

D5 = D5 The fifth dorsal vertebra is touched when I find myself in a situation where I have the feeling of losing control. I feel so destabilized. I can even find myself in a state of panic. This occurs particularly in the affective plane relative to my spouse, family member, close friend, etc. This control is sometimes hides under the guise of "wanting to help someone," "guide you", "help them with their difficulties", but underneath me, I exercise a control for this person, being in a position to "force" even unconsciously. If things do not happen as you wish, I can become frustrated, critical, impatient and even angry, and D5 react violently. Want to take a picture of "hard crack" that has "broad shoulders" and "is able to load". But, deep down, I know I charge too shoulders, which leads me to be insecure, anxious, in rebellion against my environment I am responsible for my discomfort. I have great ambitions, which sometimes makes me away from my deepest values and act in contradiction with them. Then I pour in artificial relationships with people living disappointment after disappointment, because true love, simple, is not quite present. It is important to be attentive to my heart, take contact with my essence, my true values to return calm in my life and you see clearly in the events, developing myself and being able to live true love. Note that the poor state of D5 is often accompanied by various ailments affecting my liver and my bloodstream.

D6 = The sixth dorsal vertebra D6, will react when I critic and judge me harshly. I can have been raised in a very strict environment in which the values and courses of action should be followed to the letter. Having grown up in this authoritarian and non-permissive climate, now I can have "cases of conscience" in which would give me pleasure, take time for me but I judge that this is not "right" and "I do not deserve me." I think concerns unnecessarily because I keep analyzing my every gesture, every one of my words, every one of my thoughts, to be sure, "I'm right". I corrode guilt inside. Anxiety is very present and I self - cutting my punishment in the world. I have difficulty accepting. I feel victim of life, powerless to events. Judge harshly those not wanting to accept that they are here to make me grow, but preferably seeing them as punishment injustices. Then live in frustration and misunderstanding, resentment, envious and jealous of others. Therefore, a shabby D6 is often accompanied by discomfort in the stomach. I need to be more flexible and permissive for me and I learn to see the positive in every event, knowing that every experience leads me to know more turn my back better.

D7 = The seventh dorsal vertebra D7 is working hard labor. If I push myself to the limit in the things I do without listening to my body when you need to rest or relax in my life, D7 will have a cry for help. You may well want to forget or flee someone or a situation either. You may want to forget my financial, emotional problems, etc. Parándome, it is likely to surface discouragement and dissatisfaction with my life, which I do not. Accumulate a lot of anger and aggression: all rages inside me because "life has nothing good to offer". I obstinately even blocked me on certain ideas that haunt me. I must learn to appreciate what I have and what I am and see all the abundance that's present in my life. I have the right to take time for myself, I have the right to live instead of letting emotions boiling inside me. I grant you the right to live my sorrow, my disappointment, my fears because that is how I can accept them and change them into positive. I can do my interior cleaning and let as D7 function normally. Thus the evils that often accompany one D7 shabby and often touch the pancreas and duodenum may also leave.

D8 and D9 = The eighth and ninth dorsal vertebra D8 & D9 that I find the midriff and are closely linked, look around. Thus, they are treated together. They mainly affect when I live insecurity due to a fear I have of losing control in a situation or a person. I feel more sure of myself when I run perfectly all aspects of my life, when perfectly orchestrated any position to know exactly what to expect. I hide in my glass bubble, without asking questions or making efforts to change anything in my life. Live all my emotions "to the inside." But this so-called "balance" is upset, D8 and D9 react strongly frightened, huddling in fear. Desperation can take place and have evil to live. I have difficulty seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I can feel contempt for life and head was a chasm that can only overcome by faith in life and letting go of control that I exercise. Because it is dropping when I win the domain of my life. I note that D8 hurt pains may accompany the diaphragm and spleen (including blood disorders) while D9 messed be accompanied by allergy or malfunction of the adrenal glands or urticaria.

D10 = When the tenth dorsal vertebra D10 is affected, this usually reflects a deep insecurity about which I feel without arms, without resources. My confidence is at its lowest level and need "a little tonic" for helping me more courage and forget my worries. Often, this can be a larger consumption of alcohol or drugs than usual to give me "a small stimulus". However, when I return to my normal state, the uncertainties are still present and darkens my life because I only see the negative side of things. I see everything in black, rejecting life feeling sorry for me - same. I'm worried about little things and I get angry without being able to manifest however, which affects my sensitivity returning to the surface and that makes me irritated by trifles. A shabby D10 is often accompanied by pain in the kidneys, recognized as the seat of fear. Learning to trust me and learn to see the beauty around me and within me there. I have the courage to ask for help.

D11 = Abnormalities in the eleventh dorsal vertebra D11 are also found when my nervous system has difficulty functioning. My great sensitivity at all levels makes D11 is deformed because it also deforms reality to suffer less. The change at will to make it how I want. Me "short" voluntarily of my surroundings. But this can only last a certain time and must sooner or later face reality. At that time, an internal voltage will be installed, and will have difficulty in compromising with it. This can become so unbearable that I even have suicidal since I live in misunderstanding and I'm afraid of the future because I feel powerless to change things in my life. I consider myself a "victim" hurt my feelings. Ruminate the negative and make little effort to get me out of this situation. I must learn to move and go forward rather than stagnate in a state of being comatose and please me into passivity. The conditions in the D11 are often accompanied by pain in the kidneys and skin diseases (eczema, acne, etc.) begin to also believe that it is possible to change things in my life but I should be ready to invest effort and ask for help.

D12 = D12 The twelfth thoracic vertebra is affected especially when I live in an enclosed area. I tend to criticize, judge, easily jump to conclusions, not because I have found but only because my observations may give me false impressions and interpret them my way. This brings me to live much anger that I "roe inside". My mind is very active. My sensibility is "skin deep". I built sand castles. I make up all sorts of scenarios. Since I have difficulty in compromising with my surroundings, I live very insecure. I can entertain morbid ideas, and unable to absorb whatever of what I see, feel or perceive and envying what others have. A condition where the level of D12 is often accompanied by intestinal ailments, joint pains, poor lymphatic circulation and thus sometimes conditions in the fallopian tubes. Learn to communicate, to go check with those involved to remove the doubt and insecurity that inhabit me. So I see more clearly in my life and set me calm.

So much so that the pains in the middle of the back are a clear sign of a difficult relationship with life and situations of my life. This back region also corresponds to the movement of externalization of the energy of life flowing through me. This means that interior maturity period (when I acquire experience), several divine qualities such as trust, love, detachment (ie free will) especially on the emotional level) are tested. My backaches and even curved back can mean different things: guilt in a situation where I have to not feel guilty, bitterness or a weak confidence in me tied to a life that feel heavy to wear. I can have the feeling that "they are always glued to my back." If I have back pain, it denotes a great feeling of helplessness, facing a difficult present situation of trying and which need help. Desperation can appear because I do not feel quite leaning on the emotional level and suffer insecurity. I tend to hold my emotions and live long in the past. I remain linked to that past. I feel shaky and anxious. The goal to achieve lies in a more active expression of divine energy. I need to be transparent in all, myself and others, failing to convey feelings of an unpleasant past to make way for a peaceful and serene here now. I need help and encouragement, connect with my inner being who watches over me constantly. My body gives me important signals. There is no shame in asking for help. Rather, it is a sign of intelligence and this helps let me go forward. See importance in my own identity and I am careful with my ego and my fears. Learning to communicate with my inner self through meditation and contemplation; with him I will find many solutions and answers. Being connected with my inner self, is to choose better living situations of life.

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BACK (pains of…) lower back

Often confused with the kidneys and commonly associated with kidney pain, this area is between the waist and the coccyx. It is a part of the support system. PAINS in this region show the presence of material insecurities (work, money, goods) and affective. "I'm afraid of lacking..." "never make it!", "Never get to do this!" While expressing inner feelings experienced. I am so worried about everything material that I feel sadness because there is a void and emptiness hurts. I can even start my personal valor in the number of tangible property that I own. Live a duality, because I want to have both "quality" and "quantity", both as regards interpersonal relationships as I possess. I tend to take too many things on my shoulders and I tend to scatter my energies. I try to do everything to be loved and I entertain the opinion that others have of me. It can also be a concern at one or more other persons. I'm worried about them and maybe have a tendency to "catch the problems of others on the back" and want to save them. My powerlessness against certain situations in my life makes me bitter and refuse to submit, but I'm scared. This feeling of helplessness that can take me to the rebellion, may lead me to a "lumbago" or "back pain". I do not feel supported in my basic needs and my emotional needs. I have difficulty in coping with change and novelty presented to me because I like to feel secure with my routine and my old ways. This often reveals that I am inflexible and rigid, and that would be sustained my way. If I accept that others can help in their own way, I will discover and become aware that I have the support I need. So I become more autonomous and responsible. If there is a pinch of lumbar discs, probably put too much pressure on me - it doing things to love me. Since a period of rest is revealed necessary, take the opportunity to look at what is happening in my life and redefine my priorities. By not feel supported, I become rigid (stiff) towards others. Do I tend to blame others for my problems? Do I take the time to express my needs? I agree that I only support comes from me - same. Returning to make contact with me inner being, establish a balance in my needs and gather all the forces of the universe that are in me. These forces give me confidence in myself and in life because I know that I bring everything I need: physical, emotional, spiritual. I am sharp at all times! The 5 lumbar vertebrae are located in this area.

L1 = L1 The first lumbar vertebra is affected when alive a sense of powerlessness against someone or something that does not suit me and I feel unable to change, I have to bear. Then I become inert, lifeless, often spending a lot of energy with minor things but increase while then take catastrophic proportions, which can even bring up a feeling of despair. I can live insecurity about aspects of my life, but does not really have reason to be. I want to control everything, but this is not humanly possible. I can also live inner conflict between what I do and do not let me. This raises me frustration, aggression and anger. These feelings harden my heart if I do not release and embitter my life. A shabby L1 vertebra can bring related to the functions of digestion (intestine and colon) or deletion (constipation, dysentery, etc.) diseases. Tomo consciousness of power I have to change the course of my life, and only mine! Again I set my priorities to channel my energies well.

L2 = The status of the second lumbar vertebra L2 depends a lot on my flexibility in front of me - self and others. The loneliness and bitterness usually caused by a pronounced shyness are also important factors that may affect L2. I am a prisoner of my emotions, not knowing how to live them and express them, and when they sometimes alive and explosive, put masks to protect and prevent you can see what is happening inside me. My discomfort can be so great that I want to "numb" my bad with drink, drugs, work, etc. L2 and then make a distress call. I tend to see things in a negative and live in a depressed state I see very little because I'm in a victim role that does not force me to take action or change things in my life. Just as L1, a sense of powerlessness and great sadness affect L2. I am quite bitter towards life because it would supposedly be enjoying the pleasures of life but often do not authorize me to do so because of my obligations or duty, to show good example. I learn that I will not be perfect. Sometimes I can feel helpless or powerless in a situation. I will not blame me or be angry; I will only be true to myself and others and simply express my sorrows, my joys, my doubts, my misunderstanding, my frustrations to be more open towards others and to recover L2 life too. It should be stressed that an L2 vertebra in poor condition can lead diseases of the abdomen, appendicitis or legs where I could see varices appear.

L3 = The third lumbar vertebra L3 is especially affected when alive tense family situations or stormy. Me I avoid saying or doing things to spare and not disturb others. But to do this, I'm hurting myself. Play the role of "good boy" or "good girl" showing great flexibility. But I become "good-natured" which frustrates me, especially if I put aside my wishes. And perhaps, too, put me aside, particularly because of my great sensitivity, without knowing much as these emotions will be received. I become "paralyzed" even helpless, my emotions, my body, my thoughts, which prevents my creativity manifests and everything related to it, including communication and sexuality that are "rigid" and "frigid". To overcome discouragement, I tend towards others arms and daring to express my emotions for my full creative potential wake up and manifest. The poor condition of L3 ailments can lead to the genitals, uterus (in women), bladder or knees, such as arthritis, inflammation or pain.

L4 = When the fourth lumbar vertebra L4 rebels, it is often because I have difficulty compromise with the reality of every day. I can please me in an imaginary world and this can take to live in passivity, being a little tired of seeing what happens around me. Some sloppiness is installed. "Why bother anyway?" I suffer events and not think, which may leave a bitter taste. Just as L4, I need to protect myself closing my because I can easily be distracted or influenced by what surrounds me, especially what people might say about me, and my sensitivity can be highly affected. I also break the head overdone and my insight is sometimes wrong or lacking because my mind is very rigid, which prevents me from having a global view of a situation and consequently solutions or possible avenues before her. Then I want to control instead of listening to my inner voice. I must learn to listen to it to regain control of my life. Retrieve my power to make my way as I want and recover the taste of great things! Note that L4 vertebra may result in poor condition in the region of pain my sciatic nerve and prostate in men.

L5 = I wonder what happens in my life when the fifth lumbar vertebra L5 is affected. Would it happen to an attitude of contempt or laziness against a person or situation? I can live a little jealousy, disgust, frustration, yet got much, life has spoiled me and have trouble recognizing him. My life is tinged with lust (at all levels) and must learn to appreciate what I have, and cultivate my relationships: I have difficulty especially in the emotional level to be authentic and feel good because basically me, I live a great insecurity and have difficulty expressing what I live. Therefore, I will have a tendency to be somewhat depressed because I'll often one spouse to another without really knowing why this happens, feeling "right" as far as I'm living. I invent all sorts of scripts and whenever my attention will be focused on small anodyne details, which will prevent me forward and move on. Some bitterness may overshadow my life and keep me enjoy it. Learn to savor and appreciate each passing all the abundance that is part of my life now. A poor state of L5 can cause me pain in the legs from the knees to the toes.

The lower back is also part of the center of the movement system. If I have difficulty compromise with society, both from the point of view of the guidelines for taking your bra as I expect it, I can live frustration or resentment. I do not want to deal with certain people or certain situations. My relationships with my surroundings suffer from it. I can also have difficulty accepting that I'm adding years. "I'm getting old" and I slowly tame the notion of mortality. Finally, the lower back is very closely linked to the two lower energy centers, coccyx and the second energy center that is linked specifically to sexuality. If I live indoors or outdoors towards this conflict, if I suppressed my sexual energy can manifest a backache. The 4 sacred vertebrae and 5 vertebrae of the coccyx are related to this region. When the sacred vertebrae are affected, I can have the feeling that I have column and I need another person for support. I'm constantly "tested" for life to see what my level of integrity and honesty. I have enormous potential but am ready to make the necessary efforts to meet my goals? The lower vertebrae are:

S1, S2, S3 = Since the first 3 sacred vertebrae are welded together, will be discussed together. Constitute a whole. React with the rigidity shown, with my mindedness in relation to certain situations or certain people, my closed mind that refuses to hear what others have to say. I have the control to feel strong and safe, and if I lose, I'll be angry, furious and I can look forward to "stick a beating" someone for being so frustrated and embittered. All these feelings usually stem from my emotional relationships that do not always go as you wish. Communication both verbal and sexual, is poor or non-existent, and am constantly reconsidering this issue. I feel having to swim against the tide and sit on a dead end. I am interested in stopping a moment and see clearly in my life, to think about what I want and build a solid foundation.

S4, S5 = All desires are rooted in the sacred fourth and fifth vertebrae. If I am able to manage them well, if I take the time to relax and do things that I like, S4 and S5 work well. However, if I live guilt, treating lazy and confrontándome my duty and my morality, judging my "not correct", S4 and S5 conduct may react strongly. I have the right to do things for me and sometimes avoid me but I must keep this a means of escape is back, preventing me face my responsibilities. At that time, laziness may not be beneficial: it keeps me in a passive state of tiredness that keeps me going forward. Therefore, in extreme cases, will also be affected my feet. The only way to heal the broken or cracked sacrum, is the physical immobility and time. The sacrum is linked to the second energy center which is at the level of the first lumbar vertebra. An imbalance of this energy center may appear in the following physical ailments: reference to the genitals, may have infertility, frigidity or herpes; kidney as cystitis, calculations; in relation to the digestion and elimination: incontinence, diarrhea, constipation, colitis, etc. Deviations of the spine (scoliosis) usually born at this level and carry them back pains. The second chakra or energy center, influence my relations with my environment and malfunction of this that affects my sacrum, will be the sign of my stress, my fears, my fears and my depressive tendency I must learn to manage. Regarding the coccyx, is linked to the first chakra, or energy center, home of survival. Represents the foundation of my sexuality, the proper conduct of my basic needs (sex, food, shelter, shelter, love [love above refers to the love of a mother for her son. When my coccyx is affected, you may live the fear of losing or not having at least a similar love of a child is entitled to expect from your mother. it is here that kind of love, not a love affair between adults], etc.). Coccyx coxigianas consists of five vertebrae that are welded together. Represents my dependence on life or someone else. There is a good chance that my body tells me when I have to stop mourning the coccyx. It's my insecurity that manifests itself in relation to my basic needs of survival, particularly having a roof, food, clothes, etc. The food here refers to the physical and emotional and sexual. Anyone need love in your life. It also requires communication through one or sex with your partner. These needs are generally denying and repress, especially because of my moral and religious principles, which leads me to be dissatisfied. I can feel so powerless in every sense of the term and there is an anger incubating within me. I want to escape any situation that hurts my feelings and against which I can live guilt. I put my pride aside, that is my fear. Should I trust life and above all confidence in my ability to do by express and assume I. When I feel difficulties associated with this aspect of me - same, I see internally how I am (I wanna be) a dependent of a person who, consciously or not, satisfy certain needs of my life. I am able to fulfill my own actions, to be autonomous. It is possible that people with whom I bond are much more emotionally dependent than me and in need of this type of relationship. I agree to see how far I shows independence and vigor in my life. I must drop any sense of uneasiness in front of my basic needs and become aware now of the forces that inhabit me and say I'm the best placed to ensure my own survival person. Being linked coccyx with the first chakra, an imbalance at the level of this energy center may involve physical disorders, the most common touching the anus or rectum (hemorrhoids, irritation), bladder (urinary disorders, incontinence), prostate. It can also find pains in the base of the spine, a power or significant weight loss (obesity, anorexia) poor blood circulation and at the level of the legs (phlebitis), hands and feet. These evils give me an indication that I need to rebalance this energy center.

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The fracture of a vertebra is usually the result of an internal revolt, a reaction mental inflexibility linked to authority. I see life with such narrowness I attract me this fracture. My thoughts are too stiff, I refuse to bend to some new ideas that separate me from the love and they bring me pain. I am uncompromising and often very proud and would lead to develop more humility. The back is my support and my support; seeing her wound is uncomfortable. I accept my present attitudes knowing that I can change them now. It's beautiful to live life to its flow changes and it is important to respect this. I remain open to life because I know it is good for me. I am driven by the flow of life.


According to the classification made in the West, 33 vertebrae from the top, ie are:

7 cervical (neck), rather thin, 12 thoracic (back), rather thick, 5 lumbar (kidney), stronger, five sacred (holy), welded, forming a triangle downwards, 4 coccygeal, welded and atrophied.

The spine, as the cornerstone of a building represents the support, protection and resistance. Therefore, spine supports me and protect me in all situations of my life. It is my physical and inner pillar. Without it, I collapse. The spine also symbolizes my most fundamental and spiritual energy. It represents my flexibility and my resistance to the different events of my life. Deviations of the spine (scoliosis, lordosis, etc.) are linked to the deepest part of my whole energy system. During a crash, physical pains appear. Feelings of helplessness, too heavy weight to carry, an unmet affective or emotional need, etc., makes me feel attacked in my strength and my endurance. I feel that I am the pillar within my family, my work and in relation to any situation or organization in which I am involved. What would happen to others if I were not here? Is collapse all? The backbone is linked to all the different aspects of me be for the skeleton through the central nervous system and central blood distribution. Every thought, feeling, situation, response and feel is stamped on the spine as relevant stakeholders corresponding body. Miro affected and identified the cause of the blockage region. No matter the reason, I agree to stay open to the cause and integration is more harmonious. I return to build the new person I want to be.

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A deviation of the spine mainly symbolizes resistance to fully live my life. The way I behave in life, my difficulty letting sustain life and let go of old ideas are manifested by a deviation of the spine that will tilt sideways, forward, or backwards... and keep assume I Decide "right "face life with confidence and determination.


Scoliosis is a lateral deviation of the spine. When it affects me, I have the feeling of carrying on my shoulders a heavy burden. As this goes beyond any hope of realization, live helplessness and despair. My responsibilities scare me, I'm hesitant to my guidance. The energy is blocked and scoliosis is its physical manifestation. This often occurs in adolescence: like I'm in search of an identity, too old to be a child and too young to be an adult, life and responsibilities seem huge. I have a tendency to compare myself to my brothers, sisters and cousins. As often I have the impression that they are better than me, I desvalorizaré and this is expressed by a scoliosis. Scoliosis is thus linked to a desire to flee a situation or someone. I note what happens in my life that keeps me feeling good. I agree to live in the present, ie one day at a time. Tomo consciousness of being in school life and to live in harmony with everything around me. I find joy and every day, understand that I have the strength and ability to meet the challenge!




? Lordosis is the opposite of scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that forms a hole in the back in the lumbar region.

D By observing the posture of a person suffering from lordosis, can be seen pushing hip forward and upper back backwards. It seems to take back the upper body, indicating that it has difficulty receiving. Wants to do everything by herself and has difficulty supporting left. He is a person who, in childhood, must have felt pushed.

C Instead of believing that you can not let you help because you must pay in kind or do not deserve it, you should learn to receive with gratitude and pleasure feeling that others experience in doing so. This new attitude will help you go further, to affirm yourself more and stay right in life. See also the definition of back pain.

Lordosis is a physiological curvature of the spine that is hollowed it forward. I have difficulty standing hold me because I'm ashamed of what I am, do not want me. Often live submission against my father or representing the authority to me because infra - I appreciate against him, I feel inferior to him. I feel crushed by others, I have very little confidence in me and I am unable to express my ideas and opinions. I'm boiling inside me and this anger corrodes. I must learn to love. I agree to take my place because everyone has a role to play in the universe. I learn to express my ideas and opinions freely and I feel better about myself.

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Linked to the spine (the support of my body), the displaced disc reveals that I do not feel supported. I do not feel up to par, I lack confidence in me - same. Tomo aware that every time I looked a response or support, I found confirmation of what we already knew or felt. I agree to listen to my inner voice is always there to support me and guide me. Learning to trust me and discover all the strength that is in me and happiness this brings me to stand on my feet, free, without fear. I am supported in everything we undertake.





Each of us took one hundred billion bacteria in the gut and skin billion.

Involved in the repair phase to overcome new stages of life.


This disease is caused by an overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism, which goiter and exophthalmos are added (where the projection come together out of the eyeballs and retraction of the upper eyelid). See goiter and hyperthyroidism.


The person may feel attacked at a first time and be protected, there is a second bioshock which also feels attacked, threatened. The person can make a psychic shell, the person can be placed in an emotional void, be cold and unfeeling. We can find criminals, pedophiles, people dedicated to harm without rhyme or reason. The more they are attacked more they become insensitive.

Conflict: The biological meaning is survival.

Resent: "I protect myself for not being attacked."

Good therapy will metaphors. Why a way to disassociate a person who is already dissociated are metaphors. Then we will have to reconnect to reality. NLP techniques are very interesting in this therapy.

Another useful therapy is the theater or film: The two watched the scene and discussed. We ask things like what do you think he feels the protagonist? We seek a resource and integrate it into the film.


Conflict: Are conflicts of devaluation and movement, is expressed in megalomania conflict of grandeur, or address conflicts that give people with lack of personality or multiple personalities invalid (devalued).

Resent: "I will not be devalued."

The values and beliefs dominate these people and behave so they can do what they think. They are people who will use others for his own glory. It is absolutely impossible to see their own shortcomings because they would be too unbearable for them. Refuse any questioning.

The megalomaniac is required to have good opinion of himself. They are people who hate their pictures taken or that filmed. They usually have a conflict of aesthetic impairment. When viewed on a picture or mirror scared.

Also at this stage is the address conflict, which has to do with the adrenal glands. They are people who have for example, who have taken a wrong direction in working with women who have chosen. They are people who talk and talk therapy to make sure you understand them and make no mistake address. Make various therapies, are several religions and several teachers and ensure no mistakes. One way to treat them is associated with each of these personalities. We aim to find a common ground to unite and take a direction.

People with conflicts of 3rd stage, usually people who either are or are too little. Or stomp through which pass (megalomania) or pass like a ghost without disturbing (conflict management).


Conflict: Various conflicts:

a)   Depression manic-depressive: Son conflicts of territory in both hemispheres. Depending on the degree or type of conflict depression or manic phase appear. Mania is presented in relays in the left hemisphere and depression in the law. A large conflictual mass can cause the individual to have levitation (delusions, imagining his death, his own funeral)

b)   Constellation float: No touching of feet on the ground. It is a constellation of larynx and bronchi and is very protective. It is better not to touch a therapeutic level. People who are happy with a certain euphoria.

c)   Bio-manic: Constellation between Recto (identity) and urine (territory). People often exhibit aggressive behaviors (especially if there is a predominance of the left hemisphere or identity)

d)   Constellation Autism in the crust: It occurs between two relays, the panic (larynx, left hemisphere) and disappointment in the territory (gallbladder, right) or mother's arms.

e)   Paranoid Constellation: Such as auditory hallucinations (people who are tired of receiving information). They consist of constellations between two localized conflicts in the midbrain and cortex.

e2) Persecutory Constellation: Formed by two relays in the occipital part of the cortex, fear of the unknown and fear that comes without knowing why.

f)    Constellation of extreme shyness and anxiety: They usually have brain relays in the front (fear of the future). These constellations can protect lymphatic cancers.

g)   Constellation hyperactivity: We must find problems with parents. It is usually very manic and the affected relay is in the female (left) hemisphere.

h)   Bulimic Constellation: Formed by two relays in the left midbrain (rejection, disgust, loathing, of great importance in protecting life) and the right cortex of the territory.



? It regüeldo commonly called, is a noise emission of gas through the mouth from the stomach. If mass-produced belching after meals and even fasting, see aerophagia.

D The person who belch frequently swallow a lot of air, which produces gases. It is said that the fact swallow breathe air rather than due to a sudden fear. This fear can be caused by a sudden event or a thought. As belching generally occur after ingestion of liquid or food, this person feels a certain fear to nourish, to feed. It also has difficulty receiving beautiful thoughts, gestures or compliments that would help nurture their self-esteem and therefore returns. The good intentions of others can be misinterpreted, which would cause sudden fears.

C These burps are presented to help you accept what you are, to feel comfortable but not necessarily respond to the expectations of those around you. Allow yourself to accept what others will offer, seeing more than they appreciate you.

The belching is the loud mouth emission of gas from the stomach. Although in our ways, this is considered as very impolite, oriental see this as a sign of appreciation and gratitude for a good meal. The belching is linked with my willingness to go too fast. Thus, also avoid face my fears. The tension rises having to digest new ideas and feel the need to break free of this tension. Learn to slow down and take my time for my meals. Tomo consciousness that going too fast, step aside thousand beautiful things that make life enjoyable. I agree to take the time to live, I do not go short of breath to the accelerated pace of life and feel better.

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In this condition it is also known as Bell's palsy. It is a facial paralysis affecting one side of the face, which is caused by injury to the facial nerve. When the person suffering from this disorder try to close your eyes, eyelid paralyzed side remains open.

I suggest that you review the definition of paralysis, adding that the disease arises when something jumps to the side of the affected person and he does not want to face it. See also the definition of facial problems.


The belly or abdomen is the inferior and anterior part of the human trunk, containing mainly the intestines. Just as in my daily life, if I packed food too fast, I have the "full belly," I have wanted to sleep and live uneasily. I must learn to take my time, to ingest each new situation one after the other, for giving me time to adapt to the changes taking place in my life, avoiding to live impatience and frustration. The child grows inside the abdomen and then prepares for Lone Star State to a social state; the abdomen is because the region relations. All the difficulties of this region are linked to conflicts or blockages to myself - myself and the universe in which I am, these being expressed through personal relationships that make my reality. I am interested as to learn to recognize my thoughts, my feelings through others and the universe around me. In the abdomen lies my deepest intention and my sense of what is right or wrong, diseases at this level give me a good indication of what happens in my inner life and the level of my emotions.


The common bile duct or bile duct is a duct biliary originated from the merger of the common hepatic duct and cystic duct leading to the second portion of the duodenum. It is so named because it leads (-doco) bile (colleagues) to the intestine.

Conflict: Territorial Contrariety. The boundaries of the territory are not defined, so that the "head of neighboring territory" can easily invade the territory. Often dispute over money (also resentment or jealousy)


BIRTH (how that developed me…) (See also: CHILDBIRTH)

During the nine months of my pregnancy, when it was only a fetus, all my senses were awake and had knowledge of everything my mother, my father and the people around me could verbalize. Similarly, I could feel the emotions, "mood" of these, especially my mother with whom entertained privileged and intense ties. The way that I can have interpreted what I heard or felt during this period will have an impact on my behavior in the future.

For example, I can have had the feeling that "I have a mom" during childbirth when, often, she helped to increase the level of pain anxiety, fears and also by the fact that unconsciously he relived his own birth the which could have been very painful. I could also interpret that because of me, almost my mother died. Then drag you all my life feeling guilty "of having hurt Mom" and live again towards other people.

Furthermore, the way my birth or the means used was developed to facilitate this will also influence behaviors that I play in my daily life and make reference to exactly how my birth occurred. Here are some situations most frequently encountered.

If I was born prematurely, often manifest impatience: I want to have completed a task before it has begun. Also if I was placed in an incubator for a period of time, often I will live the same deep loneliness and a sense of living powerlessness against certain situations or certain people, which leads me to isolate myself and have a very low level of energy. I can live a feeling of intense dislike for the fact that I feel that my mother left me after my birth.

Conversely, if I was born late, I will have difficulty being punctual and deliver the work on time. I take my time and I often feel overwhelmed by things to do. I also like things are done my way. I can show aggression towards people who want to make me feel guilty for my delay, because I have the feeling I am delayed due to external events.

A birth must be frequently caused mean he was not ready to be born; then I can live many frustrations that accompany me throughout my life. I can also develop a distrust of my surroundings.

If my mother needed an anesthetic to put me into the world, I can have a tendency to fall asleep anytime, "anesthetized" reality, not clearly perceive and interpret the events in my way as I entertain fears.

If I meet with the umbilical cord around the neck, I feel "flooded" by people or situations. I can be more fragile at throat, I have difficulty expressing myself, to communicate simply and positively. I tend to feel "caught in the throat." Patrick Drouot mentioned in one of his books that a high percentage (over 60%) of people born with the umbilical cord around the neck had consciousness for regressions in either of their past lives had been hung.

If I was born by cesarean section, usually I have trouble carrying my term projects; a prolonged and sustained effort is me difficult. Discouragement comes over me today. You may also have the feeling that life or people treat me unfairly or, if you will, I have no fair payment for their efforts I turn to perform a task. "Give back to Caesar what is Caesar!"

If I was born by the seat, often live guilt, especially since I have the feeling of doing suffering to the people around me. I hold a lot and have difficulty drop and confidence. So I live a lot of inner tension. All I live is difficult and seems to last an eternity. I may also have the feeling of being limited in my actions and my projects. It is as if people and circumstances of life are the concoct to cave in new shares I want to undertake.

If the use of forceps was revealed necessary, they fucking and protecting my head to ease my expulsion during my birth, you may suffer headaches, pains in the head and gives you the feeling of finding many difficulties in my life, especially in early a project or a new relationship. I have the feeling that I must "hold" the circumstances presented for a good take my new project or my new relationship.

I can ask my parents the details of my birth. The mere fact of becoming aware of the difficulties experienced at that time will help me understand and change behaviors that flow from it and may get upset.

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The bladder is the reservoir where urine discharged by the two ureters draining. Its function is to save between micturition (urination action) and another. The most common problems here are: incontinence (mechanical problem), inflammation, infection, tumor and cancer. See the specific problem and kidneys (kidney problems), adding the following:

Because the body fluid is related to the emotional body, which is the body of desires, having bladder problems is related to the ability to wait for the wishes. On the other hand, the expression has liquidity means having money. This person may believe it has insufficient financial success because it has all the liquidity they wanted.

If the problem prevents you urinate, your body tells you that controls your wishes too and I dare not let them out of fear. If, however, the problem in the bladder impossible to retain your urine, your body tells you that you can not control and wants all expectations were met immediately. Here there is a lack of discernment.

The bladder is the reservoir where urine is "expected" to be released. It also represents the "expect" that food towards life. Bladder problems tell me that I have a tendency to hold on to my old ideas, which I refuse to let go. Resist change because of my insecurity. The complaints show that anxiety live long and its time for me to freely release my unwanted negative emotions. So, my bladder keeps me drowning in my own negativity. Urinary tract infections are an indication that live much frustration, grief and uncertainty unexpressed. I can question me to know what I retain in my life and I'm interested drop. These feelings can be experienced in a situation where they are because what's mine and what I consider part of my territory. It may, for example, a situation where I have "nausea" every time I come home and it's dirty and disorder. The bladder also represents the field of personal relationships. It happens so often these infections are manifested in the near term to the honeymoon, during an upset or conflictual relationship or even during a break. The honeymoon or first sexual experience can bring many problems, even disappointments can bring anger or resentment towards my partner, as if it were responsible for my dissatisfaction. A relationship breakup is usually the conclusion of "no-such" repressed emotions inside me. It is as if drowned in the depths of me my psychological problems, causing a constant pressure. I have to understand that to be free of this pressure will inevitably feel a relief. I release my old beliefs and leave room for the new in my life.

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? This disease is a urinary tract infection with or without fever, which is characterized by frequent and compelling urge to urinate, even though very little urine is emitted in each urination and a burning sensation.

D The person suffering from a UTI feels much frustration with their emotions. Hence the burning feeling and that others do not realize that occur. Poorly assimilated external events and expresses its willingness to disorderly manner. Expected too much from others. His inner anger also causes burning.

C This infection tells you it's time to take responsibility for what you feel. Nobody in the world has the mission to make you happy and deal with your emotions. If you expect others to make you happy, you can expect many years. Remember that if you feel that annoying emotion is because you accused someone. If you learn to love without expectations, you will avoid many negative emotions. See also bladder problems and further explanation on infectious diseases.

Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder. Certain events or certain situations lead me to retain my anger and my frustrations. I am so worried in me expect that my bladder is inflamed. Live a state of high pressure. Tomo awareness that is essential release to free myself from them because, holding me, blocking my energy just because I'm scared. The disgust at the events, which produces stress, inflame my bladder. I accept full live the present moment and understand that being open, I would taste wonderful experiences.

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Conflict: Conflict of indigestible "dirt". Something too disgusting to be digested. Subject "ugly" we can not digest.

Great disappointment, often related to the family, because malicious action impossible to digest.

Example: boy witnesses a terrible scene of violence between their parents.



Bloat is increasing loudness of the chest or abdomen. It can detect hitting a body part with your fingers; it "sounds" like a drum. This state can be the sign that I am a person of very great sensitivity and I keep my emotions in me instead of letting them go free. To protect myself from my feelings, "reasoned" my emotions to get the feeling with my intellect, to retain control over them. I agree fully live my emotions, because they are an asset to discover different facets of myself.


Conflict: Combination of two conflicts over protection systems of the body, including the archaic territory or nest.

The inhibition leads to a defensive state in which the individual is protected from any stimulus / aggression. This behavior is observed in classic autism, whose conflicting content should be located in the prenatal development or early childhood. In adults are frequent conflicts over the role of wife and mother.

Example: "I am a bad mother, I know not care for my children" and "I'm a bad wife", "I do not feel protected, cared for my husband," whose organic representation would be a problem of the mammary glands.

Biological sense: All these conflicts related to this stage have a biological sense to seek safety, avoid aggression.


To ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle, you should give a good gasoline. Gasoline Body is the blood that to be effective, must move freely throughout my body. If gasoline containing impurities, runs the risk of hurting the engine that is the heart. The blood represents the joy of life and the impurities found in it cause ailments throughout my body. According to my food, the stomach will produce an energy that will strengthen my blood or make anemic; just like my car, I choose good gasoline. The blood represents the energy that circulates in me. It is the center of the heart. Poor circulation is blocked tells me that love; I get not express my feelings, I am in conflict with love. The message of my body is: I leave blood running through my veins, I let love come into my heart, I accept to receive and I find the joy of life. Dejo site for new ideas.

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Poor blood circulation indicates a lack of joie de vivre in my life. I feel asleep, my ideas are confusing. To recover the joy, I accept new ideas, I recognize the beauty that surrounds me I smile to life.


The blood represents the joy of life, love and emotions. When red blood cells are inadequate or that the number of blood cells is weak, often a lack of iron in the blood occurs because the iron is in the center of the molecule forming red blood cells. This state is linked to a lack of joy, strength and depth of the love that I have for myself and others; my belief in my ability to love authentically with strength and determination; a discouragement and refuse to live; or the feeling of being worthless and have resistances to love, here's devaluation of me. You can even live despair and resignation. I can also manifest much rigidity against the events of life. In short, all these symptoms are the result of a weakness in blood levels. In English, the "Iron" is called "Iron" and can make a pun changing "Iron (iron" with "I run" in Spanish means "circle". Similarly, in French, you can substitute word "fer" (iron in Spanish) by its namesake "faire" (done). Thus, the anemic person no longer feels pretty joy and motivation to do everything for "faire" (make) [there is a lack of "faire "(make) or a lack of" faire "(make)] and no longer feels able to run to achieve what you want. But why refuse to use the energy of the universe that is available to me? What I have I fear? What is it that makes me "eat blood"? I shall only say yes to this beautiful energy ready to serve my energy with love. From now on, watch, observe and discover the around me joy. It is for everywhere. Family, work and friends these beings of light are also here to help me grow.




Bleeding can be compared to mourn, to a loss of joy. When I suffer, are the tears, my grief is so intense it's like to cry blood. Where is my joy of living? Why this pain, this aggressiveness that makes me see red? Tomo aware of how lucky I am to live and recovery joy. I release all my sadness and agree to receive what gives me life.


There are two types of cholesterol: one called LDL (from the English term Low Density Lipoproteins) (low density lipoprotein), also called "bad" cholesterol and HDL (English: High Density Lopoproteins [high-density lipoprotein]), also called "good" cholesterol.

Cholesterol is linked to blood, symbol of the joy of living. Cholesterol from food. Our body synthesizes from the liver. Lubricates my blood vessels, nourishes the nervous system and keeps it balanced. Its normal function is to prevent premature wear of blood vessels by the passage of blood, but if it is present in excess in the body is deposited and progressively reduces the diameter of blood vessels. Why? Because I have no joy of life! For myself, I do not think I deserve to be happy, be happy and this joy flows wrong! I can have a rise in cholesterol after certain events, for example, after taking retirement, because I do not feel the joy of life I had with my colleagues or with people he met at work. This rise can also be given when someone has loved and that brought me joy in my life. Here, instead of developing diabetes is deep sadness, my body will interpret the event rather a lack of joie de vivre and will raise the percentage of cholesterol. It may also be the same when I lost my pet and finally in a situation that can cause, consciously or unconsciously, to diminish my joy to live my life. It may be the case also when I want to do a project, build or erect afecciono especially something but I can not get help from anyone. I can only therefore count on me and this affects me a lot. If I let this situation worse, no risk of someday having a heart attack. Indeed, if not under the situation that makes me live this lack of joy, it will play the part of my life is love. When diminishes the joy, it's as if he felt less love in me, so the lack of joy shall result affect my heart. Most animal cholesterol (from meat and dairy products) is part of the diet too rich Western. Foods that are high in cholesterol represent some selfish gratification of my appetites. I feel good, without thinking for a moment that this excess risk of changing or even destroying my health! It is an illusion that give a taste of my body. I see that love me in a somewhat too "selfish or self-centered." I absorb foods that contain too much cholesterol, renounce the joys of life. One day, I will have to pay for this. Do I want this ailment? I agree to immediately change by flowing joy in me, just as the wonder child in front of the beauties of life! Neutralized my fear of living in joy and accept that it is part of my life.

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? Blood consists of cells suspended in a fluid called plasma. It carries nutrients tissues from the lungs (oxygen), the digestive tract (the nutrients) and different organs (eg, the transformation products of the liver). After recovering the waste that the body be removed. Also has a function of reporting to the driving hormones. The following definition applies to all the problems that can affect the quality of blood and its various functions.

D When a person has a blood disorder means that you have trouble managing your life well, according to their real needs. For humans, living truly means to live different experiences in the acceptance and joy. The person who can not manage their life is usually one that dramatizes some situations too, which prevents a balanced overview.

      Bad blood is made, ie, cares for everything and everyone. It's too emotional person that blocks its sensitivity. Need unconditionally adapt itself; this form of unconditional love is the most important to improve the quality of blood element.

      Another way to block its sensitivity is having much cold blood, making it an unemotional person, hiding his feelings. On the other hand, the person lives without joy due to a deep feeling of lack of something.

C The importance of blood is in your body tells you the importance of managing your life well by living joyfully and accepting who you are. This problem appears to remind you it's time to start believing in yourself differently. You're much more than you think. Become aware of your courage, your true needs and decide to manage your life. Instead of believing that you can not do everything alone and expect others to do so, make a list of all your talents, your abilities and what you have achieved so far. Thus you will begin to hear again your true needs and realize that you're the most important person in your life. You are on Earth for your own evolution and not for others.

Blood circulation is linked to the heart and blood, symbol of life. Blood passes through all channels of the body: arteries, arterioles, veins, veins, capillaries. These channels are necessary for the distribution of love, joy and life throughout the body. My heart (love center) accepts give blood (energy) to every part of my being, whatever its importance, without discrimination. The blood is my strength, my enjoyment of life and what I'm currently in this universe. All circulatory difficulties are linked with the blood and all my being. If I live a difficult situation in the emotional or mental level, the energy that animates my being weakened. This weakness of the blood and blood circulation means that emotionally I recall a situation that affects me for the moment because I have enough "power" to go forward. I protect myself from my emotions too much energy because it is painful present feel them so much. I keep circulate enough love in my life. I self - severely critical, I'm sorry, I feel a lot of inner sadness. My joy of life and my good mood decrease, my thoughts become confused, I have a rather exciting, bland and plain social life. I need to "circular" many projects, ideas, sensations. Otherwise, everything will be "frozen" because of my worries, my pains, my fatigue, my anger; an over excitement or an obsession that unbalances the bloodstream have the same effect. The lack of joy brings me to flee because of my responsibilities. I have locks that make me avoid certain situations. It is a way of saying "no" to life. Thus, different ways of thinking are likely to emerge in surface (control, neglect, indifference to life, the exaggerated need for attention, the desire to die ...) The blood circulation disorders are manifested first hands and legs, in the outer and active parts of my body, which directed me in the universe. Poor circulation that affects my legs is linked to my emotional address to the emotions in which I can count and I love. When my hands are affected, it is the expression of my emotions and a desire to stop what I'm doing. In both cases, is a plane inside retraction, retracting the full universe my emotional involvement. Different blood afflictions are atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, elevated cholesterol level, thrombosis, etc. I agree to face me and especially watch my attitude to life! Not the quite extraordinary life to fully take advantage? I open my heart to love, and I assume I am guided by life. Always will happen what is best for me.

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The blood represents joy flowing in my body. When clots, this is like if you decided to put a cap which has the effect cut off all circulation. Decide to stop circulating the joy in me, I wake up to new life.


? Diabetes is a disease of the pancreas gland and multiple important functions in the human body. One of them is to produce insulin, the hormone necessary to maintain a normal level of blood glucose. Diabetes results from a deficiency of pancreatic endocrine function, which manifests as a deficit of insulin. However, some cases of diabetes are due to a resistance to insulin action, as some types of obesity.

D The pancreas is a gland that is linked to the energy center of the solar plexus. Every problem in this gland indicates a disturbance in emotional level. In fact, this energy center manages emotions, desires and mind. The person with diabetes is emotional and often has many desires. It's the type of person you want something for yourself and for your loved ones. He wants everyone to get a slice of the pie. However, you can get jealous when someone has more to it.

      Overall it is a very helpful person, but with high expectations. It works with all as mother and easily blame if what you want for others is not performed. There is in it a great mental activity due to an intensive search for the means to meet their expectations. The fact hidden so eager to cultivate an inner sadness which usually comes from a great desire for tenderness and love that has never been satisfied.

      Diabetes occurs when the child does not feel sufficiently recognized. His sadness he brings an inner emptiness seeking compensation. Thus trying to get attention.

C Your diabetes occurs to warn you release you and give time to let things happen rather than controlling. Stop believing that your mission is to have the happiness of all those around you. You're the type of person who gets what he wants, but others do not necessarily want the same things or the same as you. Take time to enjoy the pleasures of your life at the time, rather than distract you with what you will want tomorrow. Until now you have preferred to believe that what you want is always for others. Accepts the idea that these desires are, above all, yours and then recognizes everything you've obtained so far. Also agree that even if a strong desire not been done in the past, this does not prevent you appreciate the little desires that are evident now.

      If you are a diabetic child has time to stop believing that you're the family lost son. It is you who must find your place.

Diabetes. Diabetes also called sweet, manifested by insufficient insulin secretion by the pancreas that results from an inability to maintain it in reasonable percentage of blood sugar. An excess of blood sugar and blood produces then is unable to properly use the sugars in the bloodstream. These excess sugars cause an excessively high percentage of sugar in the urine becomes sweet. Sugar corresponds to love, tenderness, affection, diabetes because it reflects different feelings of inner sadness. It is the evil of love, a lack of love because I need insurance because of my past wounds, control the environment and the people around me. Well, yes! If I have diabetes, I usually live followed sorrows, emotions repressed unconscious tinged sweetness and sadness away. The sweetness disappeared leaving room for continuous pain. Then I start eating sugar in every possible way: pasta, bread, candy, etc. to compensate. The emotional, social or financial background can suffer. I try to compensate by all possible means. I limit myself in many fields. I become "bitter" (bitterness) against life, is the reason why I find my life "bitter" and compensated by a more "sweet" state. By having difficulty receiving love, I feel suffocated and overwhelmed, caught my excessive, uncontrollable situation. The excess is excreted in the urine. I therefore have a great need for love and affection, but somehow act or react when you could receive. I have difficulty in receiving the love of others and life loses taste for me. It is difficult to let go and express true love. My waits are often excessive (I want people to realize my desires) and I draw frustrations, anger towards life and introversion. Live much resistance to an event I want to avoid but I feel compelled to suffer. For example, it may be separation, transfer, examination, etc. This resistance a feeling of disgust, disgust, disdain for this event is added. As hyperglycemia appear at that time. Immediately assume I need. I need to change situations involving I'm starting to see the love and joy in all things. Diabetes (or hyperglycemia, excess blood sugar) and hypoglycemia (too little blood sugar) (both linked to the lack of joy) are linked directly to the love that I can express to me - self and others. In the case of gestational diabetes, which usually occurs after the second half of pregnancy, I must ask the same questions that ask people affected by diabetes. Deep sadness, disgust or resistance may be disclosed to my consciousness. This pregnancy can activate and expand on me the more or less conscious memory of these feelings that I could live in my childhood and the result will be the diabetes. After delivery, return to my normal state indicates to me that these feelings have disappeared or that its importance has decreased dramatically, which brings a restoration of the amount of blood sugar. (Glucose). There is so much love available; I am really aware of the love that people have for me? People love me and I see from now. I accept the past of a detached way, so it is. It is opening my heart as miracles occur!

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? White blood cells are the cells that circulate in the blood and in most of the tissues to ensure the defense of the organism. RED CELL have the function of retaining the hemoglobin in the active state. This, conducted by the bloodstream carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissues.

D The existence of a problem with white blood cells is an indication that the person has difficulty defending presented. He does not dare to assert. Having too many blood cells indicates that wants to hit something or someone. It feels attacked easily. Not having enough indicates otherwise, namely that the person leaves the game.

      A lack of red blood cells often leads to anemia.

      See disease.

C If left white blood cells, it is time for you to regain confidence in yourself, your abilities and your talents. Only you can do. What you think is not necessarily reality. If you can not believe in you, I suggest you talk to people who know you so they tell you what they see in you. Otherwise you risk increasingly discouraged and see life as a burden. With this problem, your heart cries: "Help, I want joy in my life." Your resources are there waiting for you to believe in them and use them.

      If you have too many white blood cells, need not still believe you should hit to let others know who you are, and above all, they want you as you are. Combat is constantly tired. You get the important message of reviewing the opinion you have of yourself and believe in your value before discouragement prey make you and your physical problem worse.


Gangrene (the gaggraína Greek, meaning "rot") causes death and putrefaction of tissues (necrosis). Start with a small blackish and painful area. After several days the necrotic tissues begin to fall to shreds. The main causes of gangrene arteritis are gradually closing off the arteries and the various injuries that impair vascular network.

See problems in the arteries, adding that the message is much more serious and urgent. The person suffering from gangrene has so little joy in life you want to self-destruct, and Jo internally ago because they believe deserve anything.

Gangrene is the result of a decrease in speed and finally, the stoppage of blood flow in one or more parts of the body, which brings death of tissues. The blood flow is associated with the expression or the brake of my love for the universe, and also my joy of living. Therefore, if, for example, gangrene affects my legs, it is because the brake, or cutting of love inside of me is so deep that to fully any movement forward. In this case, often the fear of the future and insecurity about what will become of me are present. I intoxicate my rooted guilt, shame or grief, and part of me is dying. Life goes, is no longer joy. In the case of dry gangrene, blood no longer supplies the tissues. So I have to get back in touch with me and the joy that should habitarme, in this aspect of my life that corresponds to the part of my body affected. In the case of wet gangrene, which is also a condition, I face poisoners thoughts to thoughts of death at me - or did life itself. The (scarce) gas gangrene, which is especially diabetics, is favored by a collection of blood in a tissue or a foreign body. Nauseating gases from the proliferation of infectious germs form beneath the skin. I have not only present the ideas of death of a part of me - but it leads me to live this situation a profound rejection of that part. I need to reinstate the blood, love in expression of who I am, in my life. Learn to accept me as I am and rediscover the joy of life.

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Hematoma following hemorrhage in which some blood accumulates in a tissue or organ. Almost always, a hematoma occurs after trauma, and I wonder what fear or guilt which prevents freely leave me joy in my life. The accumulation of blood tells me I should put more joy in my life and affected party informs me about the appearance of my life should express this joy.


Hematuria is the presence of blood in urine microscopic mode (which is not visible to the naked eye in the urine detected only with a microscope) or macroscopic (which can be detected by eye in the urine, either by its reddish color or traces of blood that may be there). Urine is my old emotions and let go me blood loss indicates a loss of joy; hematuria therefore symbolizes a more or less alive in front of my past emotions that destroy me sad inside. I look what these events have destroyed me emotionally so you can bring me sweet and understanding and healing are installed.


Haemophilia is a hereditary disease linked to a disorder of blood coagulation. Since my blood has difficulty clotting, a cut, a wound can bring blood loss is difficult to stop, which can put my life in danger. Although this disease is hereditary, but I live this situation because I have to make a conscious decision regarding joy. The slightest accident or incident, my life is at risk of being jeopardized if I do not intervene quickly. I have become aware in my life than you can take to live despair to the point that it could "die exhausted my blood." I can look into why diabetes in some respects, it may resemble what I live. Although the discovery of the cause no change in me being Haemophilus does not prevent you might have the feeling that the drawbacks of this disease diminish greatly, maintaining surveillance, and increasingly have the feeling of living a life Normal with more joy in my heart.



? Bleeding is bloodshed outside the arterial or venous vessels. May be external or internal, being more severe in the latter case.

D In metaphysics, blood represents the love of life, and therefore, the joy of living. When a person loses blood, your body is saying that a certain inner attitude blocking their joy of life at that time. Because bleeding occurs suddenly and with more or less violence, we can conclude that this person has been suppressed for some time. Usually represses show their moral fatigue and anxiety.

      Once it reaches its limit, yields suddenly. To find out which area of life disappeared joie de vivre, just observe the affected body part, ie, what it is that party. This explanation applies to external bleeding.

      If the bleeding is INTERNAL, indicates that the person suffers in silence and insists that nobody knows how you feel. Live your pain in isolation because she believes that she has no one to trust or who can help.

C Bleeding tells you it's time to check your perception of life in the affected area. It tells you that take life too seriously and who has time for fun activities that you and give you joy, instead of depositing your energy on what you consume. You can also learn to put joy in activities that now take yourself too seriously. It's just a change in perception or inner attitude. If bleeding occurs after an accident, see also this word.

Bleeding is characterized by violent and sudden loss of blood. This uncontrolled bloodshed is usually associated with a disorder or emotional trauma. Are my emotions too long retained, such as aggression and anxiety, which become uncontrollable inside, and suddenly sprouting time. I can live events do not happen as my hopes or according to my wishes. At the end of the resistance, morally exhausted, lost and much of the joy of life suddenly leaves my body. Being attentive to my body, I can recognize a message that will help me live better in harmony. Learning to let go and express my emotions more freely. Feeling more liberated, bring my attention to the joy in me and around me.

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? The following definition relates to an intermittent nosebleed. If bleeding can not be stopped and is very abundant, see bleeding.

D When the nose begins to bleed for no apparent reason, the person experiences a temporary loss of joy. This bleeding is often the desire to mourn a person who is not allowed to leave tears from her eyes. Need rid of emotional tension. Bleeding may present a lack of joy in their current activity and becomes the excuse to stop this occupation.

C Your body tells you that instead of wanting to interrupt what you do or attention, help you see the good side of your activity. Also, allow yourself to live stressful situations and release this tension with real tears.

The nose is the body through which circulates the air to go into my lungs and blood being the vehicle of air, oxygen throughout my body, nosebleed reveals that let me escape from my body, of my being, joy, love of life. I therefore have a loss of joy for something that experiment. This surely indicates a big disappointment in my life. I have a feeling that tells me I'm not recognized or loved my fair value. I must therefore learn to recognize myself, so I understand that my happiness only what I think of me - same. An ancient belief from the mists of time tells me that a bad emotion or a bad situation go out of my life.

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? Hypoglycemia is a disease of the pancreas that occurs when abnormal decrease in the concentration of glucose in the blood. It is mainly recognized by an insatiable desire for something sweet, malaise, dizziness, digestive cramps, palpitations, pallor and cold sweats.

D In metaphysics, the pancreas is related to emotions, desires and the human mind. The hypoglycemic person wants to deal with the wishes of others at the expense of their own needs. Do not feel free. Your body tells you it needs to be rewarded with "sweets" without feeling guilty. She's too busy wanting everything around him is happiness. The patient with hypoglycemia also feel many fears and tend to suffer from agoraphobia. I suggest you check this term.

C It's time to conserve your energy for you to stop believing that you must be the mother or father of your neighbor. Re-establish contact with your inner child who wants to play and have fun. In childhood you learned that you had no right to think of you. As you have not provided enough love, you wanted your family what you give, and even if recibieras, was not enough. So, you decided that love makes you suffer, because they never did it enough. Life made you grow much faster, but still not too late to start over.

      You must not think to take care of yourself means being selfish. Such a person is one that imposes its desires to others in their own interest. Whoever thinks of himself before responding to the expectations of others is a person who will. Love yourself more and you will receive more love from others.

Hypoglycemia is characterized by an abnormal decrease in blood glucose. The part of the pancreas that secretes insulin is over - activated. Consequently, cells and muscles are deprived of glucose energy. This is opposite to what is found in diabetics. It is caused by an excess of insulin or exercise. Sugar is a form of reward, affection, gentleness and tenderness. It is the manifestation of love, according to metaphysics. Currently, I'm looking for love? Am I waiting outside? How sugar to bridge this gap? Several demonstrations are linked to hypoglycemia:

- You can manifest because both give to others that I have nothing to give. This reveals the need to start me for loving me, for respect me in my needs. Giving me more, then I can give more and love others. I can not give to others what I would not give to me - same.

- You may also emerge when a voltage or excessive internal pressure which I think I have no control I live.

- It comes from my strong emotions, deep sadness, causing me distress and even hostility towards others. Do I have hopes that are still unanswered (who are not satisfied)?

- I can also live an intense fear against something or someone that disgusts me and I'd rather avoid. I must resist with all my might to try to prevent this thing that disgusts me. Both can be an object, a gesture such as a word that caused me a "disgusting".

- A food allergy can also be the "physical" cause of this drop in blood sugar. Therefore, I must make physical checks imposed and find who or what I am allergic.

I accept what happens to me. I decide to make my life happier. I answer to my expectations. My body is a wise man, a faithful friend whom I am receptive.

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? Also called low pressure, hypotension is a decrease below normal in blood pressure. It is characterized by a tendency to syncope, poor vascularization of limbs and extreme fatigue or prone to dizziness. If the pressure is low but causes no physical problem, it may be appropriate for that person.

D The person suffering from hypotension usually the type to be easily discouraged and feel defeated in advance. Makes your life energy decreases rapidly because not support the weight of events. Lacks value and do not want to take responsibility for your life. It gives up easily.

C The fact that you have the low pressure indicates that you are little aware of your ability to lead your life. Listen too your own mental activity that makes you think you're not good at anything and you're defeated before you start. It would be interesting to you to have a goal, something concrete to which to aspire and what you allow yourself to get in the moment and the right time. The fact of believing that you can not face some pressure in life prevents you from realizing your dreams.

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Leukemia is a blood disorder that mainly affects children and the elderly. Its symptoms are an increased number of white blood cells, a decrease in red blood cells also -which anemia- cause and a decreased number of platelets, which are responsible for blood clotting. In addition, spleen volume increases considerably. See problems in the blood, spleen problems and cancer.

When my white blood cells proliferate uncontrollably, I have what is called blood cancer or leukemia. Cancer of the blood, is the joy that does not circulate freely in my life. I have sunk deep into me hate. I self - I destroy; I refuse to fight. If I am an affected child leukemia, is that I feel a denial of rebirth, I am deeply disappointed by what I see on earth. I never want to leave, leave this body. Leukemia appears frequently after the loss of a loved one (may be even an animal to which especially loved). This form of cancer is directly linked to the expression of love within himself. It can also occur after a prominent event for me, which led me to undermine me. This devaluation affects my entire being and live a very intense and profound way. Take the example of a young child who refuses a site in the village football team or neighborhood. It’s a drama! It is as if life no longer had any sense and not worth "it" being lived. I can have the feeling that I over - constantly protecting me to achieve what I want. I can have lived an intense frustration and have violently drowned my emotions. If my love or my desire to live was hurt in one way or another, my attitude to love can become suspicious, confused and alienated. So I want to isolate all feelings. I must learn to go with life instead of against it. Take appropriate means to change about myself survival for life. So I will be more at peace with myself and no longer feel the need to defend myself too.

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Leukopenia is falling white blood cells, blood imbalance. The white blood cells become soldiers coming down arms. I no longer have the courage to fight. It can be a form of escape that forced me to evolve in the same order, preventing me from experiencing new things well, forever feel security and master of the situation. I need to take care of me to redo my inner forces and thus regain more flavor to life with all that this entails exciting.


Mononucleosis is a disease of early youth that often manifests as a swollen, red throat and swollen glands in the neck; it resists treatment with antibiotics because it is caused by a virus. Is characterized by an increase in white blood cells.

See angina, blood cell problems and spleen problems as mononucleosis is directly related to it. If affected other organs such as the liver, also see this word. Mononucleosis indicates a huge resistance from the sufferer. It would help give more. This disease is common in teenagers who fall in love very quickly.

Mononucleosis is characterized by infection of lymphocytes increased part of the leukocytes or white blood cells. This disease is especially in adolescents or young adults. It is also called the kissing disease that can be transmitted by saliva. If I'm an adult and I have this disease, try to see what might affect me, like a teenager, or what this reminds me of when I was a teenager. I want to live fully, I feel a change in me and I feel duty constantly strive to achieve what you want. My defense system is developed to compensate the attacks and the limitations that I feel like life. I feel alone against the obstacles presented before me. Development mononucleosis I feel guilty when faced with a situation or when I want more permission, when people criticize or life in general. Mononucleosis has a nexus with spleen problems because of the increased volume of it. I have to clean up my life and put more love towards me and towards others. Again I have courage and confidence in me and then will regain energy and joie de vivre that will allow me to experience more love.

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Phlebitis is an inflammation of the wall of a vein associated with clot formation within it. In general, the initial location of the clot is located in the foot, calf or thigh. See leg pain and thrombosis, adding that the person concerned, is tormented by uncertainty and waiting and feel anger. See also the additional explanations on inflammatory diseases.

Phlebitis is defined by blockage of blood in the veins, especially at the level of the lower limbs. Is caused by a clot from an infection or injury. The blood represents the free flow of life in the veins of my legs. My mode of transport is thus limited, irritated and flawed because the blockage of blood tells me joy loss linked to the legs, which carry different destinations made me in my life. According to the (my interior) or right (my exterior) or both legs left leg are affected, loss of joy can identify what level or what sense have a question or a refusal to overtake accept a new destination. I burn the blood against certain situations that life presents me. Live for a break, a brake due to an emotion, a feeling that limits my joie de vivre to go forward. It is important to release the shame, disgust, frustration alive and accountable me what happens in my life. I accept that I have the power to create my life as I want; However, I accept that I have a right to happiness and I deserve that joy and peace illuminate my path.

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Septicemia is a generally serious infection due to the massive spread throughout the body of bacteria from a septic focus (which causes infection). It is a repeated and prolonged shock, is a form of blood poisoning.

See blood problems and fever, adding the person affected by this disease live an obsession that poisons. Receive the message that is urgently needed forgiveness proceedings, as described at the end of this book.

Sepsis is a serious infection (generalized poisoning) blood. It is what is called burning blood or poisoned life. You should ask "who or why I let poison existence." I decide that I accept full responsibility for my choices and take consciousness of the joys of life.


Thrombosis is the formation of a clot in an element of the circulatory system, either a vein, an artery or heart chamber. Its severity is related to the characteristics of the obstacle created by the clot.

See problems in the arteries, adding that some obstacle that you now have in your life is blocking your joy of life. Is it a person or a situation? You're the one who allowed this obstacle is lodged in you. You can not blame him; what you do is change your insight.

The blood circulating in my veins represents the joy of living. A thrombosis is defined by a formation of blood clots in a vein or an artery, causing a blockage that prevents the free flow of blood. This state shows that there is also a lock on the release and circulation of love. Feeling alone, I'm sorry and I feel that the difficulties that I face are too heavy to bear and I'm not able to overcome them. I lose my zest for life. My life seems stuck, I feel forgotten, neglected and misunderstood. I sense no longer carry love in me, I become inflexible; whenever I'm firm in my way of acting and thinking which causes hardening of my arteries. This event reaches my body. When it appears in my legs, I indicate a fear of going forward, tend to stay "fixed" without movement. This can also mean insecurity sorry to see deviate love and see how I pull this love. Trying to keep him well, increasing the chances of seeing it die. I open more and more to life and accept the changes as signs of my evolution.

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? Varicose veins are caused by excessive and permanent dilation of one or more veins, accompanied by an alteration of the blood vessel wall.

D The person suffering from varicose veins is that you want to give more freedom and free time, but do not know how. It is the type that is responsible for many tasks but will become too burdensome and painful, because it exaggerates the importance of their concerns. At the same time finds it difficult to carry out with joy. It can be a person who is obliged to remain in a situation you hate. On the other hand, observes the body part affected by varicose veins to know where the problem lies.

C The higher the heaviness that give you varicose veins, the stronger the message that you receive that life seems heavy and painful. It's time to know you do not need to be run by the "have to". Can afford a temporary break without believing that, therefore, are not a good person. The little voice that always pushes you to do more or do better, is not the voice of your heart. Let it lead you; He knows your needs better. Choose what you want and what you love.

Varicose veins are usually located on the legs. They result from hypertrophied veins. My legs allow me to go through life, commute from one place to another. Varicose veins in the legs show poor circulation. So I can conclude that the place in which I am no longer suits me or you do not like what is currently performed. I no longer find joy. It can be an emotional relationship or even a job that made me monotonous. The blood represents the joy of life and movement of love in my universe and my veins are the means of locomotion. The blood in my veins is on the way back toward the heart, carrying with it all the love he received from the Universe. The varicosity may indicate that a deep emotional conflict is directly linked to the ability to love and to receive all this love. I take direction or soil that I'm not giving me what I'm hoping, in the emotional sense. This blocks and stirs my "emotional movement". I feel a huge weight drag, as the inmate must constantly pull their weight. Often there is a financial burden, money causing me a lot of headaches and stalking greed. Overall, I have the impression of climbing situations that create them. Varicose veins in the legs often appear during pregnancy, which shows that some fears are linked to this state; as a pregnant woman, I have afraid to share this love with someone else, lose my individuality in my new role as mother. I feel overwhelmed and I'm afraid not do it all because I have a tendency to increase the small details. Discouragement can then occur. To reset this situation, it is important to learn to love what I do. I am free to choose and freely.

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The image representing a person suffering from hypertension is ready (pot closing tightly with steam control and serving food cooked under pressure.). I am this person cumula for long periods, thoughts and emotions that are not expressed; I am often hypersensitive and I control myself wrong. My anger and disappointments are suppressed, thus making it boil inside. I can also be prone to procrastination or postponed to later things I say or do for fear or lack of confidence in me, and I just live an intense stress, because I see this as a mountain and do not know if I can to perform all my projects. So I can do fables, increase my problems and my guilt quickly increase the "pressure". My desire to control everything and resolve situations in my my pressure increases may be unsustainable. I live a deep fear of being rejected, I feel in danger and I stay on guard. I live Hypertension can also find their source in my fear of death, consciously or unconsciously, and my desire to leverage the most of my life, because I want to make multiple goals that I have set. I must learn to let off steam gently. I avoid accumulation causing the explosion. Learning to trust me.


Contrary to hypertension, hypotension is a person whose pressure is too low (note that a person may have a pressure below normal and be in top form. Its pressure is therefore suitable for her and that their quality of life is not affected). If I am a person who has low pressure, this may indicate that my desire to live is absent. I have a feeling that nothing works, which for me is useless exertion anyway because I have the feeling that things will not work. I feel drained of energy and I can not carry the weight of events. I abandon myself to despair. The soul is no longer in my actions. Location victim and I feel that my life is like a dead end. Hypotension may lead to loss of consciousness. It is the sign that want to run away from my responsibilities, in certain situations or certain people because the fact of coping takes me to place myself and do actions that might not feel like doing. The message I get my body is me confidence and hurry. I choose to be guided by my inner strength.


The arrival of the blue child is linked to the malformation of his heart in the embryonic phase, which has the consequence of putting oxygen-poor blood (blue blood) back into circulation in the great artificial circulation, bypassing the lungs for receive more oxygen there (red blood). If I am a blue child, also called a blue baby, I was able to capture in my mother's womb a great fear, that she carried within herself, of opening up to the love of the outside world. This could come from a great wound and a "withdrawal in relation to love" caused by an event that had broken his heart. I should not hold my mother responsible for my state. By the law of affinities, I have come to this family because she had similar challenges to accept in relation to love. I only manifest more concretely in the physical the awareness that I must do and, my mother and I, we can help each other in this. Already now, I am aware that love is life itself and that my increased power of love will constitute a shield of love that will protect me during my exchanges with the outside world.


BODY ODOR (See also: NOSE)

In general, all the liquids contained in the human body represent my emotions. In this case, an unpleasant body odor is a sign of dire overflowing emotions and that must express instead of everything stored inside me. This may be irritability, disgust, hatred, frustration, anger, disgust by a person or situation, etc. This can also be a sign that intense emotion that is connected to the body part where perspiration gets released. A person with a good body odor usually have beautiful thoughts and be in harmony with its surroundings. I happen to be a person who received a life with high spiritual mission, which die in "odor of sanctity". You can really smell like body emanated a scent of flower. Also, if I read spiritual texts, I am in a state I'm very happy, then I can emanate an odor of carnation, rose, sandalwood and many other perfumes. People can not smell or perfume that break loose. Although this is rare, I can be a person who is able to smell the disease and even the feelings of another person. Thus, every disease has a particular smell, the same way as diseases have a particular color in the magnetic field is called aura. If perspiration is abundant, it is a sign that live much inner nervousness, insecurity or who have big troubles. Let out through the pores of my skin all that repress and I remain imprisoned within me. I must learn to affirm and express my feelings both positive and negative to free, make room for the new and beautiful thoughts that nurture love me.




Conflict: Impairment. Conflict specific function of skeletal part where osteolysis occurs.


Conflict: Impairment by "can not bite".

Example: A dog must always be left by the German shepherd biting neighbor; or a delicate and weak child must always be left stick and humiliated by the strongest.


Here occurs the production of blood.

Conflict: complete and utter Impairment.

Resent: "Life has no meaning".


Conflict: Very serious disrespect towards oneself.

Resent: "I'm completely null" The pains are also presented in repair phase, recalcification due to periosteal edema.

If I have a cancer of the bone, I live a very deep conflict in which I have the impression that I am worthless, I'm less than nothing. I feel have no value and I am so full of emotions that I keep to myself that I wet to the bone. He may live a situation where my structure and my principles are fundamentally broken, or jeopardized. This situation can be caught me by surprise and I feel reached to the bone. I must learn to recognize my qualities. Making me more open and flexible I can easily compromise with the unexpected and the "non - conventional". Learning to express what I live, emotions often live very intensely, I can heal and my bones will regenerate.


BONES (cancer of the…) sarcoma of EWING (See also: CANCER [in general])

It is a form of bone cancer that is more likely to happen between 10 and 15 years, even slightly. This cancer affects the bones of my legs, this means a great fear of walking through life. Temo not have everything you need to "confront" the future. My body screams in pain in front of insecurity that inhabits me. I do not think I have the size to insert myself into the world of adults. I learn to trust life knowing that this will bring me the occasions that I need to live in society.


? Bones, being the constituent elements of the skeleton, ensure the stability of the stature and are involved in the movement. Bone problems are understood by all starting with OSTEO diseases (such as osteoporosis). In the case of fractures and bone pain, see also the corresponding definitions.

D Bones, as the solid body, representing bra. A bone problem is always related to the fear of not being supported enough or not supporting good to others. It comes in a person who is devalued or not feeling strong enough to deal with his own life. The person usually feels obliged to support others is one that needs to depend on her to feel important. No triumphs in life itself. It devalues not feel as useful.

      This is the reason that, as we age, usually osteoporosis or other disease that begins with "OSTEO". Bone problems can manifest in the person who is afraid to authority. It devalues before her. In response, attempts to become authoritative or dominating.

      In the case of diseases that begin and end with OSTEO ITIS, add anger and see the explanations inflammatory diseases.

C With this problem in the bones, your body sends you the message that believe in you and you feel stronger to yourself, recognizing that you have more strength than you think. We also say it's time for you estabilices in life doing things that are pleasing in the physical world, without feeling guilty and love yourself. Your body shows you that you have everything you need to create your own stability without relying on others.

      You need not think you're "too much" or "too little", you are this or that, to be an important person. Give yourself permission to value yourself for who you are and not by the results of others, for those who want. To authority, realize that the fact that someone is in a specific field does not worth more than you. Contacts the areas in which you could teach others. Every one of us has talents. If you can not find them, I suggest you ask those who know you well.

The bones are solid body frame, the pillars. In the same inside the bone marrow exists, deepest core of my being born there where immune cells that have the ability to protect. Bones refer to my structure, the basic framework on which is built my entire being. Therefore, refer also to the structure of the fundamental laws and principles with which I compromise every day and are applied by the authorities (police, teachers, parents, etc.) for allowing me to have some support and to reign order.

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BONES (pains of…)

Ailments or diseases of the bones reflect, including cancer of the bones, a rebellion against the authority to which I resist and against which can even go up rebel, feeling helpless or powerless to act against certain given situation, subject to certain existing laws or principles. I can ask if I am deeply upset or disturbed in relation to my basic beliefs, my inner convictions. If a disease or illness affects my bones, I wonder which side or front side of me I devalued. If I look and analyze what part of the skeleton is affected, I will have a good indication as to the aspect of my life that is touched.



Acromegaly is characterized by an overgrowth of bones of the extremities and face. Growth hormone is secreted as a much larger than normal amount. If I am in this situation, I wonder what is the situation in which I felt smaller to achieve or complete a project. Where I felt too small, too tiny and too weak to take my place and make me respect? The response of my body was growing disproportionately to help more easily take my place. Thank you!


Bones can become deformed due to the pressure put on myself or that I feel have to endure. I am more rigid mentally. I have to learn to be more flexible in relation to my early life. My mindedness allows me to see different facets of life and discover that love is present under various aspects.



The word dislocation (dislocation means a "loss location), as if out of circuit or in a totally contrary to what is happening pathway. A dislocation is linked to a deep sense of imbalance. At the level of the joint, bone is displaced and "sale" entirely on this site. Dislocation shows me how far I am not or do not feel in the right direction. The bone is linked to the core of my being, the fundamental energy, dislocation indicates a profound change in the deepest energy of my being. Still I have my place in the universe? What bothers me to the point of feeling so confused? I check and accept make (s) take (s) of consciousness that are imposed, allowing me to beat and see something new in my life. The dislocation is sufficiently painful to take awareness that I change not to live again.


A fracture is a broken bone most often caused by a violent, except trauma in the elderly, whose bones have become very fragile from osteoporosis. It is important to note the usefulness of the body part where the fracture occurred for details of their meaning. In addition to consulting that body part, see also bone problems and accident, adding that there was a lack of acceptance of a breakdown or fear of future injury.

The bones represent the structure of laws and principles of the world in which I live. When a fracture, this is an indication that currently live a deep inner conflict. It may be related to rebellion against authority or reactions (which I want to cut). This fracture shows me that I can not go on and that a change is necessary. The location of the fracture informs me as to the nature of this conflict. If the fracture was in an accident, you have to see what the guilt that live in relation to this situation. The bones also represent the support, stability and fracture may be a warning that I must leave my past, let go with flexibility to avoid unnecessary stress and move to another stage of my evolution. I condition my standards at me - same or society to the point of requiring certain perfection and even be rigid? Do I pay more attention in physical activities detrimental to the spiritual aspects of my life? To recover this inner freedom, I take consciousness of what bothers me. I accept love me enough to express what I feel. I find again my inner freedom, regain my freedom of movement.

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Osteomyelitis is an infection of bone and bone marrow that usually affects a portion located near a joint and usually occurs in children or adolescents. Osteomyelitis is especially long bones such as the tibia, femur, humerus. The joints give movement and expression to the energy in my bones. An infection involves an irritation that creates an inner weakness. Live anger and frustration against authority and against the way life is structured and 'regimented'. I can also have the impression of not being quite sustained and supported. But, I must learn to make trust, to let go and accept that the universe supports me. Infection just want to highlight certain conflicts that currently live. If osteomyelitis comes from a previous injury, it is possible that the root causes of this injury have not yet been addressed.


Conflict: Do not feel supported in their family structure. Not be what it was (sexually for example). "Feeling powerless in their social relations."


Neuro-immune Impact: "No I have defended; I can not replicate."

Neuro-vegetative Impact: (a visceral level) All the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, etc. "I can not digest".

Neuro-hormonal Impact: Diabetes or thyroid problems. We will look hormones.

Impact osteo-articular: "I have been attacked / or state of helplessness I have been disrespected and I have not been able to replicate...

The key word is Osteoporosis accept with serenity, the normal physiological functioning of living beings, the human being.

Osteoporosis implies a loss of frame protein bones become porous. Implies a loss in the intention of desire "to be" a loss of interest and motivation of being "here" in the depths of his level. Live discouragement. I'm tired of always having to fight the authority or against the laws of man. Osteoporosis usually occurs in women after menopause. Being affected bones, that is my basic structures and beliefs, I can ask what beliefs to which I hooked and maybe I should change because now I can no longer have children are. I can still be "useful" and "productive" not in what refers to procreation but at other levels, both personal and social or professional and this also reveals valuer and enriching. I must therefore overcome this tendency to undermine me, thinking I'm useless, "good for nothing". I have to trust life and find me new sources of motivation.

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Located in the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe. Its function is to "act as palanca to the big toe, enhance the strength to hold it down on the ground."

Conflict: Conflict of obligation to the mother.

Resent: "I have not had enough strength to fight" because the sesamoid helps the great toe for balance. "I wanted to do something ... say something ... feel your love". "I have not had the strength to tell.


3ra. stage (Movement, valuation) See adrenals.

Conflict: Not knowing look after yourself.

As soon as I say I get bored (I do donkey) is not use my strength and my potential. Why do you always need the company of others as a stimulus? Boredom is melancholy, long term, lead to my nervous breakdown if I do not react. Melancholy is linked to a lack; an emptiness I feel in my life. Tomo consciousness of this state. I must be guided by my higher because all resources are in me. I agree to be listening to my inner voice. Meditation and energy treatments can help. I belong directing my life because I am whole and autonomous in my universe.


? The gut or intestinal tract is the continuation of the duodenum and ends at the anus. What are the small intestine, which plays an essential role in absorbing nutrients Jos, and colon (large intestine), whose function is much smaller than the small? Its mission is to complete the degradation of some waste and reabsorb water, which gives stool its characteristic consistency. It is the storehouse of food scraps, ie Jo that the body does not need.

      The problems of the small intestine are the TUMORS, CANCER, diverticulitis, Crohn's disease and sometimes DIARRHEA.

      Colon problems include constipation, diarrhea, colic, colitis, intestinal gas, the TUMORS, CANCER, the Cramps, the GASTROENTERITIS and Parasites. See the specific problems in this book, in addition to the following definition.

D When a problem occurs in the small intestine, is related to the inability of the individual to retain and absorb well what is good for her from the events of everyday life. He is a person who clings closely to the details instead of seeing the situation globally. Even if only part of what happens inconvenient times, their tendency is to reject everything. For a trifle afraid lacking necessary.

      A problem in the Intestine occurs in the person who has difficulty getting rid of old ideas or beliefs that you (constipation) are already required or rejecting too fast thoughts that might benefit (diarrhea). Often suffers severe setbacks that are impossible to digest.

C Your bowel problem is an important message for you to learn to nourish good thoughts rather than fears and demeaning thoughts. In your material world also need to believe in scarcity. You have to work your faith; have faith in the divine presence within you and the universe that exists to deal with all that lives on this planet, including you. You must let go of the old in you to make room for the new. See also bellyache.

The intestine is the absorption center and integration of food and foods such as thoughts, feelings and my current reality. All that causes me grief, fear, confusion, rebellion, shame or any other discordant thought or feeling can find a release and create intestinal problems. Digestion is done at this level, so if I have setbacks and I feel victim of a "low blow", a "bad move" or that I feel someone has done me "tricks" I have discomfort in the intestines because I simply digeriré! I will be particularly affected if it is a family member who is the "pig". Being able to digest this situation will manifest a problem at the level of my bowels. If my small intestine is affected, I can have a tendency to judge situations that are presented to me having very distinct opinions regarding my notions of "good" and "evil". I will also have a tendency to have the feeling of lack many things in my life. The intestines (particularly the large intestine) are also linked with my ability to let go, to feel sufficiently safe inside to be spontaneous. My intestines symbolize the fact of leaving Circular events in my life. I can have a very strong need to retain and control what happens to me. I hold on to things, people or situations, even live jealousy and possessiveness and my intestines are congested for all that I hold and is no longer useful and can cause, among other things, constipation. I learn to be autonomous and tell me that I have all the resources within me to create what I want. The only person who can have control over, me - now!

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Colic is a contraction or contractions resulting from great inner tension, a situation that makes me lose my security and I get so nervous that appears intestinal congestion, stomach pains, glandular channels and urinary tract. I doubt my abilities, I lack confidence in me, I'm afraid of not being up to par, do not know how to solve a problem. A typical example concerns the newborn colic is mine when, as a mother, I have no fear of taking good care of my baby correctly, of not doing enough. The baby feels inside my anxiety and becomes, in turn, restless (the child suffering from colic should be surrounded by calm, patience and love). I accept that in life, everything happens for the best. Therefore, loose, I do all my possible with love. What he saw as problems and insecurities becomes simply experiences that help me to continue my progress and grow. Breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation can help me make contact with me inner self, to perform all the forces at me and wipe my impatience with a person or a situation that irritates me.


The colitis (itis = anger) is an inflammation of the colon sometimes colitis, fat gut. The role of the colon can be compared to the way I behave, to deal with my own universe. When I am unable to be - right in front of the authority and against my personal relationships (spouse, parents, teachers, bosses, etc.) I control my actions and my actions because I fear the reaction of the person who can be approved and love. The colitis often occurs in children who fear the reactions of parents who show great severity and are very demanding towards them. I need so much affection, love and appreciation I want to please at all costs (even drown my personality and my basic needs). Not me - myself and dare not express my emotions; the inhibo. Reprimo several times things I find indigestible. This emotional dependence leads me to live inside me gnawing anger, frustration and humiliation. If I live these feelings in the highest degree, will spring an ulcer. My emotional reactions warned me that I should change my attitude but I have not understood. Now is the physical signal. How to act? I agree that the happiness I feel inside comes. I learn to love, to be me - myself and take my place. Acquire independence and autonomy and understand that I am getting happier and now act in accordance with my own nature.


? A person suffering from constipation when your stool stays too long in the intestine and bowel pace of variably reduces, with hard, dry stools and difficult to dispose of them. If the pace is slow, but the stools are normal, no constipation.

D Since the function of the large intestine is to evacuate what no longer serves the body, constipation has a direct relationship to release old thoughts that are no longer useful. A person who holds your stool is one that generally contains from saying or doing anything for fear of upsetting or losing something or someone.

      You may also be a mean person who adheres too closely to their property and having difficulty letting go of what no longer need if you ever need it someday, which is unlikely. Constipation can also occur when a person feels compelled to give something (your time, your person or your money). When you give, do not feel guilty, but I'd rather keep it to himself.

      You might have fixed ideas about a past incident and dramatize it in excess. You can not drop your ideas. This tension caused by the difficulty to get away from the past, engendered concerns, bad ideas, anger, fear of being humiliated and even jealousy.

C If you suffer from constipation, your body tells you it's time to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve you. Leave room for the new. It tells you that you need to let the gut evacuate as it should if you want to eat more food. The same goes for your thoughts. Concerns, bad ideas, etc., should be treated as waste mental plane and must be evacuated as such. The fact of believing that you must always hold for fear of losing someone or something is not good for you. Far better that will verify if you really lose something by allowing you say or do what you want. This is a new attitude that will surely benefit most.

Constipation takes place within the intestine when the muscle movements that allow the removal become idle, causing a jam waste. These residues are only the physical manifestation of my negative thoughts, my worries, my anger, jealousy hindering me. Constipation is generally associated with a diet low in dietary fiber. This is the indication of a desire to control events in my life and that results from an inner insecurity. I am a very disturbed person who needs the approval of others. For my insecurity, even used to be mean. The situations favoring constipation may occur when I experience a difficult financial situation, when I have conflictual relationships or when I have to travel, because that's when I'm feeling anxious and vulnerable "unanchored". I grab my old ideas and my personal property. What I already know some control allows me and gives me an illusion of security. I'm so afraid to be judged rejecting my spontaneity, I avoid overtaking me. I also reject my "problems" and my past emotions, afraid to re-emerge and have to face them. When I authorized me to take my place and be - right? What is the last time I felt free and full of enthusiasm? What's stopping me? I must absolutely leave everything that no longer suits me, release. I agree, here and now, free of the past, move forward and live a more exciting life. I feel more relaxed and I trust in life.


Often associated with greed, not wanting to "drop" (usually material possessions). It may also be that you are clinging to old beliefs and repress problems, fearing the results if aflorasen to the surface.

You have to learn to let go. Let life flow through you and find security and wealth are looking for. What sustains you truly comes from God and not from external sources.

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Ileitis is defined as an inflammation of the last part of the small intestine, the ileum, characterized by severe pain. In the case of bacterial or viral diseases, it can take the appearance of a crisis of appendicitis. AIDS consecutive infections, tuberculosis and can cause inflammation of the ileum but acute cases involve chronic Crohn's disease. It may be a form of self - punishment after an intense feeling of guilt. This refers to my esteem; I do not feel "up to par" I feel "wrong", "I'm no good," "I am less than nothing". I despise so much that I come to think nobody loves me and who want to feel inferior. These feelings are added to a situation in which I live a deficiency, either material or emotional level. I feel that the purpose of this deficiency has been usurped me a despicable, disgusting way. To this can be added the fear of death. So rebellion rages inside me very deeply. This only allows increase my fear of being rejected by others. By having the feeling of worthlessness, this disease can help me get the care you need and do not have the feeling of receiving. My esteem is low and I am too open energy, the level of the abdomen, and receive anything including the negative of my environment and I can affect. I reject the point it's like, energetically, my abdomen is rubbish again as if I allowed people around me pour me their negative energy. Let me invade because not sufficiently occupy my place and rejection situations, which makes me live diarrhea. I'm researching my deep personal and spiritual identity and severity of the disease tells me how far this touches a part of my life that is essential, even essential. The media could take to increase my esteem and allow truly find my identity, my place in my family or in society, help me to calm down and harmony in my life. The fact really finds my place I give a natural protection from my surroundings. Life is beautiful, I also have the right to live!

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? Diarrhea is a symptom of disturbed intestinal transit. It is characterized by the emission of liquid stools or semi. It is often accompanied by abdominal pain type cramping. The most frequent diarrhea is due to a malfunction of the digestive system.

D On the physical plane, diarrhea represents the refusal of food before the body is able to assimilate what I needed, therefore, the affected person does the same, but the emotional and mental levels. This problem manifests itself in the person who rejects too fast so it may be good for her. You think what happens is hard to grasp. Do not see its usefulness. Thus it is deprived of enjoying life fully, which generates ingratitude.

      Feel more rejection and guilt gratitude. The rejection you feel this person is more related to the world of have and have to be. Afraid of not having something or not doing enough, to do evil or to do too much. Your emotional sensitivity is upset. Therefore, it tends to quickly reject a situation that confronts her fears, rather than experience them.

C Have diarrhea helps you realize that you do not esteem enough and you believe not deserve what's good for you. If you can not nourish good thoughts to yourself, it is difficult to expect others to do so. You may have to wait long! Also, remember that what comes from others is temporary.

      Here is a personal example that best illustrates this process. At first, when I began to speak in public, just before going on stage was so afraid of not being able to do well, to be rejected, and then ran to the bathroom with diarrhea. My body was telling me to consider why not you can pretend to be another. I used to think that if I was able not going to try to improve, which is false. I have never ceased to strive for excellence, and never cease to do so.

Diarrhea is manifested as rapid movement of food from the stomach to the intestine not have time to be fully assimilated. Usually this condition is caused by fear or desire to avoid or escape a situation or an entirely unpleasant or really new to me. There comes a flow of new ideas and have no time to integrate. I feel caught in the trap for something new to me and this puts my inner sensitivity backwards! I reject, I blame myself - myself and am desperate! I have a very ugly picture of me in the present moment. I or blamed. I am overcome by these events. Truly, I need something different. It is not the food but my thoughts that no longer apply. If constantly transported the idea of rejection or feelings of rejection (fear of being rejected or desire to reject others) or a situation in which I am caught, chances are you have diarrhea. If I hear life and its signals (just like some people live), you can also manifest diarrhea. I agree to take the time to see, feel and hear my heart to see what happens in my life. So I grok full and situations in my life. When brake really, I realize as I was going direct (same as food) without taking the time to see the goodness and beauty of life. My body warns me that I do trust life, which I supported, no one leaves me.

NOTE: Some travelers visiting the poor Third World countries have diarrhea. The discovery of immense poverty and misery opens the heart and unconsciously upset the mental and the physical body. It is often an unconscious reaction.

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? Diverticulitis is an inflammation of a diverticulum (a tiny hernia in the intestinal mucosa). Clinical signs of this inflammation are pain in the lower abdomen accompanied by fever and possible bleeding. Men are most often affected. The symptoms are very similar to appendicitis, so they are sometimes confused. See intestinal problems, adding repressed anger, and also read the additional explanations on inflammatory diseases.

Diverticulitis (itis = anger) is inflammation of small cavities (diverticula) on the walls of the colon (the large intestine). This disease is linked to anger repressed in my everyday life. I currently live a situation in which I am a prisoner and which I can not see the output; this causes me stress and pressure. I feel caught in a trap. This causes me great pain and sorrow. The first step towards the solution is acceptance. How I can fix one thing whose existence I refuse to accept me? I accept the situation as being a reality and I remain open to divine channel that gives me the love needed to integrate this experience. For my acceptance and my openness, various solutions are offered because I am no longer blinded by ange

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The gastro - enteritis is an acute inflammation of the gastric and intestinal mucosa characterized by vomiting and diarrhea of infectious origin. You may be able to determine the "external cause" and linked to the ingestion of contaminated food or water. However, we should see the "internal cause" that has kept me alive this event. Here, how irritating it is much more important than in a case of gastritis, because it affects not only the point where they enter the food but also the starting point of the integration process, which indicates that I am so angry and so frustrated at that happens to me I can not absorb whatever. So I would reject a situation or a person - when it is not life itself - and I'm "red with anger", which leads me to live diarrhea and vomiting. I have difficulty accepting events. I can retain certain patterns of mental thinking now unprofitable. A person or situation is indigestible and turns me against me encendiéndome emotionally. I am filled with despair and my sensitivity is highly disturbed. I must open up to a new reality, to new ideas and relearn to trust in others and in life, being able to express disgust me instead of leaving roaring inside me and causing me evils of all kinds.


The rectum is the terminal segment of the large intestine that follows the sigmoid colon and reaches the anal orifice. If something or someone in my life worries me and I judge these "notorious" or "pig", I want to drive this thing or that person from my thoughts or my life. If I fail, pain or bleeding in the rectum appear. The situation experienced very generally involves one or more family members. Learn to stay open and try to understand why the situation that bothers me. I see you, even if I have the feeling that someone did wrong, this person probably had good reasons for doing so he did and that his motives were well founded. This often involves me wonder what is the place where I belong, where I go in life. My sexual orientation may be raised again. There is a great rethink to know who I am; what direction should I take. I can feel very alone and abandoned. Learn to recognize my strengths and I think not matter the decisions taken, whichever is always for the better.



The tapeworm is a parasitic worm found in the intestine and can be several millimeters or several meters long. Also called solitary worm, tapeworm develops in a person who has the feeling that impose ideas or ways of thinking contrary to theirs. I feel sad and misunderstood, abused and dirty. I can have the feeling that "parasites" prowl around me. As I have difficulty to affirm and say no. I leave you "steal" my energy. The worries, sorrows I have difficulty in releasing will also increase the presence of tapeworm. This bitter taste my digestion difficult. My lungs energy let through a corrupt and parasitic worms are installed, leading to irritation and nervousness. To heal within me, I take care of my ideas, I leave instead of pleasure and joy. I take my place in life.


Conflict: An unwanted child, "Shit'm pregnant"

Resent: "I look forward to erase, annoying everyone" The solution is physically erased to be accepted.

- "As I'm here to piss off everybody, because I jorobo everyone" Accident = Solution.

- "I'm an accident with death project (attempted abortion) The message is:" If I die I'll save everyone "(people with suicidal tendencies.).


The replacement child is the one who always comes after the death of another child. Comes to replace it. In ancient Rome, bore the name of "Renato". It is considered one recumbent but the dates do not match. Often the names are the same.

This happens due to mania party.



Bradycardia is a condition in which the heart beats too slowly - usually less than 60 beats per minute. As a result, the body does not receive enough oxygen and nutrients to function properly.

Resent: "I want to save the dead within me".


When the abscess reaches my brain because it comes from an infection of my breasts or my middle ear, or any other body part, this indicates taking my anger against my life and I feel fear of losing control of my autonomy. So I do trust in divine power that inhabits me and guide me made solutions that help me discover my full potential.


? The most common brain problems are HEADACHE and Migraine. Consultation regarding these two disorders. Among the most serious problems are the BRAIN TRAUMA, which is very often a result of a head injury in an accident occurred; CEREBRAL THROMBOSIS and strokes, which are caused by blockage or rupture of an artery; and Brain Tumors that are benign or malignant formations developed at the expense of brain tissue.

D Every problem in the brain is an indication of a problem at the level of the I AM. The affected person in the brain is receiving a very important message, since the brain is the most important organ of the best protected, human body with a bony shell that protects it from direct damage. We all do the same with our I AM, ie also protect you from harm. The person who does not forget his individuality and be persuaded trying to become what others expect of her. Then he is unhappy because he knows who he really is.

C Obviously if you receive an important message from your body is there an urgency that take more aware that your thinking about yourself does not agree with what you are and what you want to be. If your brain is the organ that directs the rest of your body, your I AM must master your life. It's time you contact again what you really are and build your life accordingly. Perhaps there was a time in which there were suffering much for not being yourself, but now your body tells you that this is not good for you.

It is the power plant, the central unit of processing all the information from the wonderful human machine. The brain is linked with the seventh chakra (crown chakra) or energy center and the pineal gland also called epiphysis of the brain. It has two different hemispheres. The right hemisphere of the Chinese Yin represents the (introvert) feminine side, creativity, globality, intuition, perception and art; receptor is the hemisphere. The left hemisphere, Yang, is what gives that "dominates" which is extroverted, aggressive, rational, logical, and it analyzes everything. Each hemisphere controls the opposite side of the body (the right hemisphere controls the left half and vice versa). The crossing of the cervical nerves toward the opposite side is made to eye level, home of chakra or energy center of the third eye at the root of the nose, between the eyebrows. The brain is the organ that represents the center of the universe, identification with any form of divinity.

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The problems of my brain tells me I have a tendency to want to understand with my head and my rational side all situations where I live. I set aside my emotions with which contact afraid trying to convince me that are useless or they may be more harmful than helpful. I acquired a great rigidity regarding my thinking and I absolutely be right! It is therefore difficult for me to change my mind and I can admit that I was wrong. Therefore, I have advantage in putting aside my looks too "adult" serious and rational and catch me "kid" who loves to laugh, enjoy and radiating ingenuity and desire to learn.



The tumor is an overgrowth of abnormal cells in the brain. The tumor is connected with repressed emotions, deep sorrows, sufferings of the past. In the brain, the primary tumor that develops from cells of the brain means that my central processing information recorded yet certain ideas, beliefs or mindsets that no longer have a reason to be! The tumor is an emotional and swat linked to a situation or a person whom I loved very much or something that made me suffer much or against which keep still hate, anger, fear, anger and frustration. If my tumor is at the top of the brain, in the middle or pituitary gland is often due to emotional or impact because I have fear for my spirituality, my intuition, etc. I am stubborn and refusal to change my view here and now, take my life and everything that goes with it. I am rigid and fixed in my thoughts, I am inwardly confused. Transporto mental energy that no longer reflects my deepest needs and which is the opposite of my divine wishes. My body reacts strongly and then flows out of control production of certain brain cells. It is a critical and dangerous state and I transform my attitude in a closed openness of heart if I want to stop this tumor. From now on, I agree to see life in a more open and flexible. It is constantly changing and always evolving made it better. My personal trust will enable me to achieve this goal.

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Stroke is then produced to decreased oxygen to the brain and unconsciousness brings a short, complete and brutal. It is very often a cerebral hemorrhage. The crisis of stroke is the manifestation of extreme need to resist to life and changes, rejection and denial several aspects of my life and my being. The vehicle of my joy of life, blood, and fails to adequately irrigate a part of the brain. This part stops working and follows the paralysis. If I refuse to life, I agree to leave and stay closed. I'd rather die: it is easier and destruction is my only salvation. Is failure! This paralysis prevents me from fully express my vital energy and my creative potential. My activities are now limited. If I want to find the joy that feeds my life, I quickly make my intuition and love and express more what I feel. Especially start to have more confidence in life.


This type of disease is associated with blood circulation and blood vessels. It can manifest in various situations all are linked with love. This type of accident is a very strong, a "no" categorical to a situation that I refuse to live reaction. Live resistance or inner bitterness related to love, the process of life, changes and events (disability, old age, death ...). The first manifestation of this type of disease is high blood pressure caused by constriction or narrowing of arteries expressing my love. The pressure rises because I try to keep things as they are. The affected artery is at the level of the brain, the seat of the fundamental principles of my existence. This artery can shrink, do ruptures and seriously injure the brain tissue and general activity of the brain. A serious ailment (or a blood clot) can cause death or paralysis. It hurts so much inside that I want to leave this universe! My inner pain and repressed emotions hidden and prevent me love my potential. All my fears are extended (the loss of a loved one, the entry into a retirement, loneliness and lack of emotional support, away from people whom I love, less attention and care, etc.) and my life no longer worth living. I get no longer adapt to future changes because it is too hard for me. Love is the fundamental principle of all life. I check for symptoms of a certain accident and am listening to my inner voice. If I need love and attention, I ask because it's important to me. I accept this accidental situation or potential heart ailment because I indicated that I must remain open to God's love and care that this divine love to fill my needs. Under the effect of a foreign body or a clot in an artery, or because of an internal thicker wall of an artery, it can become clogged, preventing blood nourishes part of the brain. This is called a brain accident - vascular ischemic or stroke. A fear of losing my autonomy associated with an emotional punch can make me live this situation. The part of the brain affected and the functions that are linked to it (word, locomotion, balance, etc.) I indicate below which aspect this fear manifests my life. I can have the feeling of catching the media on what you want to live. Brain in case of accidents - vascular bleeding, is an artery bursts, resulting in a loss of blood in a part of the brain. He may live such a big strain on my family environment or work that accumulated stress is released by this burst of joy of life (blood) which symbolizes all the pain that I live in this situation. Whether the accident was living in the right brain (intuitive side) or the left (rational side), I can identify more the message that gives me my body, make peace with myself and recuperate faster. I visualize my immersed in a liquid made of white light and golden brain to allow all my nerve cells regenerate or distribute the work in a new way for you to get well faster.

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On the physical level, balance is maintained through the sharing of my weight on my body, which allows me to move without tip you one way or the other. The orders of the movement, as to them, come from my brain: the good of my visual system, in my proprioceptive system (made of microscopic receptors informing me on my joints, muscle tone and position of my joints) or my vestibular system in my inner ear. When my brain feels busy and overwhelmed by situations or events. It is stretched in all directions at once and loses his balance. Loss of balance or dizziness are frequently associated with hypoglycemia (lack of sugar): I have no sweetness in my life. This flight can be linked to a situation or an individual who gives me the feeling of having an evolution too fast for me. This dizziness occurs when my reality is exhausting because amused misconceptions that have surfaced as a result of my hopes which were not necessarily satisfied. Then I lose my sense of balance and harmony. Although the stun can be from different causes of physical order as hypoglycemia (lack of blood sugar), hypotension (low blood pressure), a decrease in heart rate, this discomfort is related to the flight. Indeed, when I feel stretched, consciously or not, I seek "stun" to forget what I live. Tomo aware that going in excessive directions at once and grant me time to regain my balance. I agree to allow me time and sweetness. I take the time to savor what is beautiful and good in my life.

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Cerebral palsy describes a group of disorders of psychomotor development, causing a limitation of the activity of the person, attributed to problems in brain development of the fetus or child. The psychomotor disorders of cerebral palsy are often accompanied by cognitive, sensory perception and communication problems, and sometimes, behavioral disorders.

Cerebral palsy occurs frequently and at the time of birth and is manifested by an abnormality at the level of the brain. The brain muscle is partially or totally paralyzed, according to the nature of the trauma. I often wonder why I, as a child, at birth, I suffer because of this paralysis. I can be a karmic previous frame (cause linked to a previous life), or experience "before birth" so violent as intense mental trauma involved a total shutdown, a shutdown of any movement forward, impeding progress. It is still an irreversible state (say yet because you can not predict future medicine) and I can not rid myself of this despite the unconditional love and attention of the people around me. Healing will be more on the spiritual plane if manifested.


When I am in this state, I am not aware detectable activity. I live in a state commonly called "vegetative". My brain is affected after prolonged circulatory arrest or because of a head injury. My brain corresponds to my individualism, I live greatest fears or guilt, unconsciously wanting to escape life. The fact that he is still alive allows my close relatives gradually tame my departure from this world and express their love while I can start preparing in calm to leave this world realities and higher planes of consciousness.



It is a jolt to the mass of the brain as a result of a head injury. In general, the shock comes from an accident or a blow to the head. See accident and problems in the brain, adding that the person felt a violent emotion, a shock or embarrassment.

Concussion is shaking the whole brain for a head injury, leading to a temporary coma. The shock is a form of escape, a sharp and direct stand and frankly observe what is happening in my life environment. Concussion comes to make me understand that unconsciously grabbed me both my old ideas or attitudes that clash with the new who want to take place. I am led indirectly to stand, to make an examination of my life and see in which direction I want to turn now. I return to my priorities. Also, you may have the head "too full of ideas", I scattered too, I need to get back on earth. There hustle and follows the impact. The shock occurs after a head injury or accident that "hits" the head, brain and mental. My body is temporarily "gone" and unconscious. Where I have come into my life? What direction will it take? Will my mind in all directions at once, with no real direction? I probably need to return to earth, to reality, to solve "in reality" and a more fitting situations currently live. It is possible to avoid the shock accepting stay very open to what happens in my life.



Fainting is diagnosed by loss of total reversible, but brief consciousness. Unconsciousness is from a lack of oxygenation of the brain. It may be the result of a cardiac arrest but not necessarily. This can come from a form of suffocation or be linked to blood vessels dilate brutally after an emotional blow, leaving little blood in the brain, so little oxygen. It is the mind that leaves my body for a short time. It's like if I chose replegarme on me and cut the physical world; I'm in rebellion, not knowing how to deal with a certain situation. This state can not be compared to that of a yogi (said of a person who has reached a certain stage in their spiritual evolution. Through the practice of meditation, you can leave your body consciously for a variable time. Some people may even slow down or almost stop the beating of his heart to activate then again) as it is in the domain of a discipline that wants to free your mind of all the constraints in harmonizing body movement, rhythm and breath. Tomo awareness of what led me to flee and my physical body, which is the anxiety, feeling of inner panic that caused such a situation. I know that in all circumstances, I am guided and protected and agree to keep fully aware of the life that is in me.



The brain consists of the brain, cerebellum and brainstem. The brain is thus the top of my nervous system that controls my body. The brain as it represents my individuality at its highest level. While, in general, the head also represents my individuality, the brain represents my inner individuality. When there is an inflammatory infection (level) of the brain, called encephalitis, this corresponds to a feeling of anger towards who I am. Say no to life for the changes that gives me. I fear losing my individuality, my acquired within what I am. I'm afraid to lose control of myself - myself and what might happen to me. I feel limited in expression of me - same. I open myself to new sides of me - yourself, have confidence in life. I substitute rigidity for flexibility, strict framing of certain parts of me - same for the opening to discover new facets of me. I give love and understanding I need and let that inner peace is installed in me.



? Epilepsy is a chronic nerve condition characterized by more or less frequent repetition of seizures, general or localized stereotypical development. Its occurrence is unpredictable and usually short-lived.

D The person suffering from this disease is the guy who does not forgive a misstep, a slip. Try to hide their mistakes by all means. It is widely accused and lacks love for herself. To compensate, the other tries to fill that void. Has inner desires of violence, which is reversed itself. An epileptic seizure is a form of self-harm.

      On the other hand, it often happens that the first crisis, during childhood, allowed to receive attention and affection, or divert attention from others of a misstep previously given. It is also possible that this disease has served to hide the missteps of parents, since the time they spent dealing with it allowed to come closer.

C If you suffer from epilepsy, your body tells you it's time to realize that all they have to do to receive affection or feeling like touchin others is sowing the affection and harvest it. No need to make you suffer to receive it. You have a lot more than you think, but you do not see.

      We help confirm who love what you stand for them. You can grant you the right to make mistakes and missteps without blame and without believing that others will stop loving you. This will prevent you continue feeling anger and violent feelings within you, and so you can express all the pain that comes over you. See also seizures.

Epilepsy is caused by poor communication between brain cells. The nerve impulse resulting accumulated creates an overload and the formation of shock waves that attack other parts of my brain. Epileptic seizures can be of different intensities. So I can be part of those who are simply "on the moon" for a few moments or part of those who lose consciousness completely and suffer quite strong convulsions for five to ten minutes. To live such a situation, I certainly seem that life only gives me rejection, violence, anger and despair. I feel always have to fight. I feel persecuted. I feel guilty aggression climbing on me and rejection. I'm sick, this requires me too much effort. Rejecting this life that strives to make me suffer. I want to become insensitive replegándome on me - same. It is often despair or anger which incite me to it. At the same time, I'm going to feel battered by life, letting it bring some violence towards me. Is extreme rejection of me - and it is a conflict of individuality. During epileptic seizures, my body stiffens to protest these injuries and seizures burst such strong waves that allow me to let out my anger, my bitterness and my long repressed aggression. I have no other choice but to let me go to the intense feelings that inhabit me. Fled into the unconscious these situations that make me suffer so much or because I'm scared, I'm upset or suffer. Mental not have, at that time, no control. Epilepsy and tells my environment my great need for love and attention. The root cause of epilepsy often traced back to early childhood and can even back to the time of pregnancy: as a child, I culpabilicé much: this keeps me throughout my life and see it as a battle every day. You can also try to abuse, sexual or otherwise, or perceived as such, or a previous or lived in the early childhood rejection, such as a separation. The fact someone feel separate implies a loss of contact on the physical plane with it. The Epileptic seizures can proceed therefore a way to get or earn more attention and reinforce my feeling of superiority. Noting epilepsy neural circuit overload, this shows that what I have to deal with in my daily life is excessive; a situation in which I choose occurs. This feeling of being overloaded may be the result of events that increase (I exaggerate) in my mind. This exaggeration can lead to arrogance leading me to think that I know more than anyone. There may also be a tendency towards abstraction too large or even a membership too large to psychic realms. So I avoid dealing with objective reality. Epilepsy can also be the result of a terrible fear that I have (by death, disease, fear of losing someone, etc.); A coloring of motor, to prevent me forward, adds to my fear (for example, if I go to a funeral (death) and I do not want to go). Tomo aware of what happens in me and accept concentrate my efforts not only on the negative and realize how much love and health also gives me the universe.

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Hemiplegia is paralysis of one half of the body (left or right) caused by brain injury. It can occur after a big hit, both physical and emotional, such as the death of a loved one, which often involve an extremely deep state of despair and highly affected sensitivity. An explosion of anger can also be the cause. My body tells me that a part of me can no longer act. Is it a feeling of powerlessness against a worrying situation? The affected side indicates whether the affective side (left side) or my rational side (right side) are involved. I give myself time to heal my wounds, knowing that every experience, however difficult it is, let me make me stronger.


? Meningitis is an inflammation of the meninges, ie the membranes that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. In general, the principle of meningitis is violent, sudden malaise, chills, vomiting and high temperatures. In addition, the neck may stiffen and present pain.

D This disease can cause death if not treated in time, so the message conveyed is related to life and death. It manifests itself in someone who lives suddenly very difficult to accept, and so a lot of anger. For such a person, that unexpected and violent event is a great misfortune. He lives in a state of emotional shock. It also makes efforts to understand too intellectual.

C The message that you receive with this disease is very important. It comes for you to realize that you believe in something that is bad for you right now. This great anger, and perhaps guilt you experience because you prevent you live with joy and happiness, are about to cause death. Your body tells you it's time to let you live because reincarnated on this planet with a precise target, and whilst not get, you will lack something to know true happiness. You have the right to live as everything that lives on this planet. See also the additional explanations on inflammatory diseases.

Meningitis is an infection of the fluid cerebral result of inflammation of the membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord. Indicates a weakened immune system and an inability to self - protected. Meningitis shows me a weakness and an inability to fight strong external pressures, especially on the intellectual plane. It is often because I have difficulty in protecting me. Being sensitive, more intensely alive all and I am even more deeply affected by things that seem common to others. This disease gives me the message of preserving me from the blows coming from abroad and not feel guilty for the actions of others, responsabilizándome. So, is rebellion roaring, am shocked and fear comes over me. The brain governs the whole body and meningitis involves a deep inner weakness for attacking me in the depths of my being. Meningitis threatens the central control of my body, brain, must imperatively live and assume I decide, keep the "high head" and bring out in me the inner strength that will allow me to pursue a rewarding and full of wonderful experiences life.

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BRAIN – PARKINSON (disease…) (See also: TREMORS)

? The symptoms of this disease are associated in varying proportions: tremor, rigidity and complex disorders of voluntary and involuntary motor; the face is fixed, the head remains tilted forward, speech changes, the timbre becomes increasingly dull and weak; writing is disturbed, and all acts of ordinary life are performed slowly. Men are most often affected.

D In general, this condition is manifested in the person who is afraid of not being able to hold someone or something; therefore, begins in the hands. The patient is a rigid person who had long been suppressed to hide their sensitivity, vulnerability, anxiety and fears, especially in moments of indecision. His greatest desire was to control everything and now his illness says he has reached his limit and can not do, not for herself or others. Your nervous system is tired of keeping all this inner tension he created to hide everything I felt.

C As a disease that progresses slowly, the affected person has the opportunity to reverse the process. If this is your case, learn to trust in the Universe and people. Check your ideas with respect to yield to the results you get and others. Your inner part, one that believes that you and the others must conteneros to make everything perfect, is exhausted. Date the right not to be perfect, to be indecisive and even wrong. Thus it will be easier to give that right to others. Similarly, accepts the idea that is very human fear and you can not be the perfect man or woman you thought you had to be.

Parkinson's disease is the deterioration of the nerve centers of the brain, especially in the regions controlling the movements. Tremors usually affect the hands and head appear. When I tremble, it is because I feel or see a danger that threatens me or threat to a person whom I love; While the fear of losing control (which will increasingly be losing!), insecurity or impotence to progress in life. Also I can have lived trauma: abuse or difficulties that left their mark and against which live the following feelings: grief, frustration, guilt, anger, depression which lead me to exhaustion, discouragement and want to run away instead of facing them and solve them. I self destruyo slowly, causing the deterioration of the current nerve function. A powerlessness to level the drive to my upper limbs (especially my arms and hands) originates very often in a situation that I live where I wanted to reject a person, thing or event or, on the contrary, wanted to retain and felt incapable of it (either physically or morally). If you are affected lower limb (my legs and feet), it is with them that I would have liked to reject or bring me back to the person, thing or event in question. I am pleased to escape this situation where I feel overwhelmed and I perceive end. I reasumirme and learn to control my life and that of others, making confidence in life and tell me I deserve to live.

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? A tic is an abnormal, sudden, involuntary and intermittent motion, generated by the contraction of one or more muscles, which reproduce a gesture imperfectly. These tics occur much more frequently in the muscles of the face in the remaining muscles of the body.

D The person with a nervous tic has controlled both for years has now reached its limit. Your nervous tic demonstrates his loss of control. You want to show their anguish, sadness, fears, concerns and its limits, but does not allow it. Especially afraid of what others think of her. Therefore, the tic is on the face. It's the first thing we see of the person. If attacks other muscles, observes what use is the body part affected to know what area is given control.

C Your body tells you to control you could have served you for a while, but now I can not. No need to look good as you learned as a child. You must allow yourself to let out your emotions, your fears, your desires and aspirations ahead of others, knowing that you may disagree or being judged. Give this right even before express. Do it for love yourself.

Tics, defined as being the sudden execution of repetitive, involuntary movements, show a disorder of the nervous tension and imbalance at the level of the brain. If I have a tic or tics, chances are it is a very emotional being that repress very aggressively and that young, has received the education received as very severe and perfectionist. Here's how exteriorized my concern and bitterness I feel deep inside me. If I'm a man, you may have been affected by someone shares representing the authority to me asked me to do. This would explain why there are 4 times more boys than girls who have tics. Girls generally tend to be more receptive towards authority and therefore less affected by - in general terms - for this. I can have felt annoyed face of certain movements that prevented me from doing a younger age (for example, if I were forbidden to move in the church) and now my body moves, to my great regret, for reaction rebellion against what I was forbidden to do. Even I can have had the feeling of being "cowardly" in front of anyone. I am interested in becoming aware of this condition and clearly express my needs.

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BREATH (bad…) (view: HALITOSIS)

? Normally, the breath is almost odorless If bad breath comes from a physical condition as a problem of digestion, dental caries, etc., see the problem concerned. The following description refers primarily to the person whose bad breath is not from a pathological situation

D This type of bad breath seems to come from the depths of the person concerned. Indicates that this person feels a great inner pain and having thoughts of hatred, revenge or a lot of anger towards the person who injured her These thoughts, which are often embarrassed to the point of not wanting to be aware of them, do it slowly die inside Consequently, this odor contributes to alienate their relatives, when in fact what she wants most in the world is his presence.

C If you have questions regarding your breath, I suggest you ask some of the people who know you to be told the truth about this matter. Next, it is important to verify if it comes from a pathological condition If not, this message is very important because it can help resolve an unhealthy inner attitude No wound sufficiently large that can not be healed by true forgiveness You do not have to live feeling helpless and you can leave out the shame that suppress you. Accept the fact that you are a kind person and rediscover the great heart within you (the stages of forgiveness are explained at the end of this book)

Bad breath is the direct result of my difficulty inwardly and outwardly deal with situations where I live. This difficulty may come from the fact that I stay in my positions relative to certain ideas that do not express and rot in situ. The difficulty may also stem from the fact that I can not overcome difficulties in period of great change in my life and old ideas stagnate too long relative to the speed of change I live. I check how I can "catch" the situations of my life. It is important to communicate with people related to participarlas my emotions and thoughts to "take off" this evil my breath. This is often linked to thoughts of criticism, hatred, revenge against me- I have the same or another person, and of which I'm ashamed The air inspired and nurtured my cell is loaded with all my thoughts, both positive and negative What are the thoughts that I harbor within me and infesting my breath? Often these thoughts can be unconscious When a person lives this situation constantly tell would be good to become aware of it and to remedy this problem that may already exist for a long time Knowing this, you will have chance to experience forgiveness. Whether forgiveness towards her - Same for having unhealthy thoughts, or did someone else forgiveness for having had a grudge against her for so long It is good to remind me that when love and honesty are the basic ingredients of my thoughts, my breath will become fresh. I release unhealthy thoughts of the past Now, I breathe the freshness of my new positive thoughts of love towards me - myself and towards others.

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BREASTS (breast problems)

? The breasts are the organs that protect the glands responsible for milk secretion. The most common problems in the breasts are PAIN, HARDENING, MASTITIS, MASTOSIS, CYSTS, TUMORS and CANCER.

D The breasts are a direct link to how we breastfeed, whether it be our children, our family, our spouse, or the world at large. Having a problem in one breast, both in the man and in the woman, is related to a feeling of insecurity with respect to nourishing well or protecting those one breastfeeds. Breastfeeding means that the other continues to be treated as if they were a child dependent on their mother. The person with a breast problem may be the type who struggles to maintain a motherly appearance, to be a good father, or who cares too much about those he loves to the detriment of his own needs. Thus, unconsciously, she resents them because she doesn't have time for herself because of her numerous demands. She is usually a very controlling person in her way of nursing others.

      This type of problem can also mean that the person demands too much of himself, that he takes care of himself to the point of being excessively cautious. For a right-handed person, the right breast is related to the spouse, her family, or others close to her. Her left breast relates more to her child (or even her inner child). For a left-handed it is the other way around.

      If a woman has a strictly aesthetic breast problem, she gets the message that she cares too much about her image as her mother. She must give herself the right to be the kind of mother that she is and accept her limits.

C When experiencing a problem related to your way of being a mother or breastfeeding, you receive the message to forgive your own mother. If the way you breastfeed causes you problems, it's easy to conclude that the way your mother did must have caused you problems. Instead of struggling or complaining about what you live for, you need to realize that you did not come to Earth to protect and feed everyone you love.

      If they ask you for help and it is within your means, you must give it without going beyond your limits, that is, respecting yourself; do not hesitate to breastfeed, but do it with love, joy and pleasure. If you can't or don't want to help, acknowledge that and give yourself the right not to for now. Your current limits will not necessarily be the same all your life. Your sense of duty is too great, you demand too much of yourself. You must learn to give in to your loved ones. The fact that they become autonomous does not mean that they are ripped from your breast. Maternal love can remain without you feeling compelled to continually nurse.

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BREATHING (in general)

Breathing is a function presiding gas exchange between myself as a living being and the external environment. This is therefore a path for life to penetrate inside me. If I breathe deeply, this represents my ability to give life and strength to my emotions. A shallow breathing tells me fear or resistance towards life, particularly in times of skill or panic and tells me that I have a tendency to suppress my emotions. I live my life the way I breathe, which can be a private sense or I can live to the rhythm of the seasons superficially. The pace between "take" (breathe) and "give" (expiration) will be in harmony; lines of communication between me and the outside world will be open and free.


My difficulty in breathing plane denote a conflict between my place in life and I would occupy. This can also be a conflict between my material and spiritual desires and then a conflict between my desire to live and "drop everything". I can I feel stifled by the things that I force myself to do or people who feel compelled to find. Also if my breathing difficulties are cyclical, I wonder what the event or what the person who activates them; What is what "I breath away" unless you want to "leave me breathe"? I can become as exasperated my breathing problems may become, often unconsciously, a way to manipulate my environment to have what I want. I can feel limited. So I have difficulty breathing if hesitate to give, share things or feelings. I'm afraid to take, absorb or merge in me new things or perhaps life itself with all the joys it can bring. I must learn to let go of resistance, to let flow and abandon making trust to life. Then I'll be abler to find the place that I have in the Universe.




Drowning indicates that I am caught, I lack air and space. The throat corresponding to the energy center linked to the truth, self-expression, creativity and indirectly sexuality. I can feel "caught in the throat"; an idea happened "crosswise"; I feel highly criticized. I suppressed my emotions so much that there is an excess. But these emotions are very present in my daily life and unconsciously food until drown me. Certain situations may be difficult to swallow I also drown. Why do I have so afraid to be myself and express myself? Was it fear of rejection because I think I can not be loved being? I absolutely accept drop and let rise in me everything that is inside. The solution is to learn to communicate and express my needs. I already feel much relief! And I understand that others are not soothsayers and our respective needs can always be satisfied in respect for others and harmony.



Also known under the name of "acute bronchitis" tracheitis is an inflammation of the trachea, the tube through which air passes the larynx, bronchi and bronchioles. My airways thus affected show that I feel stifled. The air is life, I feel a great sadness, and often anger. I feel misunderstood by my environment, which brings me gradually to a depressive state. My body tells me to breathe freely and make room for love.


This disease is a progressive renal failure is associated with hypertension, and a steady increase in the concentration of urea in the blood. It is also known as chronic nephritis. Be sure to consult the terms kidney problems, hypertension and nephritis.

Bright's disease is also called chronic nephritis. It is a condition, not a disease, severe inflammatory kidney (because it is curiously a consequence of conditions that reach certain parts of the kidneys), accompanied by edema (swelling, abnormally high retention of body tissues) and a failure the elimination of urine. Usually, kidneys degenerate or die pretty quickly. It is deeper than kidney diseases in general (sclerosis). I suffer and live a frustration or as intense compared to the situation in that I have a sense of loss, which came to consider my life or my own person as a total failure disappointment (the kidneys are the seat of fear). I'm afraid of not being quite right, fairly well, fairly bright (intelligent). An open heart is necessary if I want to express a change in attitude to cure this condition.


The bronchi are the channels through which air enters my lungs. They represent life. An ailment or pain at the level of my bronchi usually mean that I have evil to live, that I have less interest and joy in my life. The bronchi represent my living space, my boundaries, land more particularly linked to my partner, my family and my professional environment. If I have the feeling that I will lose my territory or someone that is linked to it, my insecurity triggers a bronchial illness. This tells me that I have confidence: although there are delimited my territory and it is enforced as much as I respect my rights, no one can "invade" because the space each will be well defined and each can live with respect and harmony. I note what the person or situation associated with this pain and what to do to change this. I need to create situations that are conducive to laughter and relaxation.

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Bronchopneumonia is a respiratory inflammation that reaches the bronchioles and alveoli. It is directly related to life, in fact I feel diminished and limited by life itself. The percent unfair to me and this irritates me. I'm angry against life. Is a more serious infection than simple bronchitis or pneumonia because the inner pain is deeper. I must breathe life in a new way and with a different, full of love and joy approach.


? The function of the large bronchi is to conduct air into the lungs. The small, or bronchioles, is more varied when they contract or relax, vented or leave out of a certain area of the lungs. Bronchitis is an inflammation of the lining of the bronchi.

D In metaphysics, bronchi are related to the family. The person may have bronchitis response to family difficulties (disputes or complaints). Feel very angry and feels threatened in its territory and its limits. You may even want to cut ties with one or more family members, but does not dare to do so by a sense of guilt. Do not decide to move, that is, to express their opposition. Feeling tired and discouraged. There have what you want, but does not say. He is a person who would help take his place in the family and not wait for it to give it.

C If you have this disease, it is time to take life with more joy and simplicity rather than take too seriously what happens in your family. It is necessary that you realize that there are no families in which everyone agrees all the time. Other members may not necessarily have the same beliefs as you. Instead of getting discouraged by it, live your life as you please, without getting influenced by the desires and beliefs of others. Instead of believing in immobility, give yourself permission to act, ie to react without feeling guilty so that you reafirmes in representing your place, your territory. Others can also live your life your way.

Bronchitis (itis = anger) is characterized by inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes, tubes that carry air from the trachea to the lungs. It is essentially a disease linked to breathing and the action to take life and air with desire and taste (inspiration) and then cast out temporarily with detachment (expiration). Inflammation means living anger, frustration or anger regarding certain inhibited emotions, words I need to express and let out a crippling situation where I feel oppressed, a dyed aggressive and critical (disorders in the family, fights conflict, etc.). If this conflictual situation involves intense fights and confrontations, it could even develop cancer of the bronchi. There is an internal disorder, a disturbance that prevents me from expressing my true self, do conveniently respect my rights. Try to communicate with my loved ones but I get some peace. The family situation is too difficult. Then I feel some disappointment towards life and stopped fighting to continue my journey. I have little joy in life and have a deep inner weariness. Coughing indicates that want to break free expelling someone or something that bothers me and makes me angry. If I do not want a chronic bronchitis, should I change my way of life, my attitude. I was born in a family in which each member living experiences similar to mine. My parents, my brothers and sisters learn as they can, they. I start to see the joy and love in every experience of my life. I agree that my personal happiness is my responsibility and stop believing that others will make me happy. Take my decisions and breathe on my own, is the first step towards my independence!

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